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Harry walked up to the house he so often loathed. It was after his seventh year. He had a whole lot of training to do for another three years if he still wanted to be an Auror. He walked up to the door of number 4 Pivet Drive. Even after all they put him through, he knew they hadn't needed to do any of what they had for him. He had put a down payment on a rather fine looking penthouse. This was going to be his last time back and he wanted to make amends with those people who tormented him so much. Harry did not have a heart of stone. Although without his love he would have felt no difference if it were.

Harry knocked on the door and he stood there. He had a handful of gifts he had carefully picked out to give to the Dursely's. After his 5th year he had known that maybe he had misjudged them. Dumbledore had said that they took him in, they may not have loved him but they took him in knowing full well of what they were letting into the house. He had to thank them. He had to tell them that he understood what they had done for him.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere hands shot out of the door and dragged him into the house. He reached for his wand but it was not there. He was lying on the floor within seconds, face down but he was able to lift it high enough to see what was going on.

"You think we were going to let you off that easily boy?" yelled Harry's uncle who was crushing Harry.

"Here Petunia, take the blasted stick." Said Vernon holding Harry's wand to his wife.

Petunia left the room with Harry's wand in her hand, holding it as if it was going to jump out and bite her. Harry strained to see where she was heading but it didn't happen for Uncle Vernon had just kneed the back of his head and Harry no longer saw anything but darkness.

Harry woke up to chains around his arms and an extremely terrible head ach. He looked around and saw that Dudley was sitting in a chair a bit away and was watching him.

"What is going on Dudley?"

"Oh," Dudley chuckled "you don't know. You didn't know. All those years you didn't have a clue did you?"

"What? A clue about what? Look, I didn't come back for a fight, I came back because I wanted to thank-"

He was interrupted because Harry's uncle had just stormed into the room and spoke over his own weak voice.

"I do not want to hear of it boy." He made his way slowly towards Harry. Circling the boy as if he was on display.

"Uncle-" said Harry but he was once again cut off by Vernon.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" yelled Vernon who was starting to turn purple in the face.

Harry dared not to speak. He was still confused and he didn't know what was going on. Finally Vernon smirked at Harry, which made his heart throb, that smirk, it reminded him. It reminded him of what he would never be able to have.

"You thought that just because we let you go off to that freak school that we would let this slip?" Vernon took s step back and was facing Harry now.

"You boy are an abomination to the world. Your type should be put away, put to death. Now that that blasted school will no longer be contacting you, they wont ever come to look for you here. All those years, all those years of those praising letters." Uncle Vernon had taken out a stack of paper from a drawer and flung them all on the floor in front of Harry. They had all been addressed to the Dursley's and they were mainly from Dumbledore.

"That Dumbdoor wont be looking for you here. Your out of that blasted school and where is your stick boy?" Vernon smiled once again with an utmost satisfied look on his face. "It's gone isn't it? How are you going to protect yourself boy? And everyone loved you; you were a hero weren't you? Well I'll tell you something, like how Petunia was able to see through your freak mother, I am able to see through you. You're a freak, they were taken by you because your mother was smart and died when she could. Your not a brave boy like they think you are. You are nothing." And with that he spat at the letters at Harry's feet.

"You will not leave this house. One less freak is a step ahead for a better world. One less of your kind and its one step closer for the downfall of that freak world you all live in."

Harry had to say something. "I have my own life now, I only came back to thank you for what you've done. I understand that you didn't need to take me in but you did. You didn't love me but you took me in. I understand that, and I wanted to thank you. I just wanted to tell you that after all those years I'm grateful for what you've done for me, and that I wont ever bother you again."

"Shut up boy. I will hear none of it. All your lies. Well, it doesn't matter anyway, we're going to keep you here and there is no way anyone is going to be able to find you here."

With that Uncle Vernon stormed out of the room leaving a now smirking Dudley in his place and the door slamming shut.

"He's right you know." Said Dudley "After your gone, there will at least be one less freak. No more of YOUR kind."

"Dudley, I know we haven't ever gotten along, but I wanted to thank you too. I didn't leave you out Dudley." Said Harry in a tone just as weak as his spoken words to his uncle.

"Whatever Harry. You're going to die here; in this house. You will be fed daily and there is nothing you can do. My parents planned it all. There was no way they were going to let you go. They made a promise when they took you in. They made a promise that they would break it out of you. Take all that loony talk out of you and they have. There's no escaping it now."


"No but's Harry. I see you as who you really are. You are nothing. You are no one, all those times they said you saved the world or the school," he kicked at the pile of letters on the floor "They weren't you were they? You wouldn't have been able to do it alone would you? Your parents died FOR you, you were no hero Harry, and you'll never be a hero."

This hurt because this was what he had thought when he found out the truth about his parents. He had always thought that everything was all a misunderstanding. No one knew the real Harry. The Harry who was suffering, the Harry who grew up with no one to love him, no one to help him up when he fell, no one to wash away a wound when he fell and scraped his knee. He wasn't what anyone had thought of him. Of course, Ron knew that the Dursley's were mean, cruel people, but he didn't know. He didn't know to what extent that was, he didn't know that it meant so much to Harry that it was the reason for the many nights of tear shedding. And with the pain from the words Dudley had just said he lowered his head. The hope was gone and the understanding of the situation hit him right smack in the face. He really was going to die here and there was nothing he could do. He wanted to be an Auror to save the world, to actually BE someone, but he wouldn't even be able to do that. They were right. He really was a nobody. Everyone always said he was a hero, even after his 5th year Draco stopped calling him names. Draco, if he could only see the boy one last time. Draco, the only person who saw Harry for who he really was. The boy who went through crap his entire life. The boy who deserved nothing. Not the Golden Boy everyone thought he was. He remembered the remark very clearly. Him and Draco were having an argument again and he would never forget what Draco said, "Look are those clothes, it's as if you grew up with a bunch of muggles who didn't even love you."

How had Draco known? He had never really told anyone that the Dursley's didn't love him. He was too ashamed to say it. He said it to Dumbledore of course, he was angry, he didn't care, he wanted to kill the world for the world took away the only love he had seen his entire life, the world took away his Sirius Black. His godfather was gone and the world didn't want to give him his Sirius back. He had wanted to kill everyone and everything he saw. And only Dumbledore had known. Only Dumbledore had heard those words Harry spoke. No one else knew. No one else knew that he grew up unloved and alone. The portraits heard of course but they were by no means a threat in any way. They were faithful to Dumbledore.

Dudley smirked grew even brighter as he saw Harry bowing his head in shame. "Its true isn't it? You really ARE nothing. All those times those FREAKS were making such a big deal about you, saying that you needed protection was nothing. You are nothing. You will never BE anything." With that Dudley left the room laughing at the top of his lungs with the extra bounce in his step that caused the house to slightly shake.

Harry suddenly saw Malfoy in the eyes of his cousin. Malfoy taunted Harry and made fun of his friends but not Draco. Draco understood. Although Draco would never love Harry the way he loved him, Draco was the one who understood. The one who knew Harry and Harry alone. Not as the boy who lived but as Harry James Potter.