Hearing the crash from above, the Warlord assessed the situation and made a decision.

Engage and capture primary targets, Slayer, Witch, Mage and Vampire are all required, Do not damage the others. GO


(First General)

Rolling with the punch lessoned the impact considerably.

Not that the punch didn't still lift her off the ground, but it didn't knock her unconscious like it could have.

Twisting her body to take the impact she sent out a thought to the Third general before she crashed into the door and skidded out into the hallway.


(Second General)

Moving towards the back door, he let a sliver of his power out and felt his form shift as he stepped into the nether realm so that he could pass through the solid door and into the kitchen area of the house.

Holding his power at the ready, he allowed himself to materialize before he gripped the older male around the throat and shifted them both back into the nether.

Moving in this manner was painful, but it made him immune to all but the most dedicated attacks.


(Third General.)

Tara stared at her lover for a moment before she recognized the buildup of power from the young witch.

Dropping under the magical pulse, Tara charged the redhead and growled as her punch went through the space the witch had occupied mere moments before.

Cursing herself for not remembering that she could teleport, Tara turned as the red witch sent a second magic blast at her.

Unable to avoid it, the blonde gritted her teeth as she shifted her own magic to the front and allowed it to connect with Willow's.

While the actual damage was negligible at the cancellation of such a powerful attack, the feedback from loosing so much power that quickly shocked Willow into unconsciousness.

Leaving the redhead for the moment, Tara turned towards the door and charged through to support the first General in her fight with the slayer.


(Fourth General.)

Glaring at the downed corpse, he momentarily resisted the urge to dust the creature before looking up at the gasp from the second individual.

Glaring at the small male he felt the blood rage well up as he recognized the form of the person responsible for his incarceration in hell.

Hefting the corpse to his shoulder the ex-gladiator left the shocked form of his one time friend behind him as he headed for the rendezvous with the others.

Behind him Andrew continued to stare in shock at the area recently vacated by Jonathan Livingston.