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A Week in the Life of Harry Potter


After the turmoil of his fifth year Harry withdrew into himself and then, within a few months, threw himself into his schoolwork especially Transfiguration, charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts. Harry actively refused to form a close relationship with any individual and had continued with the DA, (it had become official) which he had started in his fifth year, he had drilled the members like a man possessed, they all became highly competent in both offensive and defensive magic.

Ginny had fully integrated with the trio during the summer holidays of their fifth year subsequently she and Hermione had become the very best of friends eventually sharing all their secrets with each other; including their mutual love for the boy who lived.

At the beginning of their sixth year Ron and Hermione had tried to date but after five days of even more bickering than before interspersed with violent arguments and bouts of not speaking to each other. As a couple the mismatched pair had kissed no more than a dozen times when they, to everyone else's relief decided to return to being just friends.

Ron subsequently had a series of girlfriends most of them not being very serious that was until about six months ago when he settled with we know not who.

Hermione had dated no one.


Harry Potter, the boy who lived, had been re-christened first by Lavender Brown and then The Witch Weekly, "The Love God Who Lived" and at 5' 10" and 150 lbs of solid muscle with flashing Emerald eyes, lightning reflexes with a cheeky grin, not many argued with the title.

Ron Weasley had evened out at 6' 2" and 210 lbs with brilliant sapphire eyes, "The Red Hunk" was Lavender Browns assessment with reference to his hair and his propensity to blush. It was known that he was in a relationship though who it was with he kept a very close secret and though pursued by many girls remained true to his undisclosed love. The only boy to try his luck with Ron received a single blow to his face that broke both his nose and one of his cheekbones, upon complaining was told by the Headmaster, "Some you win some you lose." Needless to say this only enhanced the Red Hunk's desirability to the female student populous.

Hermione Granger had finished growing upwards when she reached 5' 3" and filled out to a healthy 115 lbs of beautifully proportioned young woman, if Lavender Brown had christened her it would be "The Beautiful Brain." Her bushy chestnut hair had acquired golden highlights and softened slightly into ringlets that now stretched halfway down her back, her eyes would best be described as radiant topaz gems.

Ginny Weasley was perfectly content with her 5' 1" and 110 lbs of very feminine curves, with her volatile temper "The Fire Dragon," would have been Lavender's naming, also referencing her straight waist length red hair that had acquired golden and copper toned highlights. Her brown eyes had gained green flecks; she could only be described as absolutely stunning.

Nobody messed with Hermione or Ginny, although unspoken they were very obviously totally devoted to Harry Potter and as such were off limits to everyone, for that matter the same applied to Harry Potter the dedication was reciprocal and worked both ways.

Chapter 1 The Recoupment

Friday 12th June 1998 – 17.00

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry there was a small meeting in the Headmasters office, attending were four people in addition to the Headmaster, they were Professor's McGonagall and Flitwick, together with the Head Girl Hermione Granger and the Gryffindor sixth year girls' prefect Virginia Weasley. The urgent topic under discussion was, 'what to do about the Head Boy', Harry Potter.

The school year had reached the eve of the last full weekend of Harry and Hermione's seventh and final year at Hogwarts and their NEWT examinations had all finished earlier that afternoon. As far as the Professors could tell Harry had done brilliantly, as had been expected, so they were not worried about his examination results. More unusual they were not worried about the Dark Lord, Harry had utterly destroyed Voldemort just over six weeks previously; in a battle that could at best be described as horrendous.

The final battle had claimed the lives of many wizards both good and bad. Good friends who had been lost included Ron and Percy Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Mad Eye Moody. However the Death Eaters had been decimated, prime losses from the bad side were Lucius and Draco Malfoy, Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew), Rabastan and Bellatrix Lestrange, Crabbe snr. & Jnr., Goyle snr. & Jnr., Macnair and of course Voldemort himself.

Another positive outcome of the conflict was that Cornelius Fudge had been unceremoniously ousted from office; this was because of his constant soft peddling over Voldemort and the Death Eaters. To everyone's relief Arthur Weasley had replaced him as Minister of Magic and he was carrying out a purge against the remnants of the Death Eaters.

But it was other fallout from this confrontation that was causing the immense concern at the worlds most famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry was in a fit of severe post conflict depression the like of which not even the death of Sirius Black his Godfather had produced two years previously and the Wizarding World needed him to be fully functional by Monday morning.

Immediately after the conflict Harry had been shielded from the media in Hogwarts Medical wing recovering from multiple minor injuries and he continued to be sheltered up to and during his NEWT examinations. However come Monday morning at ten o'clock he was due to face the wizard world press who wanted to honour the surviving school super-heroes, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley and of course Harry Potter.

Ron had died while he Ginny and Hermione were defending Harry from the other Death Eaters who were trying to attack him from behind and the sides as Harry duelled with Voldemort. Using Godric Gryffindor's sword he had finally destroyed the Dark Lord completely by impaling his brain and casting a binding charm on him until he was completely dead, he had bound Voldemort's essence to his body after his death until it had faded into 'the Abyss'.

After a full two hours discussion they had devised a plan; Professor Flitwick was going to cast Fiducia and Amor charms on Harry, these would raise his confidence, improve his self esteem and make him almost irresistible to the opposite sex. The improved confidence and self esteem charm would last for about three days and the attraction charm would only last for a day and a half. Both Ginny and Hermione had told the meeting that they were in love with Harry and they both had confirmed that they truly believed that Harry was in love with at least one, if not both of them. The pair of them were fervently hoping that Harry's depression would be cured by the end of the seventy-two hours and that they could persuade him to declare his love for at least one of them. As long as Ginny were included in whom he chose this would no doubt have the added long-term benefit of cheering up Molly Weasley a little.

Prior to them going to deal with Harry, Professor Flitwick cast immunity charms on the three females present, then he went with Professor McGonagall to her office, to await the arrival Harry. Hermione and Ginny went to Gryffindor Tower to collect Harry and bring him to Professor McGonagall's office so he could be charmed. On their way to the office Harry was still as miserable and morose as he had been for weeks, Professor McGonagall asked him some innocuous questions about various House matters whilst in the background Professor Flitwick quietly cast the charms on him.

Friday 12th June 1998 – 19.30

Harry's demeanour during the walk back to the common room couldn't have been more different, he was smiling and chatting to both of the girls that was until they were about half way.

Passing the library they were approaching a very pretty sixth year Hufflepuff girl who walked straight up to Harry and said, "Why don't you ditch these two losers Harry, come up to the astronomy tower and make love to me?"

Harry started panicking, he didn't know what to say or do a stunning spell didn't seem quite appropriate so he ducked behind Hermione then Ginny said, "Leave our friend alone." When the forth girl accosted him Ginny changed the words 'our friend' to 'our boyfriend', Harry pulled her into the nearest empty classroom, Hermione followed, they were holding each other at arms length, he was gazing into her golden brown eyes she was drowning in his emerald green pools.

Then he whispered, "You told her that you were my girlfriends and I haven't even asked either of you to go out with me yet."

Huskily she replied, "I'm sorry, don't you want to go out with either of us?"

"Yes I do, I want to go out with both of you, if you want to go out with me?"

"I do if you want to go out with me?"

Hermione thought, 'knowing these two this will go on for ever', so she interrupted, loudly, "Shut up the pair of you and try having a kiss," they had just begun their third kiss and they were starting to get warmed up when Hermione continued, louder still, "should we go back to Gryffindor tower, you can continue there, if you want?"

They wandered with fingers interlocked, out of the classroom and back towards the common room looking at each other in a total daze. Hermione had to divert another two girls before they reached SAFETY? Harry and Ginny were looking at each other starry eyed they never even noticed the girls despite both their tears and proclamations of eternal undying love.

As the trio climbed through the portrait hole every conversation in the common room involving girls stopped, Harry walked over and sat in his usual chair by the fire and Ginny sat on his lap and they started kissing gently. Lavender Brown immediately left Dean Thomas, her tall, blond, handsome boyfriend of two years and came to sit on one of the arms of Harry's chair, she then tried to push Ginny off his lap so that she could get to him. He was really beginning to worry about what was going on when Parvati Patil left Seamus Finnigan, who she had been chatting to and started trying to do exactly the same thing from the other arm of his chair.

Harry and Ginny forced their way out of the chair and walked over to Hermione, Harry kissed Hermione and Ginny and said goodnight then went up the boys' stairs as Ginny followed Hermione up the girls' stairs to the Head Girls room.

The Head boy and girl's rooms were virtually the same, both rooms had en-suite bathrooms and they shared a lounge/study that also had facilities for making warm drinks. Ginny went straight through Hermione's room and joined Harry in the lounge/study, he was already sitting in one of the armchairs, Ginny sat on his lap and they carried on with their kissing. Hermione told them that she had to go down stairs for a while, she was pretty certain that the lovebirds had not heard a word she had said, so she just left and went to tell Professor McGonagall what had transpired in the last few hours.

She had returned to the common room earlier but at ten thirty Hermione went up through her room and found Ginny still sat on Harry's lap but now they were mainly talking and only kissing intermittently.

"So how is everything?" asked Hermione.

"It'sss alright!" growled Harry, causing Ginny to giggle.

"Well I was thinking of getting ready for bed," said Hermione.

"So were we," answered Ginny, "but we couldn't decide if we should go alone or together. We want to go together but we have only been a couple for a few hours and we thought it might be a bit quick, what do you think?"

"Well, we have all been friends for ages but there's always tomorrow or after you have told your mum that you are together, she will be coming here on Monday after all, with your dad."

They eventually decided that they would sleep separately and Hermione would tell Harry when they were ready to go down to breakfast in the morning. They decided to have one last kiss goodnight, after the third kiss Hermione using her best Percy Prefect voice, ordered Ginny to bed and they all went to their bed's to sleep.

Saturday 13th June 1998 – 08.00

In the morning, as planned, they all arrived in the common room at the same time and dodging the girls who were making a beeline for Harry they went through the portrait hole and started ambling down to the Great Hall for breakfast. By the time they reached the top of the last broad staircase down to the entrance hall there were at least fifty girls following Harry, waiting at the top of the stairs were Professors McGonagall and Flitwick, the Professors moved the complaining girls past the trio and on down to breakfast.

Luna Lovegood wandered past from the other direction and said with a concerned expression, "Morning all, you look as if you are feeling a bit better Harry?"

"I'm not too bad at all, thank you Luna," he answered.

"That's good," she said and she continued dreamily on down to breakfast quite indifferently.

Whilst Professor McGonagall was talking to Harry and the girls about how they were feeling today Professor Flitwick stood behind Harry and lifted the charm that made him almost irresistible to women, then they all followed Luna down to breakfast. When the five of them arrived in the Great Hall the group of girls who had followed Harry previously were waiting inside and others were joining them. The Professors cleared a path through the throng for the trio as far as the Gryffindor table and oddly, Harry thought, most of the girls hurried from the hall.

Hermione had been told by Professor McGonagall the previous evening that the Amor charm would be lifted this morning, but it had also been explained that it would take fifteen minutes for the effect to start to diminish and another half an hour for the charm too wear off completely. Consequently breakfast that morning was the rowdiest that Harry could remember in the whole of his seven years at Hogwarts, eventually matters escalated to the point where they could not be allowed to continue.

That point was reached when Millicent Bulstrode stood on top of the Slytherin table and started doing a striptease, calling out to Harry, "Come and take me now green eyes," the Headmaster simply had to step in. He cast an impediment jinx on Millicent, effectively keeping the majority of her clothes on (to the relief of all, she wasn't a pretty sight) and told all the students to behave themselves or they would receive an instant detention, in view of the fact that it was Saturday nobody wanted to incur that. Then he told two other seventh year Slytherin girls to take Millicent to their common room and remove the impediment jinx, they were to wait with her to make sure she was all right. Things were quiet for about three minutes then the owls started to arrive.

Normally on weekends only ten or fifteen owls arrived each morning, today there seemed to be ten times that many and they all appeared to be heading for Harry, he wanted to hide under the table. Ginny and Hermione were sat either side of him, Neville was opposite him with Dean and Seamus either side of him, so they all franticly started taking the messages off the owls, he had received forty seven messages. Ginny laughed but Hermione was disgusted because there were twenty two pairs of knickers, they all had messages with the senders name, offering him time's and places for rendezvous' where he could at his leisure replace them, or not as he wished. The rest were messages of never-ending love and most of these had graphic descriptions of what the sender would like to be doing with him if they were to spend the weekend together.

Harry thought that Hermione was mean, to the girls concerned, when she passed all the knickers with their attached letters to Professor McGonagall for her to return to their rightful owners, however he did not mind her asking the Professor to destroy all the other love letters which she did immediately. By the time Hermione returned they had been in the hall over half an hour and she said to Harry and Ginny, "Shall we go for a walk around the lake?"

Harry was very apprehensive, "With what's been going on I might get mobbed," he said.

So Ginny said, "If we get to the door safely we'll continue around the lake, otherwise we will run up to the common room, ok?" he reluctantly agreed to this, so they took a pile of cheese on toast wrapped in a napkin and started to leave the Great Hall. Harry noticed a lot of the girls looking at him longingly but none of them started following the trio so they continued out through the castle doors and across to the lake, it was the first time that Harry had made this jaunt since before the final battle.

Saturday 13th June 1998 – 08.35

As they were walking around the lake Ginny said, "We really should explain what has been happening to you. Yesterday evening in Professor McGonagall's office Professor Flitwick cast two charms on you, one of them was to help with your depression the other was to make you effectively a girl magnet."

Harry looked at Ginny, his face fell and he appeared to be devastated, "So you only like me because I have had an attraction charm placed on me."

"No Harry," Hermione said in her information voice, "when we were in the Headmasters office earlier yesterday evening Professor Flitwick cast an immunity spell on both of us and Professor McGonagall to stop us being affected by you, but we both really truly love you and have done for years."

He was still looking worriedly at Ginny, "You didn't seem unaffected by me last night."

"Harry Potter you are as thick as a brick. I think that I have loved you ever since I first saw you outside Platform nine and three-quarters, seven years ago. I have definitely been in love with you for over three years and I don't intend stopping anytime in the foreseeable future, so you had better get used to it."

"So Miss Weasley it was all a trick so that you could have your wicked way with me?"

"It was a trick, but it was mainly to lift you out of your depression not to fix you up with Ginny, although she hoped that might be the result. Personally, I think that you have been in love with Ginny and me for quite some time." Hermione said, quite offhand.

They were down to their last two pieces of toast and none of them seemed to want to eat them so they were thrown into the lake and the Giant squid scooped them up, they sat by the lake, they were lounging under an Aspen.

Harry looked at Ginny again and said, with a smirk, "Oh! So that why you didn't send me your knickers."

Ginny was drowning in his eyes again, "Anytime you want my knickers Mr Potter you can have them. Do you want me to take them off now?"

Hermione interrupted with a smirk, "Behave yourself Ginevra Weasley you are a Prefect and as such you are not supposed to offer the Head Boy your knickers in public!" they all roared with laughter.

"Thank goodness McGonagall was immunised," Harry said.

Ginny added, "What if you had met Professor Trelawney?" there were more howls of laughter.

Then Harry kissed Ginny tenderly and looking serious he asked, "Have all the charms worn off now?"

"No the other charm will not die off until the middle of next week and by then you should be well over your depression." Hermione answered.

"I think that I am over my depression now," he said, "you don't know how hard I have been trying to break out of it, it was like being in a deep hole with glass sides and there seemed no way to climb out of it. Should we go up and thank the Professors?"

"That's a nice idea," said Hermione, so Harry stood and helped the other two to their feet and with all three of them hand in hand they completed their lap of the lake and headed back to the castle.

Saturday 13th June 1998 – 09.45

Neither Professor McGonagall nor Professor Flitwick were in their offices so they went to the Headmasters office, the password had been changed to 'Sherbet Lemons' again and they went up the revolving spiral stairs and knocked on the door. "Come in you three," called the Headmaster and they entered his study Professors McGonagall and Flitwick were there, "how are you feeling now Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"I am feeling fine sir," said Harry, "actually we were looking for all of you to thank you for the help you have been, breaking me out of my depression."

The Professors all smiled and the Headmaster said, "Now you are feeling a bit better there is something I have been intending to ask you, why don't you all sit down?" and he conjured another three comfortable chairs. They all sat down and the Headmaster continued, "I don't know if you have given much thought to what you are going to do now that you have completed your studies, I believe you were all thinking of becoming Aurors?"

"I haven't thought of what I would like to do," said Harry, "however I do know that I don't want to be an Auror, I have already spent too much of my life fighting."

"Me neither!" the two girls said together and they smiled at each other.

"In its way that is very good because Mustrum Ridcully the Archchancellor of Unseen University has written to me offering the three of you scholarships to become Professors, I was wondering if you were interested?"

Ginny's eyes opened wide, "Am I invited as well?" the Headmaster was nodding as she continued, "but where on earth is Unseen University?"

"It isn't," said the Headmaster, "it's in Ankh-Morpork."

Harry was looking suspicious, "Where exactly is Ankh-Morpork?"

At the first mention of the Unseen University Hermione had bent forward with her head in her hands, she looked up quizzically at the Headmaster he smiled and nodded, her look turned to one of bewilderment mixed with trepidation, then she said, "Ankh-Morpork is on the Discworld which is generally thought to be beyond the edge of the probable Universe." The Headmaster was nodding again. "And of all the things that I thought were myths and suchlike this is the least plausible."

"What does that all mean?" asked Harry, who was now looking very suspicious.

Unusually Hermione ignored Harry's question and asked the Headmaster, "When do we have to decide?"

"First to put you at your ease Miss Granger, I never believed that the Discworld existed either but Fawkes delivered this message so I am bound to accept that it is genuine. About when, you would have to travel in the middle of September and the University does not require notice as to whether or not you are going to attend, so you would not have to decide before then. I would cast a charm on you before you leave Hogwarts that would automatically return you here after one of their years from when you depart and whilst you are there you could study whatever you wished."

"That's about two of our years?" asked Hermione looking at the Headmaster who nodded again, "I had been wondering what we were going to do for the rest of the weekend, I guess we are going to talk about this. It is a pity I only have three or four of the books here, we really could do with them all."

"You will find a complete set on the bookshelf in your lounge/study you may take them with you when you leave for the summer. One more thing before we go to lunch, I recommend that either all or none of you should go. Now let us go to lunch.

When they arrived in the Great Hall the female students were behaving reasonably normally with the exception of about twenty of them who were blushing and looking very sheepishly at Harry.

Saturday 13th June 1998 – 13.15

After lunch the trio went up to the lounge/study essentially to talk, when they entered they discovered that a third comfy chair had been added, they settled in the chairs and Harry asked Hermione, "Come on tell us what's with this Ankh- Morpork, Discworld, place then?"

"Ankh-Morpork is the largest and probably the most important city on the Discworld, to say that the whole place is weird would be quite a huge understatement. I suggest," She stood up and went into her room and came out with a book, then she went to the bookcase in the room a retrieved another copy of the same book. The books were called 'The Colour of Magic' and she handed each of them a copy, "that you read these, they will give you some idea of what I mean when I said weird. There are over twenty of these books here and I suggest that we each read all of them before we make any final decision, but we can obviously start discussing it before we have all read all of them."

"Yes your Hermioneship sir!" Ginny said with a mock salute and grin, they all settled down and began to read.

After about an hour and a half Harry said, "I can see what you mean by weird."

Ginny agreed, "You can say that again, I think I will start again from the beginning, I'm getting confused. Correction, I am confused."

Harry said, "I'll start again as well, it will definitely give me a better idea of what's going on."

"I think that everybody has to do that, I did it as well when I first started, but once you're with the weirdness it's ok." Hermione said all this without looking up from the book she was reading.

It is a tribute to the books that they never really stopped reading until Sunday afternoon after lunch and when they had looked for which book to read next they found that there were now three complete sets, so they could all read them in order if they wanted to.

Sunday 13th June 1998 – 18.15

As they were returning to Gryffindor Tower after dinner Harry said, "The Headmaster is telling us that this place is real?"

"Yes," said Hermione.

"A flat world that's being carried through space on the back of four enormous elephants, who in turn ride on the back of a gargantuan giant turtle?" asked Ginny.

"Called A'Tuin, Yes," said Hermione.

"And the sea constantly falls off the edge of the world into space," said Harry, "impossible."

"Not impossible," Hermione replied, "just highly improbable and I did say that the Discworld was thought to be beyond the edge of the probable universe, so who knows? There is another theory that says that all the weirdness nobody else in the Universe wanted was dumped on the Discworld, the more I read the more I am prepared to believe that if the place exists, it's true."

"Well," said Harry, "it could be very dangerous and we don't have to go do we?"

"Could be fun though." Ginny said as they had reached their lounge study and all flopped into chairs.

"I think," Hermione said, "that we should all read every book, then try to decide if the fun would outweigh the danger?"

Harry suddenly sat up straight he seemed to have come to a decision, "I don't think that it would be fair to Hermione for us to go."

"Why?" asked both of the girls simultaneously.

"Because," Harry replied, "Ginny and I have sort of become a couple and Hermione would effectively be kept from a serious relationship for two years and that, well it just isn't fair."

There was a knock on Harry's door so he went and answered it, it was the Headmaster so Harry invited him through.

"Good evening," said the Headmaster, "the Wizengamot, many years ago produced this little booklet and I thought that if you three were considering going off adventuring, goodness knows where, it could possibly be useful for you." He handed Harry a small book, "I would suggest that Harry reads it first then you two girls read it together. Goodnight I will see you in the morning, oh and it is my belief that 'love is not a pie that needs to be shared, it is more like a bank account the more you put in the more you will get out, hopefully with interest'." With that he left and closed the door behind himself. Harry looked at the booklet, the cover was blank and it only had six pages, inside the front cover was the title The Rules for Marriage Within the Wizarding Community. Harry started reading it.

After about three minutes Ginny asked, "What does it say Harry?"

"Wait a minute I have nearly finished it," he replied and after a few minutes he passed the book to the two girls who had sat together in one chair, five minutes later both the girls had read it, they sat in silence for a few minutes and he continued, "I am going for a shower." Harry stood up and went into his room closing the door behind himself.

Sunday 14th June 1998 – 19.30

Twenty minutes later Harry returned to the lounge/study in a fresh robe and sat back in his chair, Hermione asked him, "Why did you go for a shower?"

He answered, "To give you two time to decide how ridiculous it would be."

"Why," asked Ginny, "would it be ridiculous?"

"Because it would. You wouldn't want to see me kissing Hermione and I very much doubt that she would want to be kissing me."

"Why do you think that Hermione has been coming to the Burrow all these years? It wasn't to see Ron; you know very well that if you left those two alone for more than three minutes they would be fighting. Anyway, you heard what Professor Dumbledore said, about the love pie thingy. So I wouldn't expect any fewer kisses you would be getting twice as many if you had both of us and haven't you noticed how you always treat us both exactly the same?"

Then Hermione said quietly, "I think that I have loved you ever since you stuck your wand up a Troll's nose and saved my life. I know that I have loved you for the last three years, Ginny and I nearly died when you disappeared from that maze in the Triwizard Tournament and we have both been certain of our love for you since then."

"I can imagine some great conversations tomorrow, Harry said, "hello Mr and Mrs Weasley, hello Mr and Mrs Granger did you know that your only daughters want a double wedding? Oh it's alright is it, there's only one slight catch they both want me to be the groom!" Harry's complexion nearly matched the green of his eyes.

The girls looked at each other, again Hermione spoke very quietly, "Don't you love me Harry and I would like to kiss you please?"

"Why does everything happen to me?"

"Harry, Hermione is my best friend and I would like you to kiss her please," said Ginny, "oh, I must go to the loo, excuse me." Ginny got up and left the room

Harry invited Hermione on to his lap and they started kissing. After about ten minutes Ginny cleared her throat very loudly and said, "Well, I have been sitting here for at least the last seven minutes and that seems to be working out extremely satisfactorily, who can convert one of these chairs into a big love seat?"

They all stood up and Hermione converted Harry's chair into a large love seat, then Harry sat in the middle of it the girls sat either side cuddling up to him then he said, "I was kind of serious before, what ever can we tell all of your parents?" nobody spoke for about five minutes then Harry continued quietly, "I think that I have loved you both since my second year, Hermione since she was petrified by that Basilisk, I was terrified that I was going to lose her and Ginny since I found her unconscious in the Chamber of Secrets, I thought she was dead. I have always been too worried about repercussions from Voldemort to do anything about my feelings and Death Eaters are easer to deal with than girls, I am reluctant to hex girls when I start to get worried. Anyway do you think that we should take this problem to Dumbledore?"

The girls agreed and they all went to see the Headmaster. When they entered the Headmaster's office Professor McGonagall was there as well as the headmaster and Hermione explained their problem, which was explaining their possible predicament to their parents.

He thought for a few minutes and the Headmaster said, "There are many precedents for one wizard marrying two witches, do I understand that this is what you would like to do irrespective of the Unseen University offer?"

"Yes it is," they said in unison and smiled at each other.

"Then I suggest that you say nothing until you make that decision, Miss Weasley will be seventeen this summer and you others will be eighteen and theoretically all of you will be old enough to plan your own futures. I think that you should aim to make a decision on the unusual offer by the middle of August, that will give you time to consider my alternative offer if you refuse the first. Also I will give you one more piece of advice about the first offer, 'if in doubt do not go'. Now I believe you should return to your rooms and get some rest before your big day tomorrow."

They all said goodnight to the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall and returned to the common room, they went over by the fire and sat on their favourite sofa with Harry in the middle and both the girls leaning in to him.

Sunday 14th June 1998 – 21.00

They had only been there for a few minutes when Parvati came over and sat on the floor in front of them, very quietly she said, "Have you three decided to get together?"

"We have been thinking about it," said Hermione noncommittally.

"Well good luck to you," Parvati said tearfully, "I promise not to tell anyone, Ron was with Padma and me before he..." Parvati had broken down and was crying bitterly, they all moved down onto the floor and started to comfort her, when she had recovered sufficiently she continued, "we used to go to the room of requirements, it was the most beautiful thing." She was crying again but she continued, "Go for it and good luck to you."

Ginny never knew what made her ask, "Neither of you are pregnant are you?"

"We both are," answered Parvati, through her tears, "and our mum will kill us when she find out, she will try to make us get rid of the babies, but we don't want to."

Ginny was looking horrified, "I will tell my mum tomorrow, I am sure she will look after you if you are certain they are Ron's?"

"They have to be Ginny, we were both virgins and neither of us have ever been with anyone else, it will be such a relief if someone will help us."

"Well you and your sister must not worry," said Harry in a very forthright manner, "I have four places to live and I can only use one at the time, so if all else fails you can both move into one of those."

Parvati put her arms around Harry's neck and kissed him on the cheek, then said, "Thank you Harry, I will sleep tonight for the first time in weeks."

Hermione suggested, "Why don't you write a quick note to Padma, she must be as worried as you have been and both of you must be in the Great Hall by nine thirty in the morning." Parvati had grabbed parchment and a quill and had started writing as Hermione continued. "Harry and I will deliver it we are Head boy and girl and we can talk our way out of any trouble, but whatever you are not to worry."

As soon as Parvati had finished writing Harry and Hermione took her letter to the Ravenclaw common room, they found Padma and waited while she read the letter. When she had finished reading it she threw her arms around Harry's neck and kissed him on the cheek and thanked him profusely, then Hermione said, "Just make sure that you are in the Great Hall for nine thirty in the morning."

Then they went to talk to the Headmaster who greeted them with a twinkle in his eye by saying, "I believe that I sent you for some rest an hour and a half ago, what's your excuse this time?"

"Well we had to deliver a note from Parvati Patil to her sister Padma," Hermione said, "and we thought that you needed to know about it."

Harry continued, "The night before our battle with Voldemort Ron made love to both Padma and Parvati, when we arrived back in the common room this evening we were talking and Parvati started crying then we managed to get her to tell us what the problem was. They were both virgins when they slept with Ron and they have not been with anyone else since, now they are both pregnant. They both are very frightened they believe that their parents will disown them, so I have told them that they could both live in one of my places rent free for as long as they needed. Really I believe that we should tell Mrs Weasley that the girls are expecting Ron's babies after all they will be her grandchildren, so we have asked them both to meet us in the Great Hall at nine thirty."

After a short pause the Headmaster said, "I had a suspicion that the girls were with child but I never knew who the father was. I think that it would be best if you brought both of the girls here at nine, Molly and Arthur will be here by then and they can be told away from prying ears and eyes." Suddenly his eyes shone, "Didn't they tell you that they were married to Ron? How naughty of them, well you had better make sure that they know that they were before they arrive here in the morning." Then with a wide smile he finished, "Now how many times do I have to tell you, off to bed."

When they arrived back in the common room Ginny was almost asleep so she kissed Harry goodnight and told him that Hermione could give him a proper one then Hermione helped her up to bed and Harry went and got himself ready for bed.

Ten minutes later when he opened the door to their lounge/study Hermione was standing there about to knock on it, he immediately closed his eyes, all she had on was a very short semi-transparent nightdress, she pulled him close and whispered, "Why are your eyes closed, didn't you like what you saw?"

He could hardly speak, "I would of thought that the answer to that was a bit obvious," he croaked and he kissed her deeply.

"You could say that," she said when she came up for air, "Ginny told me I was to have my wicked way with you tonight and it is going to be her turn tomorrow." They didn't say a lot after that, their clothes disappeared from their bodies long before they reached the bed.

"What if you get pregnant," he asked?

"I have done the charm," she answered and after that they were too busy to talk.

If the truth were to be told, they had their wicked way with each other, three times.

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