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Author's Notes: This story is written in Tea's point of view. I decided to write this story because I realized that there are not very many Joey/Tea fics out there, so I wanted to create a little sad yet lovely love story. I hope you enjoy!

Dedicated to: Yusukes gurl Keiko
I know it's not right, but I am madly in love with Joey Wheeler. It has become far past just a crush. That's what I felt for him years ago. Now that I'm more mature, I have realized my true feelings.

But he's with Mai now. It seems that I have realized my feeling too late. So it's Christmastime and everyone has a special someone, excluding me.

Even little Yugi has got a girlfriend. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for them but I always thought little Yugi had a thing for me. I mean it was so obvious. With the bright twinkle in his eyes that he got when he looked at me, you could tell he was crushing on me badly. And if he had asked me out, would I have said yes? Probably not because I have a thing for Joey. How selfish could I be? And besides, it was just a crush. A physical attraction. No real feelings. It can really hurt a girl to know that know one loves them at a time like this, when happy couples are at every corner.

Don't even get me started with Tristan and Serenity. They're like hot glued together! They're always whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. That must feel nice. I wouldn't know.

And Duke Devlin started going out with some transfer student Latina chick. She's extremely pretty, but extremely poor and broke. However Duke just seems to like her for who she is, not how much her father makes every hour at work. You have no idea what I would give to have a boyfriend like him. All of the guys I ever dated were only after my body.

So as you can see, everyone is happy but me. I guess the person who said "there is someone out there for everyone" didn't consider that the special someone might already be taken. Love hurts. And it can only get worse.
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