Journal #1

22 years after I was put a sleep

It was 22 years ago I became a sleeper and unknown to me the world changed.

When I woke up from my sleep I opened my eyes to a darken and evil world. That only people with my condition survived there was fire everywhere. The only sane people left found a way to adapt on planet Merancany in the next dimension. On earth the stores were completely broken into books, comics, and clothes were either burnt or torn up with everything else.

I was shocked to see a statue of a young man it read Emperor Riku. He was very tall and broad shouldered and he had a sinister plan up his sleeves. People were bowing and paying homage to him. It was pure evil that I saw people felt that it was okay to be under someone's power of tyranny. I felt a need to help this people in anyway , but the only way to save them was to save myself first.

He had those horrible creatures under his control, those monsters from his home planet this was odd I knew so much about this world. Yet I have slept for 22 years I guess we sleepers can telepathically communicate with each other. They woke up us from our slumber, without thinking about how we would feel. Waking up to this world of horror and pure evil scared me I could not believe my eyes.

Jurnal #2

The day I was put to sleep

I remember the day I was put to sleep so well, the day I will never forget . I was put to sleep on June 3, 2026, that day the most popular song of that era was on the radio. Actually that's the only thing that keeps me going it reminds me of old times. I was sent to the Kenchi emergency room after suddenly going into shock. Then I saw the other sleepers as I walked into his research center later that day. I remember signing into this research for the cure to my illness.

He explained to me what it was and why suddenly it's emerging out of nowhere . He said Chetsinko syndrome was an illness of that could appear anywhere. They have little research to know exactly what is the cause but thanks to us who signed up, we will find a cure. We were then told we will be put to sleep for a couple of years until the cure is found.It was amazing how they seemed to care, yet I still felt like I should keep my guard up.

The last thing I remembered is them saying their are going to put me in a Chronicoso chamber, so that my body won't fall ill to the disease. After they closed the chamber I have no memory of that, and I don't think I want to. All I know is that I want to find those sleepers left in this city like me and save them. I don't want them to become slaves of Riku, and I don't want them to be used as tools to fight Riku's forces . Those earthlings in space have been capturing us for experiments for years, but from now on things will change.