Demon Guardians

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Last Chapter: The Inu- Gang go to Naraku's castle where they confront the demon menace. It turns out that Kikyo really wasn't as bad as everyone thought because she selflessly sacrifices herself and defeats Naraku.

Chapter 10: The End of the Road.

I sat in the middle of the field close to the rebuilding demon seeker village contemplating our journey. It turns out that everyone wasn't killed in that terrible massacre that Kikyo started. Some of our tribesmen heard of our travels and defeat of Naraku and came back to the ruins of our village to find Kaede picking up the pieces. While that does not replace everyone that was lost, it helps us to retain hope that we can continue our traditions.

After Naraku was dead, we buried Kikyo's body close to where the his castle once stood. We left a grave marker so that all that traveled through there would know of our battle and know of Kikyo's great sacrifice. Did we make her like a saint? No. But if it was the last thing I did everyone would know that she was in a hell not of her own will and at the last minute she decided to make it right. She saved us. She saved the world. And for that I would always be grateful.

And grateful for life we continued to be. Sango and Miroku went back to her village for a time to visit her family and to upgrade her weapons. Shippo was adopted by another demon seeker who had lost her companion as well. They are inseperable. We stopped the demon bonding ceremony. Who knows if another ambitious demon like Naraku would come and try to take advantage of us. So we are the last generation of bonded seekers. It was a tragic way to end it but even I knew that this could not last forever. And as for me and Inuyasha. Well,...

I snapped out of my daze when my heart felt a sense of panic. I smiled at the feeling. It was not my panic that I was feeling but Inuyasha's. He was looking for me but didn't know where to find me. I simply kept my smile and laid back on the grass. When I felt his panic subside I knew that he caught on to my scent and would be here soon. O my Inuyasha. Our battles only made me realize how much I truly did love him. Although he was a pompass, jealous, over bearing, pig headed, sexist, asshole.

I felt the wind change and suddenly Inuyasha's face was over mine. " Kagome, what did I tell you about leaving the village like that?! You damn near scared me to death!" He scolded. I frowned a little at that comment.

" O so I cant even take a walk now? Naraku is dead. We can relax at least for a little while," I retorted. I heard him growl but he sat next to me in the grass anyway. We sat in comfortable silence for what felt like hours. The calm, balmy breeze rustled through my hair and kimono and once again an overwhelming sense of peace enveloped me. We had finally won. We are at peace.

" What are you thinking about?" he inquired absently.

" Im thinking about how happy I am that all of this is over. Im sad because of the lives that were lost. Im sad because this whole war was based off of deceit of an ambitious demon. How can we truly prevent other things like this from happening again?" I paused for a minute to regain my thoughts. What was I concerned about really? " What if there are more people, demon or not, like Naraku? All of this craziness could happen again to our children. How can we prevent this?"

" Kagome," Inuyasha interrupted gently. " You are trying to take the world on your shoulders. There is no way to prevent other things like this from happening. There is intense evil in this world that will only evolve as time goes on. All we can do is fight for as long as we can to protect the future." I looked to Inuyasha as he spoke. He was gazing out into the horizon as he spoke not really focusing on anything. Perhaps he thought about this too.

" So what now?" I inquired.

" Well, we live for right now and i'll try to relax and not worry so much about you. We need to savor these moment because who knows how long it will last." I nodded my head in agreement. I needed to stop worrying. " Now come on," he said standing up. " Sango and Miroku came back and they are looking for you." I nodded in understanding and he helped me to my feet.

When we arrived to the village, I saw Sango and Miroku talking to Kaede probably recounting their trip and I smiled as they noticed my arrival. I really did miss them. Especially Sango because even though Inuyasha and I connect on my levels, he sucks at girl talk. " Sango!" I called excitedly. She smiled and greeted me with a warm hug.

" Hello Kagome. I missed u too," she giggled. Miroku clicked his tounge.

" Now if we could only turn that hug into some girl on girl action this could be entertaining," he mused. Sango frowned.

" What did you say monk?" she growled. Miroku was then greeted with a slap in the back of the head by Inuyasha.

" Nothing at all Sango," Inuyasha answered for him. Sango and I laughed then walked into our hut so I could get details of their trip to the Demon Slayer village.

" So how was your trip?" I began.

" It went well," she responded. " My father was displeased when he learned of the reason for this happening. He always said that the Demon Seekers were playing with fire by binding themselves to demons. He said that demons have their own set of rules no matter how civilized they may seem to us. And no matter what their rules are more ruthless and animalistic than ours. He said it was only a matter of time before this happened and he is glad that you could clean up your "mess". He was sorry to hear of the lives lost and he has extended his offer to help rebuild if you need it." Inuyasha wrinkled his nose and his ears twitched.

" Well, its good to know how he feels about the situation," he scoffed. Sango shrugged.

" I don't blame him for saying what he did. It is foolish to bind yourself to a demon. Your brother even said so."

" Whatever." Miroku took the moment of brief silence to give his report.

" Well I went to the other monks and they said that they feel that the greatest demonic aura has been lifted from the world. Naraku was bad Juju." I nodded my head taking in all the information.

" I'm glad you all have come home safe and thank you for the reports. Its good to know that we are safe from Naraku now," I said. Miroku nodded.

" Yeah and its good to see how much progress you made since we left two months ago. Its starting to look like a real village again."

" We have Kaede to thank for that. She really pulled everyone together with her wisdom and spirit," I said.

" Yeah, however much is left in that old shell of a body," Inuyasha mused. I frowned.

" SIT BOY!" I shouted and down he went into the floor. Sango shook her head.

" Serves you right," she retorted.

" Not to cut this party short but we had a long journey and I would like to retire. We will speak more in the morning," Miroku said standing up.

" Yes I agree," Sango said joining him. " I will probably see you tonight Kagome but I am tired." I nodded.

" O sure. Get some rest. Kaede had your huts set up in the east of the village so ask he which one it is." They nodded and soon Inuyasha and I were alone in our hut. I laid back on my bed and Inuyasha joined me when he picked himself up from the floor.

" Did you really have to do that?" He inquired angrilly.

" You shouldn't have said that about Kaede, " I retorted. He curled up next to me.

" Whatever, you still didn't have to 'sit' me." I giggled at his angry face. You can't stay mad at a puppy face. I felt his hand gingerly run down my stomach to the sash of my kimono where he untied it. " You know, I have been thinking about something." When the sash came undone, the kimono fell open and I felt the warm summer breeze on my skin.

" What?" I inquired. He parted the kimono all the way leaving my breasts and sex exposed. He gently cupped my breasts teasing the nipples and I felt that familiar warmth and moisture between my thighs.

" I know that we are bonded, but what do you think of us getting married?" I chuckled.

" Where did you hear about marriage? I thought demons didn't do things like that." He sucked his teeth and lower his mouth to my rosy nipple. He took the peak into his mouth and sucked gently. I closed my eyes as I felt his hand creep between my thighs massaging my clit. I moaned softly as he lifted his head again.

" Not in the human sense but in the demon sense. When we chose a mate we mark them so other demons know not to fuck wit her." I giggled.

" You speak so eloquently when your horny." He frowned.

" Kagome, I'm serious." I nodded.

" Okay. Do you want my answer?" He nodded.

"Yes you can mark me." He grinned and he went back to work. His mouth found my nipples again and his fingers gently opened me and entered me. I raised my hips to receive his questing fingers. He pumped inside me until I was slick and his fingers practically slid out of my sex. He left my nipples and started kissing up my neck to my ears.

" You are so wet. I think somebody wants some dick," he mused. I frowned a little but his lips found mine and I was still. I felt his member through his haori. He was hard and ready for me. He quickly shed his clothes and slid inside me. I threw my head back as I felt him fill me. It feels like it had been so long since we coupled this way. Outside of rebuilding the village and scouting the terrain to make sure Naraku was really gone we barely had time to spend together. This was long over due.

He pumped inside me slowy at first until I opened to him and then he went nuts. He urged me onto all fours and he took me from behind. I felt his dick deeper that way. He thrusted into my wet sex until all I heard was his hips hitting my butt and the wet sloshy sound of my sex. I moaned louder as he found his rhythm and he pounded into me. My breasts felt heavy as the swung forward and back with each thrust. His hands found both breasts as he lifted me on my knees. He still pumped me from behind but now he could feel my breasts and kiss me deeply. His tounge darted into my mouth and I felt like I was being entered from two orfices. My juices were dripping down my thighs as he made me cum for the first time and I screamed into his mouth.

We changed position again. This time I was riding him. He thrust his hips up to meet mine as I rode him hard. My breasts were jumping as I rode him and he leaned up to suck on my rosy centers. He slid so easily in and out of me that I was lost in the rhythm of my own and I came again. I felt him give one final thrust and I felt a stab of pain. When I opened my eyes I noticed a bloody cresent on the side of my breasts. I didn't hurt quite so much now but I wasn't expecting it. Well, I didn't ask either really.

" So thats a mark?" I inquired.

" Yeah." He slid from inside me and we lay together naked in our hut side by side. " Kagome, when we were first bonded, I resented you. Now I can't live without you. I know I love you. I was born a hanyou so I was hated from the start for being a half-breed. I never knew love. Not until now. I want us to be together forever. Do you think thats possible?" I nodded.

" Yes, as long as we protect each other and our love doesn't wane." He shook his head.

" I will love you always Kagome." I smiled and I felt tears coming to my eyes.

" And I will love you always Inuyasha." He smiled back at me and we kissed. And as he entered me again I knew that it was true. We had been through so much we deserved this happiness. I only wished that Kikyo could have had this. Naraku was dead, the village was rebuilt, and everyone was safe. I couldn't have thought of a happier ending to our story. Could you?

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