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Scar paced the cave like a lion gone mad. He growled low under his breath and scraped his claws against the ground every so often. Where the hell was Sarabi? She'd been gone for three days, and nobody had seen her anywhere. Nala was missing too.

"Those two rats," Scar hissed under his breath as he bared his teeth. "They've abandoned the Pride Lands, I know it! Those filthy traitors!"

"Your majesty," came a voice.

Scar whirled his angry head to see Chika, a young lioness of the pride approach him. She was a very dark color with bright lavender eyes that flashed every now and then. She was a fair huntress, and had temporarily assumed leadership of the hunting party until Sarabi was found. She bowed respectfully and looked up at the raging King.

"Speak!" he instructed.

Chika looked with reluctance up at Scar. "Several hyenas have brought word of different sightings of Sarabi."

"Where has she been spotted?" Scar asked impatiently.

"Near the borderline she was supposedly seen hunting for field mice on several occasions. After that nobody has seen her."

Scar pondered this. He remembered her pregnancy.

"Was anyone with her?" Scar asked as he drew near her.

Chika shook her head. "Nobody has mentioned her being with anyone."

Scar huffed and returned to his pacing. Then he remembered something. That stupid lioness Nala. The only reason Scar still refused to kill her was his debt to Kito. And even that was starting to wear thin.

"Has Nala been spotted at all?" Scar asked as he looked back up at her.

Chika looked at him for a moment. "No, no sign of her either. Her absence was noted around the same time Sarabi disappeared."

"I know." "My apologies Sire," Chika said with a hint of sarcasm. "I'm only reporting what I've heard."

Chika gave a curt nod and briskly walked out of her den, turning her back on the King. Under normal circumstances, Scar would have cuffed her hard for doing so, but now he just didn't have the determination for it. It was those lionesses he was worried about. Who knew what they were doing behind his back? He growled louder, and returned to his pacing.

In a den about a mile from Pride Rock, Sarabi gave Kamau a bath. He squealed as Sarabi's tongue whisked over his little head, and he playfully batted her with his paw. She smiled down at the infant and at his little, innocent face. His eyes had opened, and Sarabi's heart warmed with pride to see the ocean blue eyes that stared back up at her. They were Uru's eyes, the eyes of Scar's mother. It surprised Sarabi that the only way Kamau took after Scar, was his darker pelt, and even then, it wasn't even as dark a color.

Kamau snuggled up against her and purred contentedly. She just smiled at him and nuzzled him, caught in a moment of peace that she had not experienced in such a time that it felt like an eternity. But the old lioness knew she didn't have much time. By now, Scar had surely noticed her absence and had hyena and lioness searching parties scouting the Pride Lands for her. If she dawdled much longer, she would be found, and Kamau would be discovered. She desperately tried to clear her head of the cold thoughts that suppressed her mind should her little cub be found. She knew that it was time.

With a deep sigh, Sarabi tenderly lifted Kamau up in her mouth, and trotted out of the den. She scanned the perimeter, making sure it was clear for her to go. Seeing no one, she raced into the open plains, hoping to find Yetunde. She had hoped Yetunde hadn't left yet, hoped that she had an opportunity to hand Kamau over to her. As she saw a pack of hyenas approaching, she ducked low into the grass and tried to calm Kamau of his whimpering. The hyenas casually walked past her, completely missing the lioness, who blended perfectly into the grass. Once they were gone, Sarabi picked up her speed again, and ran off in another direction. She came to what was once the waterhole, and found an empty gopher hole. Seeing that it was abandoned, Sarabi gently placed Kamau inside, and did her best to cover the spot so he wasn't found. Then she raced off towards Pride Rock, desperately searching for Yetunde.

She bounded up its steep slopes, and crashed into Chika. Chika got to her feet, shaking her head to clear the dizziness. She blinked several times after her mind registered it was Sarabi.

"Sarabi!" Chika exclaimed nuzzling the lioness. "Where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you!"

"I'm sorry Chika, I just had some...business to attend to," Sarabi replied, trying to think of a good lie.

"Sarabi!" Scar exclaimed as he stormed after, skidding to a halt just inches from her face. "Where have you been? And where is Nala?"

Sarabi looked at him with calmness replying, "I have not seen Nala. And I've been on my own for a while."

Scar motioned to Chika that he wanted her to leave, and she quickly did so. She nuzzled Sarabi as she left, and trotted off to the other side of Pride Rock.

Scar sat squarely in front of her, narrowing his eyes as he looked her over. He grinned for a moment, then looked back up at her.

"I don't believe you were on a weight-loss trip," Scar sneered. "Where's the cub?"

Sarabi looked at him with a gaze of stone. "I miscarried the cub. It was stillborn."

"Is that so?" Scar said with a fiery grin. "That might explain your awkward behavior. Suffering another loss now, are we?"

"A loss only that he was MY son," Sarabi replied coldly. "He didn't have a father."

She turned her back on the King and stormed off to the back of Pride Rock to look for Yetunde. When she reached her destination, she saw the lionesses lying lazily on the rocks, some wincing from their hunger. She spotted Yejide and Ayana talking in the shade, and Yetunde not far off from them. She was looking out towards the borders, and Sarabi could tell that she was ready to leave. She padded up to the lioness, ignoring the whispers of the others over her return. She nudged Yetunde, and the lioness looked up at her. Her face turned to elation.

"Sarabi!" exclaimed the lioness, nuzzling her affectionately. "I was so worried! Are you alright?"

"Yes Yetunde, I'm fine," Sarabi replied as the two butted heads. "My friend, may we speak in private for a moment?"

Yetunde looked at her curiously, then nodded briskly. "Of course," she replied. "Lead the way."

Sarabi smiled, and acknowledged her old friend to follow her. They crossed the dead paths, and Sarabi motioned her to follow to the waterhole. As they walked, Sarabi decided to tell Yetunde what was going on.

"Yetunde," Sarabi said as she kept walking. "I'm sure you and everyone else has wondered why I was gone for a while. And I'm sure you want to know why."

Yetunde smiled. "It would be a start." Sarabi sighed. "The truth is Yetunde, there's something I haven't told you. A secret I've been keeping from you and the rest of the pride. It's still a miracle to me that Scar has not already informed you all."

Yetunde listened eagerly as they walked. "What secret?"

Sarabi took a deep breath. "Several months ago, Scar chased me down into the fields and raped me. The next morning, I discovered that I was pregnant. I was terrified and decided not to tell you. It was so hard for me, but I knew I would endanger the cub's life if anyone knew. I've been gone for three days because I gave birth to the cub, a male. But Scar already has his heir, and I know if he finds the cub, he will kill him just to get back at me."

Yetunde listened intently, and there was a look of utter shock and sadness etched into her features. She bore the same look of pity an old lioness bears for a friend, a friend who has suffered immeasurable troubles and is looking for a well deserved peace. However Yetunde was willing to listen, and help her through any troubles and grant her any favor.

"What is it that I can do for you to help you?" Yetunde asked. "Whatever it is, I will postpone my leave if I must."

Sarabi shook her head as they approached the spot where she had hidden Kamau. "There's no need for you to hold off from leaving," Sarabi said. "What I am going to ask you is the greatest favor of all."

Suddenly, she pulled back the brush and debris covering Kamau's hole, revealing the small cub who was sleeping soundly. Yetunde smiled warmly and bent down to see the small cub.

"He's so beautiful Sarabi. What is it you want me to do?" she asked.

Sarabi sighed deeply and looked Yetunde hard in the eye. "I need you to take Kamau with you my friend."

Yetunde looked at her for a moment, then back down at Kamau. She looked for a moment up at Sarabi with shock.

"Take the cub? Of course Sarabi, but how can you bear to be separated from another child? I don't know if I can let you suffer such pain like that again!"

Sarabi had tears in her eyes as she looked sadly at Yetunde. "It will be hard to bear, but there is no choice. Scar will kill Kamau if he finds him. I can't provide for him here anyway. The Pride Lands are dead and barren with no food. I can hardly feed myself, let alone an infant cub. No, Kamau would be doomed to death if he stayed here. I ask you as my friend Yetunde, please do this."

Yetunde smiled, and bowed her head, meeting Sarabi's eyes. "I'm leaving at dawn tomorrow, before the sun reaches halfway over the great eastern hills. Meet me here. I'll take the cub."

Sarabi smiled and hugged her friend gratefully.

"Thank you Yetunde."

Yetunde smiled, and the two separated.

As night began to fall, Sarabi spent all her time with Kamau. Her love for him was eternal and unbreakable, and it pained her to know that her time with him was wearing thin. She nuzzled him tenderly under the stars, and looked up towards the realm of the Great Kings. She smiled warmly, seeing the loving eyes of Mufasa gazing back down at her in the light of the moon.

"I know you won't understand this now," Sarabi said as she spoke to her cub. "But you will someday, and I hope you remember it. Can you see the sky?"

She motioned with her paw up to the sky, and Kamau followed it with his infant gaze. His eyes were wide with astonishment as he looked up at the star packed sky. He blinked several times then looked back into the caring eyes of his mother.

"The stars Kamau," she began, "are the Great Kings looking down upon us. King Maphunde, your great-great grandfather, and the first King of the Pride Lands, was the first King to ever have been found in a star. Following him was King Mohatu, King Ahadi, and King Mufasa. They are always there to guide us when we need them, and to shed hope when times grow dark. So whenever you feel the need for guidance, you can always look to the stars."

Kamau just blinked curiously and looked back up at the stars. Sarabi licked his forehead and smiled.

"Like I said, you'll understand someday."

Soon, the little cub fell into a deep, comforting sleep, and Sarabi protectively placed her head over his infant body. Though she slept restlessly, she felt peace and ease, knowing Kamau's life would not bear the heartbreak, sadness, and tragedy she and the pride had to endure for those long, agonizing years. As she saw the black skies lighten to a warm violet, Sarabi pressed her eyelids shut. It was time.

Sarabi rose to her feet, and gently picked up Kamau by the scruff. She slowly and quietly padded to the eastern border, where Yetunde said she would be. Upon her arrival, she sat and waited, hugging Kamau against her leg. The bushes in front of her began to rustle, and she smiled to see Yetunde emerge from them. They nuzzled eachother, and Yetunde bent her head low to look at the little infant. She looked back up at Sarabi and nodded her head, prepared to leave.

As tears fell down her cheeks like a river, Sarabi moved her paw, and gave Kamau one final hug. She looked into his diamond blue eyes, and could see the small glint of hope shining inside. She smiled and with her muzzle, pushed the cub over to Yetunde.

"Take care of him my friend," Sarabi pleaded as she wept.

Yetunde, tears in her own eyes, nodded her head. "It's a promise."

The two shared a solemn parting embrace and Sarabi took one more look at her son. He whimpered for a moment as Yetunde picked him up, and he cried out and squealed for his mother. He stretched his paws towards her, all the while whimpering and crying. It made it ever harder for Sarabi. She drew close to him and nuzzled him. She bowed her head in sadness and loss, before giving him one final kiss on his forehead. She stepped back, and nodded to Yetunde that it was time.

"May the wind protect you and guide you my friends," Sarabi said with a nod. "Go. Run with it."

Yetunde smiled, and took off in a run past the borderline. Sarabi sat and watched, seeing her little son and close friend depart to a distant land, unknown and unseen to her. As they disappeared into the light of the rising sun, Sarabi fell to the ground, buried her head in her paws, and wept the last of her sorrow within her. She had nothing now. She was empty. Her last shred of determination and blessing was gone. There she stayed weeping, wishing there had been another way. But there was none. And the old lioness knew it.

After some time to grieve, Sarabi slowly made her way back to Pride Rock. She felt so empty. Like she had nothing left to go for. Her thrill and determination for deliverance was gone. She had at last considered the thought of surrender, and to give up the age old battle she had been fighting since the death of her mate and son. As she walked, she suddenly heard a banshee like scream race through her ears.


Sarabi pressed her eyelids shut, hearing Scar's angry cry for her. She slowly padded back to Pride Rock. In front of the large stone, Sarabi could see the vast hyena army standing on both sides. She filed past them, retaining her pride from the filthy creatures. They growled and snapped at her hindquarters, giggling uncontrollably. She felt the urge to lash out and swipe at each and every one of them, but she knew it was no use. She just kept walking. She saw Scar waiting impatiently at the top of the ledge, glaring down at her with utmost hate. Her face was emotionless as she approached him.

"Yes, Scar?" she said irritably.

Scar hissed at her tone. "Where is your hunting party? They're not doing their jobs!"

Irritated with his foolishness and impatience, Sarabi didn't even look at him as she replied calmly back. "Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on."

"No! You're just not looking hard enough!" he replied angrily.

More urgently and irritably she replied, "It's over, there is nothing left." She thought for a moment. "We have only one choice." She looked back up at him urgently. "We must leave Pride Rock!"

"We're not going anywhere!" he hissed.

"Then you have sentenced us to death!" she yelled angrily.

"Then so be it!"

Sarabi looked at him with shock and anger. "You can't do that!" she growled.

"I am the King I can do whatever I want!"

Sarabi couldn't stand it anymore. She knew the punishment for using His name, but she didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore. But she couldn't let her pride starve to death.

With rage she turned and lashed at him. "If you were HALF the King Mufasa was you would-"

She never got a chance to finish. He whirled around with an angry flash of speed and struck her hard in the face.

"I am TEN TIMES the King Mufasa was!" he roared.

Sarabi hit the ground with a thud and didn't move. She couldn't, she didn't have the strength, nor the will to. She just lay there and waited to die. Waited for Scar to deliver the final blow. She almost hoped for it. But it never came. Suddenly, she felt a firm, but gentle nudge against her face, and looked into the ruby eyes of a handsome lion with a shiny, auburn mane. At that moment, she thought Scar's swipe had killed her. For a moment, she thought it was Mufasa, and that she was at last reunited.

"Mufasa?" she asked as she weakly raised her head to see.

The lion retracted his head hesitantly before speaking. "No," he responded. "It's me."

It took a moment for the lion's statement to hit home. Then she could see him. See the lion cub she had birthed, the son she had loved, and the one whom she thought had died all those years ago. Standing right in front of her. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked up at his handsome face smiling down at her.

"Simba? You're alive?" she asked with joy. "How can that be?"

He just smiled back at her. "It doesn't matter. I'm home."

He nuzzled her softly, and she just smiled with relief. He was not dead. He was alive! He had returned! She could feel her sadness, her heartbreak, her suffrage, and so much more be lifted from her shoulders and tossed away. Every ounce of pain she had ever felt since his supposed "death" had disappeared. She felt the lioness she had once been gently return into her being, and the will to fight was once again borne into her. All because one lion had come to at last deliver them from the years of tragedy borne into the home of their ancestors. She thought of Nala, of Sarafina, of all the lionesses. She thought of Nuka, Zira, Kovu, and Vitani. But most of all, she thought of Kamau. These were the lions who were with her through this age of Taka's reign, whether they be her enemies, or the ones who gave her strength. She just laid her head back as he nuzzled her, one thought whizzing through her mind and keeping her at peace.

Simba was alive.
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