Chapter one – Human meets Demon lord


Kagome watched as she saw once again Inuyasha hugging Kikyo. 2 years she put up with it and was now 17 and still sticking around. She shook her head {I can't take this anymore}. Slowly and quietly she walked away. As she walked back to the village she silently thought to herself {why do I even bother to stay when Inuyasha keeps going off to see Kikyo} her head hung low as she tried to fight back the tears that wanted to come {I guess I'm not as great as Kikyo I'm just a mere shadow of her. A reincarnation and that's all Inuyasha sees me as. Every time he looks at me he's really seeing Kikyo}

Before Kagome realized it she was back at the hut and walked in {one thing is for sure I'm not going to be here when he comes back. I'm going home} she decided.

Kaede watched as Kagome entered the hut and noticed something was wrong "what's wrong child? Did you find Inuyasha?"

Kagome nodded and picked up her yellow bag. Shippo saw this and ran over to her "where are you going Kagome?"

"Home" she replied. She then saw the worried look in the kitsune's eyes "don't worry Shippo I'm coming back" {I always do} she thought bitterly before getting up and exiting the hut.

Miroku sighed "something tells me Inuyasha did something wrong again" he then noticed how close Sango was sitting to him and his hand started to reach.

Sango, unaware of the hand, nodded "I wonder what he did" she then felt something rubbing her butt and quickly grabbed her hiraikotsu and bashed the monk on the head "HENTAI!!"

As Kagome started to approach the well she began to think {I always go home when something goes wrong then he comes, I forgive, we go back and act as if nothing ever happened}. She was truly getting tired of the same old routine. She knew her family would be expecting it and she was quick to shake her head "no, I'm not going home" she thought out loud "I'll just spend a few days in the forest" she smiled, happy with her thought "yes, that's what I'll do and then I'll truly get a break. Also I won't be that far from the well or the village so if I really need help I'll just scream and help will come a running"

Pleased with this decision, Kagome walked away from the well and the village. She realized she also had plenty of food left over so she should be fine on her own. Feeling so happy to be on her own, she started to sprint. It felt like she was escaping all her problems. It was just a sad thing that her little run got her into a problem. For in her run she failed to look at what was coming up ahead and she collided into something that felt like a rock.

"Ouch" she said when she landed on the hard ground. She then looked up to see white baggy pants, a while heori, {oh no} spiky armour over one shoulder fur over the right shoulder {don't let it be...} and at last the look of a not so happy demon lord {Sesshoumaru} her mind groaned. What a great idea that was, go into the woods for freedom and end up bumping into the grim reaper for humans. Smart move. Not. Kagome stared at him from her position on the ground. He was just staring at her, not even saying a word and it was beginning to creep Kagome out.

No one is really sure how long the staring contest went on for, but it was broken when Kagome heard a small child cough. She turned her head and saw a small child about the age of 7 sitting on a dragon. Jaken was with the child attempting to try and heal the child, but obvious didn't know anything about the sickness. Kagome was quick to realize the child had a cold and completely forgot about the lord of ice that she had bumped into and quickly went over to the child. She also noticed this was the girl she saw rescue Jaken the one time he attempted to take tetsusaiga from Inuyasha.

Jaken watched as the girl came closer "don't you touch this child human!"

Kagome glared at him and took the cloth from him {it's cold} she then looked at the child and felt her head {she's warm, she must have a fever, but not a high one} she looked at the toad who was in complete shock "your treating her all wrong. She needs to be in a hut, in a bed, kept warm, fed plenty of liquids and gets plenty of rest. Also she shouldn't be out in this night air" a growl caught her attention and she looked back to see Sesshoumaru's cold stare

"Tell me how you know of this sickness wench," he asked.

Kagome flinched at being called a 'wench' and was also surprised he hadn't killed her yet "if you must know. Where I live this illness is common. We normally get it when we've been outside in the cold air"

Sesshoumaru walked up so Kagome could practically feel his breath on her skin and she shivered. He just glared "why isn't my brother with you?"

Kagome thought about seeing Inuyasha hugging Kikyo and immediately frowned and turned her head away "if you must know; he is busy hugging a woman that sealed him to a tree 50 years ago. She died, came back and I've caught them hugging one too many times. I'm tired of seeing it and so I left for a long break from him and jewel shard hunting"

"Is that so human" mused Sesshoumaru. Her own heart defeated her; this human had freed tetsusaiga, tried to fight him with no chance of winning and shown such bravery was defeated by the heart. Yes, even he admitted she was brave. A foolish type of bravery, but bravery nonetheless.

"Hai" she replied. She then heard the child cough and at that moment she didn't know what came over her, but she looked at the demon lord "listen Sesshoumaru, I don't want to go back to Inuyasha so quickly and I don't feel like going home either. I see your servant here doesn't know anything about the sickness, but I do. So could I stay with you" she saw him raise an eyebrow "only until the child is well of course" she quickly added.

Sesshoumaru looked at the human. He didn't know any demon doctors willing to treat a human and he knew human doctors would be comfortable in the demon lord's presents. This girl seemed like his best bet. He noticed that unlike most humans, she didn't fear him. She never did and that's the only reason why he was never quick to kill her. She baffled him and was the only human to do so. It made him a bit angry because all humans were the same to him, except her {If she were to stay with me, maybe I'd be able to figure her out and possibly get tetsusaiga thought it all} he thought before taking a glance at Rin and then looking back at Kagome "tell me human, if I were to let you care for Rin, what would you want in return?"

Kagome thought for only a minute "just a place to stay"

{She's not greedy like most humans} he thought to himself before nodding "very well. I will let you stay at my castle to take care of Rin, but in return for letting you stay you must heed my orders, understand?"

Kagome nodded "hai, but no more calling me human. My name is Kagome"

He gave a slight nod "and you will call me Sesshoumaru-sama"

"Hai" she replied before adding "Sesshoumaru-sama"

Inuyasha walked into the hut after seeing Kikyo. He saw Kaede by the fire with Shippo. Miroku was unconscious. Sango was sharpening her hiraikotsu and Kirara was watching. He looked around the hut for a blacked haired girl, but found none "where is Kagome?"

Shippo looked up from the fire "she went home"

Inuyasha looked at the young fox brat "how long is she going to be gone this time?"

Sango thought for a moment "she didn't say. Probably 3 days like always" she then remembered the sad look on her friend's face "Inuyasha, Kagome looked upset. Do you know why?"

He shook his head "no idea" he took a seat next to the unconscious monk {if she is upset I should let her calm down first before I go back to get her, feh, I don't feel like being sat a bunch of times}


Well I hope you enjoyed that chapter. I hope I get lots of reviews. (. Oh yeah and any time I use Japanese I will translate at the bottom. If I miss a word tell me and I'll make sure I put it in the next chapter.

Hai- yes

Sama- title for a lord

Hentai- Pervert