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Chapter 33 – Welcoming the New

Sesshoumaru sighed as he laid himself next to Kagome. He had missed this and was glad to be able to hold her again. He gently laid a hand upon Kagome's stomach to feel his child kicking and smirked glad he would be able to see him or her soon since it was due any day. He was glad for it; spending two months in his mate's time was more than enough for him and he couldn't wait to go home and take care of his lands again.

"Our child seems more energetic tonight" he spoke.

Kagome rose an eyebrow at him "be happy that the baby isn't kicking your insides contently"

He looked at her "it will be over soon"

"I know" she smiled "I'm kind of sad it's almost over, but I'll be glad to have a flat stomach again"

He kissed her lips before curled closer to her "let us sleep" at her nod he closed his eyes. It was some time just before the sun was ready to rise he awoke to the feeling of the bed being soaked and the rising fear of his mate. He quickly raised himself on his arms to see over her shoulder to look at her face "Kagome?"

She turned her head towards him, her eyes beginning to tear up "I-I-I think my water broke"

The demon lord kiss his mate softly on the head "be calm, I believe our child is ready to introduce itself"

"Sesshoumaru?" she spoke softly "I'm scared"

Sesshoumaru wasted no time in grabbing her hand and squeezing it gently "there's nothing to fear, I will go get your mother" when she nodded he kissed her forehead one more time before going down the hall and knocking on the door. When Aksumi answered he merely had to look at her before she took off down the hall with an order to him to get the phone to call the doctor. He did as he was told, though he did not approve of being ordered, but it was something he had come to accept being here and learning Aksumi did not care who you were. You just did as she told you to do and not say no. Grabbing the phone he then made his way upstairs, meeting Kagome's grandfather along the way.

"So the baby is finally ready, huh?"

Sesshoumaru gave a slight nod before giving a curious stare as the old man reached out his hand "give me the phone and I'll call the doctor, you go be with your wife while you still can"

The taiyoukai nodded before handing the phone over. He had met this doctor that was taking care of his mate. He was an elderly man whom believed in traditions. Old traditions like in his time where men were not allowed to be in the room with the woman while she was giving birth. He was fine with that, he didn't understand why mates where allowed in the same room anyways. With Kagome giving birth to an infant with demon blood it was bound to be born looking different from a natural human baby and therefore could not be born in a hospital where they did not know of youkai. It was Kagome's Jii-chan who knew of an old family doctor who had actually delivered his mate that would be delivering his child into the world. Gently they told the information of what the doctor could be expected to see. That anything the child had my not be a deformity, but part of it's' demon heritage. Surprisingly the doctor took the information well and promised that no one would hear of the infant about to be born into the world.

Sesshoumaru entered the room he had been sharing with his mate and saw her clutching her mother's hand tightly, crying of how scared she was. He made his way over and sat on the edge of the bed, running a clawed hand in her hair. She stared at him with fearful eyes "your Jii-chan is calling the doctor" he bent over and kissed her forehead "in a few hours it will all be over"

"Easy for you to say, you don't have to push a kid out of your private area" she exclaimed.

He smirked "true, but I get to spend the few hours worrying if my mate and pup will be alright"

Aksumi smiled at the words spoken by her son-in-law and quietly stepped out of the room. There was one thing she learned about him and that was he did not like to show his feelings in front of others or speak about feelings to others, but according to her daughter the man had opened up from when she first met him. Apparently back then he used to be cold and ruthless, only caring about himself, not answering to anyone, but over time it had changed. Aksumi had one answer for that; the man was growing up and maturing. Now he was going to be a father and that would only lighten his mood more. Quite possibly he will open more as his child grows. She had a feeling he would…it will just take some time.

Within a half hour the doctor arrived and started to get set up. Sesshoumaru gave his mate a quick kiss and left to go downstairs where his mate's family was waiting. Souta was finally up and asking his mother many questions about how long it would take before the baby came or when would they know the baby came. The taiyoukai took a calm seat in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. After some time Souta's questions were answered and silence over came the kitchen.

Aksumi finally sat down next to the youkai lord "are you nervous?"

It took a moment, but he finally turned his head to look at her "my concern is for the health of my mate and child"

She nodded "mine too, but I can't help, but be excited" she smiled, fondly "I'm finally going to be a grandmother" she looked at him "this will be your first child as well, will it not?" he gave a nod "seems we'll all be new at this. I've never been a grandma before, Kagome's never been a mother, and you've never been a father before"

"Rin and Shippo consider her a mother and she has done a fine job raising them" he replied.

Aksumi turned to see her son playing his gameboy "they are great experience, but they weren't infants when you started raising them as your own, it'll be a whole different experience. Midnight feedings, diaper changes, worry over their health and that's just to name a few. Besides Rin and Shippo considering my daughter as their mother" she stared at him "they consider you as a father to them as well and you treat them like you are their father…even if you don't notice it"

Sesshoumaru was actually startled by that comment. Yet, in hearing that simple statement, he could see it. He had already been providing the father role for two children who desperately wanted a father and had hardly noticed. It had felt so natural for him in the way he talked and dealt with them.

"You hadn't noticed, had you?" asked Aksumi and was met with silence "then perhaps you are ready to be a father after all, I wish you luck, Sesshoumaru"

The taiyoukai felt his heart race at the sudden scream that tore through the house and he let out a growl. So it had begun. His child was coming and the only thing he could do was sit, be patient, and listen to his mate's screams of pain. For six hours he listened has he heared his mate cry out and then hear time of silence before she cried out again. He growled louder when the smell of her blood began to reach his nose. Soon, soon it would be over.

Aksumi had already sent Souta outside to play so he could not hear his sister's cries, but she grew worried as she watched her son-in-law. He had been growling ever since her daughter's cries started and what made her nervous is she could see his eyes starting to turn red. At the sound of the door opening she spun her head to see Inuyasha enter and look around the room and quickly ran over to him.

The hanyou turned and looked at her "what's going on? I could smell Kagome's blood through the well"

"She's giving birth as we speak" she answered "where are the children?"

"When I smelt Kagome's blood I figured it was best I left them at Kaede's incase something was seriously wrong" he replied before hearing a sharp growl.

Aksumi looked at Inuyasha with worry "I don't know what's wrong with him, but he's been growling for some time now and his eyes are even starting to change color"

Inuyasha walked close to his brother, but kept his distance "it's a demon thing"

"Demon thing?" she asked, bewildered.

"A youkai's duty to his mate is to provide and protect them" he explained "but in time like this when they hear their mates cries of pain and smell their blood, but can't do anything it frustrates them. The only reason he hasn't lost it and gone on a killing spree to get Kagome is because of the fact that deep down his beast knows that she's bringing new life into the world" he turned to her "for now it is best we keep our distance until Kagome is finished birthing"


"Alright Kagome, push again!" ordered the doctor.

Kagome breathed in deeply before she began pushing once more. She was tired, sweaty, sore, and just wanted the whole thing over with. It seemed like it would never end. She screamed as the pressure became too much.

"Okay Kagome, we'll give it a half hour" said the doctor "this little one sure is taking its' time"

Kagome just lay there, trying to get her breathing back under control. She could tell already this one was going to be like its' father. Laid back and not in a hurry for anything. She could only pray it would all be over soon.


Three hours went by of listening to screams and times of silence. Sesshoumaru would growl fiercely each time he heard his mate scream. He swore it would be awhile before he even thought of getting her pregnant again. Finally he could take no more, he needed a distraction and turned his red eyes on to Inuyasha and spoke in a very beast like manner "what is the news of my lands?"

Inuyasha just about jumped into the ceiling at the sound of his brother's voice. Aksumi on the other hand, did jump with a startled gasp. The hanyou quickly regained him self before answering his brother's question "Ecaro just gave me the update yesterday. They are still trying to decide who will rule over Sabura's lands and Naylor wants you to see him when you return as does Edoksu. Both want to see the new heir of the western lands. Other than that everything is fine, nothing Ecaro couldn't take care of"

Sesshoumaru gave a nod and clenched his hands into a fist when his mate screamed again. This time was different though…it was followed by another, tiny voice crying. The taiyoukai stood and began to walk towards the stairs, brushing past the hanyou who was quick to get out of his way. He wanted to see his mate and child immediately. No more waiting. He would see his mate and his child. When he was half way up the stairs he met the doctor.

"Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy" he smiled.

The taiyoukai let a rare smirk cross his features. He had a son, the first child of his blood was a son "arigato, how is my wife?"

The doctor chuckled "she's tired, but is fine. Have a good day and again congratulations" and continued down the stairs.

Sesshoumaru let out a small chuckle "yes, a good day" before he finished his journey up the stairs. He paused outside the door taking in the scent of sweat, blood, and the scent of his son before entering. He was quick to fix his gaze upon Kagome resting on the bed with a small bundle in her arms. Quietly he made his way over to her side.

She looked at him and smiled "isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

The taiyoukai reached out and moved the piece of blanket obstructing his view and sat on the edge of the bed. He observed his child; he looked no different from a human baby except he had silver hair already growing on his head. It would be awhile before any real demon features began to show like claws and fangs. Briefly the baby opened his eyes and noticed they were blue. That could also change in time.

"Hai, he will be talk of the palace when we get back home" he replied before leaning over and kissing his mate "how do you feel?"

"Sore, but that's to be expected says the doctor" she answered "he said I should be fine by tomorrow, but do we have to leave so soon?"

Sesshoumaru could see she wanted to spend a few more days with her family before they had to return to their own life. He let out a small, almost unnoticeable sigh "we can stay a few extra days, but no longer, we should get back to the children and Ecaro can't watch my lands for much longer"

Kagome nodded as she cradled the young new born "I understand, I just want a few days so my mom can enjoy her first grandson for at least a little while" she then held out her infant "I need some rest after that long and hard time with him. I can see he's going to be a lot like you in the sense of taking his time, why don't you go down with him and introduce him to the family"

Sesshoumaru stared for a moment before reaching out to hold his son. He would never admit it, but he was nervous about holding the baby. He had never held a new born before, but knew they preferred being held a certain way from watching mothers with their infants. He cradled the child in the common fashion he had seen many do. His son fussed a little, but quickly calmed before resting again. He looked back towards his love as she made herself comfortable. She stared at him and smiled. He could see she was tired, apparently bringing his son into this world had taken much effort. Telling her to sleep; he left the room and proceeded down the stairs where the family was waiting to welcome the new infant into the family.


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