Demon Guardians

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Chapter 1: Chosen

I was nervous. It was late in the evening, close to midnight and the ceremony was about to begin. I had just turned 18 three moons ago and now it was finally time for the coming of age ceremony. Nervous didn't even sum up my emotions at this point. Some of the new youth never made it out of the Calling Circle due to a gruesome death. Not all demons want to be bonded to a mortal.

My tribe is a special one because we have the ability to call demons to our aid. Most of the demons who do accept being our companions stay with us until our death. The partnership with the demon allows the mortal to live a longer life and, in some cases, may even cause immortality and permanent youthfulness if the bond is strong enough. My older brother, Kota recently went through the ceremony and ended up with a spunky wolf demon partner named Kouga. The two have been inseperable since the ceremony probably because they're both rambunctious and out of control. They do things on a whim before they think it through. I only prayed that they didn't get killed because of it.

" Kagome?" my mother called. I looked towards the doorway of my room and saw my mother standing there with her beautiful smile and uncomparable grace. " It's time for the ceremony to start now darling." I sighed and stood from the chair I was sitting in. I felt my body trembling as I walked towards the door. My mother opened her hand to show me the traditional subduing beads. When demons first enter the Circle they are disoriented because they are called from wherever they are and aren't sure if they are in danger so they lash out. That, of course, depends on the type of demons caught. Some are too civilized to act out in such a way but, more often than not, you'll get the uncivilized kind.

I took the beads from my mother and allowed her to usher me outside. The whole village was there watching me as I walked down the dimly lit path to the Calling Circle. Kiade, the village elder was there waiting for me. I held on a little tightly to my mother as we approached. " Mom, I don't think I'm ready for this," I confessed looking into her cheerful face.

" No one is truthfully ready for the Calling Circle sweet heart," she explained. " Kota was the same way and now look at him. Would you truly miss out on the opportunity to have a lifetime companion like Kouga?" I frowned thinking of the playful wolf demon who kinda liked me.

" If my demon is like Kouga I'll send it back," I retorted. My mother laughed silently as we finally entered the Circle. At the bottom of the steps is where my mother left me and it was my choice to refuse my birthright. It's happened before and no one would judge me for it. But, some how, I knew that I had to do it or else I would regret it. There are no second chances to receive a demon companion. Three moons after your eighteenth birthday is the only opportunity to do the ceremony. I had to do it even if it meant my death.

With a deep sigh, I climbed the steps to join Kiade in the Calling Circle. The old, fat woman was there waiting for me with a patch over her eye. Her eye was a sacrifice that she made when her demon came through the Calling Circle. Her demon lashed out with a claw and claimed her eye. Although she had long since forgiven her demon companion, the poor creature can't forgive itself. The old woman came closer to me but carefully avoided the special powder that formed the Calling Circle. " Kagome," the woman called. " Do you accept your birthright this night, three moons after your eighteenth birthday." I swallowed hard. Now was the time to say yes of no. My brain was saying no because the danger was too great but my heart said yes. The brain may be logical but it also causes regret. My heart has never led me astray.

" Yes, I accept, my birthright this night," I replied. The old woman nodded and held her hand out. She closed her one good eye and started to chant the ancient incantation that called the demons to us. My heart was racing. I mentally sent a silent prayer to God to watch over my soul if something went amiss. It would be no one's fault. I wouldn't even blame the demon who killed me because it was my choice. I knew the risks. I watched as the circle I stood in glowed an iridescent color into the night sky. Let me live and find a true companion.


I had been feeling strange the whole evening. Something about tonight was irking the hell outta me. My demon senses never led me astray before and tonight was probably no different. I had been patrolling my forest all evening and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It was probably those damn humans that I allowed to live here in my borders. I should've listened to my brother Sesshomaru and killed them all from the start but not all of them are bad. They had as much a right to live as I did and besides, what would happen to the other demons food base then?

I climbed into my favorite tree and watched as a strange pillar of light entered the sky. Magic. Shit. I felt my body getting pulled in the direction of the light. I called out to my brother, the Lord of the Western Lands, but he was probably in his castle. He'll hear my calls but by then it'll be too late to save me. I howled one last time before I was enveloped in a strange white light. Some one was going to die for this.


I almost stepped out of the Circle due to fear when a shape started to appear in the circle. The other villagers made small noises as the demon finally became visible. He was dressed in a red outfit and had the longest silver hair. His ears were like dog ears and his eyes were a beautiful gold. He was a handsome inu-demon. The demon was in a crouch position in the Circle and I was the first person he saw. I knew that look, he was mad and he was coming for me. Before he was focused enough, I tossed the subduing beads around his neck and when he lunged... " SIT BOY!" I shouted. The beads glowed and the demon landed face first into the hard stone of the floor. It knocked him unconscious and I hoped that I didn't hurt him too bad.

The other villagers cheered at the training of my demon and Kiade, Kota, Kouga and my mother came over to me. " Congradulations Kagome, you have captured your demon companion," Kiade said.

" Yeah, a mangy dog hanyou," Kouga mused. I frowned at the taller demon.

" You sound jealous Kouga," I teased. He frowned with a small growl escaping his lips.

" Down boy. The only person who can bite Kagome is me," Kota scolded. " C'mon Kouga, help me take him to the holding cells." Kouga nodded and lifted the inu-demon over his shoulder. I watched as they took my demon away. My demon. Mine. Only time would tell how our relationship ended up.


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