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Chapter 4 The Banks

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 07.35

Strangely Harry was the first awake in the morning and he found himself laying between the two loves of his life, then from one side of him a little voice said, "This is rather nice," and another little voice from the other side of him said, "no this is very, very nice," and Harry said, "no this is wonderful!" and Hermione said, "he has his eyes closed again," then he was being kissed in some naughty places.

Harry said, "As much as I love this we do have a press conference this morning."

Ginny said, "Double dam! It's quarter to eight."

The trio started flying.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 09.00

A full complement of sixth and seventh year students were gathered in the Great Hall, where on the stage was sat Harry Potter with to his left Ginny and Parvati and to his right Hermione and Padma.

All the girls were sat very meticulously with their hands on their laps and the fingers of their left hands being covered by their right hands.

In the middle of the front row of the audience were eight ladies four whom were reporters and four who were obviously their respective photographers. Harry recognised two of the ladies as representing the Daily Prophet and the Witch Weekly, one of the others had asked him to marry her at Monday's press conference, so he asked her whom she represented.

She said, "Good morning to you all, I represent WINS, which stands for the Wizarding International News Services, we circulate news to the wizarding press, world wide and I just know that I have come here this morning to have my heart broken." She had a broad smile on her face.

"Then I guess that you must be from the Quibbler?" Harry said to the fourth journalist.

Luna was jigging up and down on her seat and she asked Harry, "What gave the game away Harry baby?"

"Well," Harry replied, scratching his head as if puzzled, "it could be the Radishes for earrings that gave me something of a hint." The audience were all chuckling and he continued. "We have asked you all here today so that we can make an announcement.

I told you all on Monday that I still had parents to talk to with regard to my getting married, well now all the talking has been satisfactorily completed. I wish to confirm that on August the 15th this year, at Potter House, I will be marrying Miss Hermione Granger and Miss Ginevra that's Ginny Weasley, at a time yet to be decided. Everyone in this room will be invited to the wedding."

With the announcement by Harry all four of the girls moved their right hands away from covering their left hands and all their rings were revealed. After all the ooh'ing and ah'ing had died down and the flashing of cameras, (not just the press) had stopped. The questions started.

The first one was totally predictable and was voiced by The Quibbler, "Would it be too much to hope that the press here today will be the only ones invited to cover the wedding?"

Harry answered, "It is our intention that this will be so and we will do our best to keep this declaration of intent intact."

Then started the really important questions, "How long have you been in love?" asked the Daily Prophet.

"We worked it out the other day," answered Hermione, "and came to the conclusion that if it wasn't from when we first met him and really we were too young then. So it has probably been since my second year Ginny's first. However, definitely since the end of the 'Triwizard Tournament', also that was when Ginny and I admitted to each other that we were both hopelessly in love with Harry and we have both been devoted to him and each other ever since."

"Don't you ever feel jealous of each other?" asked the Witch Weekly, incredulously.

This time Ginny took up the question, "In a word 'No', a very wise man, a short time ago, said to us that 'Love is not a pie that has to be shared, it is more like a bank account, the more you put in the more you can get out, hopefully, with interest'. I believe that both of us have known that for years and neither of us has ever had any reason to doubt this fact. Although as I said we have both been in love with Harry for years, we have both known it of ourselves and of each other."

Hermione added, "Harry does and always has treated us exactly the same way, we say that we have been in love with him since the Tri-Wizard Tournament well we also knew that he was in love with us. He was never able admit it until quite recently because of Voldemort and now that that evil is no more, we are free to express our love.

At this point Harry stood and said, "I am afraid that we three must leave now on urgent business." There was a collective groan from the press, "However it could well turn out to be better for you this way. Parvati and Padma will remain here to keep order and you have the rest of the Gryffindor sixth and seventh years to exact confessions from. Please don't make me regret this decision."

With that Hermione, Ginny and Harry stood and bidding everyone goodbye left the Great Hall and departed Hogwarts on two brooms en-route to Potter House via the Three Broomsticks.

Mme Rosmerta being the eagle eyed landlady she was espied the engagement rings and was immediately sworn to secrecy pending the special editions of the papers that would be out very soon.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 09.45

When the trio arrived at Potter House they were welcomed by the house that said, "Good morning Harry and Mini Harem, how are you all today?"

"Good morning House," Harry answered, "do you have a name, as it seems rude to just call you House?"

"Your father used to call me 'Rey' I will tell you the story of why later when you have time, it is quite a long story."

"Thank you Rey, we are in rather a hurry this morning. Can you tell me please who is in the house at the moment and where they are?"

"At the moment the only guests are both of the young ladies mother's and they are in the study. Do you wish for me to call them for you?"

"No that won't be necessary," Harry said, "we will go there to them, thank you Rey."

"It was my pleasure, Harry."

With Harry guiding them they walked to the study; the two mums greeted them and Jane said, "It is lovely to see you but we weren't expecting you, why have you come again today?" Molly was listening and agreeing.

"Well," Hermione answered, "Harry thought that we should all go to open some bank accounts to pay for the wedding, so come on we are in a bit of a hurry."

Harry led the way back to the Floo grate and told Rey that they would be back in time for lunch; then they all went to the Leaky Cauldron. From there they went out through the wall in the back yard to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, with the youngsters hurrying their parents all the way.

In the Bank the first thing that they all did was to deposit the Ministry of Magic money orders, then Harry told the Goblin who was serving them that he wanted to transfer a half a million Galleons to the account of Neville Longbottom. Next he told him that he wanted to open an account with one million Galleons and to give withdrawing rights to Arthur, Molly, Jane, Hermione, Ginny, Tonks, Mooney, Padma, Parvati and himself. When the Goblin started asking why all the people? What is it for? Harry simply told him it was for a project they were planning that was a bit secret at the moment, but everyone would know before the end of the day.

When that was done Harry asked the Goblin, "Do you have any connection with Muggle banks?"

The Goblin said, "Wait a minute;" then he disappeared up a corridor, he returned two minutes later with Fleur Delacour.

"Ello Arry, ow are you?" she said proceeding to kiss him and Hermione on both cheeks; then she did the same as she was introduced to Ginny, Molly and Jane, then she led them all through to her office. While they were walking to Fleur's office she asked Harry what it was that he wanted but he never answered her until they were in her room with the door closed, where Harry decided to tell Fleur of the forthcoming wedding.

This prompted another round of kisses from Fleur and then he explained that because Hermione was Muggle born he needed a Muggle bank account. He told her that he had plenty of Muggle money but it was all in accounts that were in the Pitcairn Islands, the Bahamas, Barbados and the Cayman Islands, what they needed something they could use, a bit nearer home.

When Fleur asked Harry how much money he had in these offshore accounts he ummed and ahhed until Hermione said that if you converted only the US Dollars and added them to the Stirling Pounds it would be well in excess of a billion Pounds. At this point Fleur and both the mothers became speechless, Ginny was quite unconcerned of course she already knew this.

Harry interrupted Hermione who was still going on about all the other money in various currencies and said, "Look Fleur all I want is to put a couple of million pounds into an account that can be accessed by Hermione, her mum, Ginny and me. Just so we can pay for anything that may be needed for the wedding, is that possible?"

Fleur pulled herself together, "Of course it will be Mr Potter." Harry gave her a look that was rather reminiscent of Tonks death glare it said call me that again and you die, "Sorry Arry. We have an arrangement with 'Arrods Bank' and we have a Mono-Floo link to them."

They all looked puzzled but it was Jane who asked, "I have learned what the Floo is of course but what is a Mono-Floo link?"

"It is an exclusive link between two places," said Fleur, "and you will need one of these each to permit you to use it." Fleur handed each of them a small green token and continued. "You will be permitted to keep those, they will allow you to use the Mono-Floo which will take you to the lower ground floor of Arrods, very close to their Bank but you could also go shopping, if you wanted too. Also, during opening hours of course, the tokens will permit you to Floo directly into and out of Gringotts Bank, please take very good care of them. If you would all like to follow me we can go there now."

She stood up and led them out of the office door then back into the main banking hall, where she led them through a shimmering portal. She explained that if they did not have their tokens with them they would neither be able to see nor access the portal. The party had entered a very comfortable room that had two fireplaces one either side of the room, she pointed at one grate and said, "This is virtually a normal grate, it connects to the regular Floo network provided the bank is open and you have your token with you." The other grate had the Harrods store logo over it, Fleur took some Floo powder from a container beside the grate threw it in and without saying a word stepped into the fire and disappeared, the others followed suite.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 11.00

Arriving in a room that was virtually identical to the one they had just left Fleur explained to the group that here also if they did not have their green token's they would not see the Gringotts Bank Mono-Floo fireplace.

The door had a notice on the back of it, Today's Password is:

'Nutty as a Fruitcake'

Signed: Ministry of Magic.

The party were led up a short corridor and out through a 'disillusioned' (Muggles can't see it like the Leaky Cauldron) entrance, into a men's-wear department; they all turned left and thirty yards on they entered Harrods Bank.

As they entered a young lady immediately stood up from behind her desk came over and greeted Fleur, then she led them all through into what was more like a small conference room than an office.

Fleur said, "It is nice to see you again Marcia." They promptly exchanged kisses, then Fleur continued, "Marcia Frantz may I present the wife of the Minister of Magic Mrs Molly Weasley, Mrs Jane Granger mother of Miss Ermione Granger, Miss Ginny Weasley and Mr Arry Potter. Marcia, as you can probably tell is one of us."

Marcia was stood there stuttering and eventually managed "It is such an honour to meet you all."

Harry tried to rescue her from herself, "Just call me Harry, we would like to set up a joint bank account we were hoping that you might help us and has there been a special edition of any of the Wizarding papers yet today?"

"There have been no special editions that I am aware of sir," Marcia replied and received the look from Harry, "and I will certainly help you set up any accounts you need Harry. So what is it that you need exactly?"

"If you don't need me any more," Fleur said, "then I will return to Gringotts."

They all thanked Fleur for her help and after another round of kisses she did indeed return to her work.

Harry then explained the whole 'press, engagement' situation to Marcia and what he believed that they needed for the organisation of and payment for the wedding. Marcia thought for a few minutes and then asked where the funds were coming from to cover the account he was opening, Harry passed her a card and told her that it would be the top account listed from the card.

Marcia swiped the card into a computer clicked a few times with her mouse and said, "I need you to enter your password please."

"Your nearest, you do it please Hermione." Harry said.

"What is the password, I don't know it?" she said.

"It's Voldemort's real name no capitals but with the spaces." Molly and Marcia both winced when Harry said Voldemort, but neither Ginny nor Hermione flinched she just carried on and typed 'tom marvolo riddle' then hit enter.

Marcia checked the account for a minute or two then said, "You were talking about moving two million but I am not sure that that is in your best interest, or really necessary from an account of this nature. If you were to use a base of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds with instructions for continuous daily top up it could well be more economical for you. It will take three days for the top up money to be credited so you would have to be certain not to spend more than the base quarter of a million in any three day period."

The ladies spent a few minutes discussing it, Harry was just listening then he said, "Ok I get the picture," and he turned to Marcia and said, "Your idea sounds a much better, we will do it your way but you should put the base up to half a million just to be on the safe side and it should work fine."

The next quarter of an hour was spent signing forms and determining who would get cards, chequebooks etc., then having been promised that all their cards and cheque books would be delivered to Potter House Saturday morning, they returned by Floo directly to Potter House for lunch.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 12.30

As Harry arrived in the dining room in company with the others he called Mitsy, she arrived with a pop and immediately threw herself at Harry, wrapping her arms around him in a hug that would have done Molly Weasley proud, crying with happiness she said, "You is sending me my Dobby to me as soon as you is getting to Hogwarts, yous is really the best friends to House Elves ever and you is truly a great wizard and I is proud to call you my master."

"I only did what I told you I would try to do Mitsy and I am glad to make you happy," Harry said then continued, "so would it be possible to have some lunch please and how is Dobby?"

Suddenly Mitsy didn't look quite so happy and said, "I think that Dobby is ashamed, but first yous must all have some lunch." A mountain of food appeared on the sideboard, soon they had all seated themselves and they were served with a most delicious lunch.

After about fifteen minutes the eating slowed and the conversation started again and Jane said, "Well we have achieved some things this morning, we can Floo from here directly to Gringotts and Harrods and there are certainly enough funds in place to finance the best wedding ever."

"Well I am thinking of eloping!" said Hermione sullenly.

"Don't let it get you down already," said Harry "after all, it's me that doesn't like attention and I wasn't going to start thinking of eloping until at the earliest Sunday."

"Well I was thinking of skipping the last couple of days at school and going to look at Potter Island for a few years?" said Ginny with a quizzical grin.

"We can't," Hermione said sadly, "we promised the Headmaster that we are going to be teachers next year and we have to act responsibly."

"Oh!" said Harry with a smirk, "Is that what it is. I thought that it was because we would miss all the treacle tart at the leaving feast." Hermione and Ginny both hit him playfully on the arm and he continued more soberly, "I suppose that we should find out what's bothering Dobby. Mitsy!" he called, she arrived with a pop, "What is bothering Dobby, you said that you thought he was ashamed, is that right?" Harry asked.

"Well," Mitsy answered, "I think that he is ashamed because he took money when he became a free elf, I tried to tell him that there is no other way but he will not listens to me. He is a very stubborn elf."

Harry called Dobby and he arrived with a pop, he was dressed in a very smart dark blue suit that also looked very comfortable but he still had a tea cosy on his head although it did match his suit. "Hello Mr Harry Potter sir, I is very pleased to be here at your house." Dobby didn't appear to be his usual bubbly self.

"You do not look very happy Dobby, don't you like it at my house?"

"I likes it very much Mr Harry Potter sir and I is very happy to bees here, but I is sad because I took money and a House Elf is not supposed to takes money and I knows that Professor Dumbledore wants to give me more money and I don't wants it. Mr Harry Potter sir." Dobby was almost crying.

"Dobby, first you do not have to take any money you do not want, Mitsy will tell you what we agreed to do about money. Secondly if you want to be free, you must call all of us by our given names because we have decided to all be friends, I am sure that Mitsy will explain that to you as well and lastly we are all very glad to see you here."

"Thank you M… Harry, shall I go back to my work now?" Harry nodded and Dobby left with a pop.

"Hopefully he will be better soon." Mitsy said.

"If you still think he has a problem in a day or two please let me know." Mitsy agreed that she would do this and she left.

"Anyway mums," Ginny said with a grin, "how did you like your rooms?"

"Well mine was very nice dear but why does it have to be so big?" answered Molly.

Then Jane added, "Well I could certainly get used to living here, it will be quite a letdown when I have to go back to washing dishes, cleaning, cooking and ironing. I hate ironing."

"I am sure that you won't think that the rooms are too big when we are all getting in each others way trying to get ready for the wedding or parties," said Harry, "and as for getting used to it, the rooms are yours and you are always welcome. Anyhow did anyone else, like the twins, come last night?"

"No dear," Molly answered, "we did speak to them but they said that they would stay in the Burrow and eat something they called a Pizza, whatever that is. Remus and Tonks stayed of course and the twins said that they would come at the weekend when we are all here, maybe Charlie and Bill will be over as well, I hope that that is alright?"

Harry assured Molly that of course it was alright for all the family to come then Molly and Jane decided that they were going back to the study, so they asked the others what were they going to do and Hermione said that they were going to look around the house some more.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 13.30

Harry had spent more time studying the plans of the house than either of the girls so they appointed him tour guide and put him in charge of taking them to places of interest. That is why the trio now found themselves on the roof terrace looking at the most magnificent panorama of sea, coast and the surrounding countryside.

The terrace was about thirty feet by sixty feet and surrounded at waist height by a teak capped rail, the floor appeared to be alternate ruby and gold marble tiles. Access seemed to be solely by the house's internal transport system and the only complaint that any one of them could find was when Ginny said that the astronomy tower obstructed a small part of the view, so they went up there next.

Again by using the houses transport system they arrived in what was obviously the observation room of a proper astronomical observatory with a sophisticated twenty-four inch reflector telescope. Looking around they found various eyepieces and cameras for use with the telescope; they decided that whoever had set up this equipment obviously had been very keen on the subject.

Walking out of a door they were on a catwalk around the outside of the dome and if the view from the roof terrace had been magnificent, then the landscape from here could only be described as spectacular. The platform was at least one hundred and fifty feet above the roof terrace and they had an excellent view all over the grounds and the surrounding countryside.

As had been the case with the observation deck there was no physical method of access, the only way into and out of the observatory was by using the houses internal transportation system.

In reality they were only having a quick look around at this time, which is why a few minutes later found them near the lake standing outside the boathouse.

It was extremely peaceful, the slate roofed stone boathouse and small jetty could have come off a picture postcard. The small island in the middle of the lake looked mystical and so tranquil as to be almost unbelievably perfect, magical, obviously.

The trio went and looked into the boathouse and found three small skiffs gleaming in their perfect varnish, however they didn't find any oars eventually Hermione concluded that they were probably always propelled magically. Harry was tempted to just flop on the grass and laze away the afternoon but the girls had other ideas and they were soon on their way again.

Harry had intended returning to the house to look around some more but because his loves were trying to hurry him back to the house he put one arm around each of their waists as they were going to the diamond and when they arrived there he said 'Quidditch club house'. Both Ginny and Harry could tell that Hermione was trying very hard to look furious and not succeeding too well. After about fifteen seconds of trying to hold back they both burst out laughing and within a few more seconds Hermione had joined them.

"We were supposed to go and look at your bedroom Mr Potter." Hermione was poking him in the middle of his chest with one finger and still trying very hard to sound upset.

"You relinquished any rights to decide upon our tour itinerary when you put me in charge of navigating our voyage of discovery and I together with our other co-adventurer have decided that the Quidditch facilities are worthy of our detailed investigations." Ginny had wandered off and was diligently checking out the contents of one of the four broom cupboards, so Harry felt pretty confident making his previous pronouncement.

"Hey Harry come and look at these, they are some of the oldest brooms I have ever seen and they are all in perfect condition. They must be worth a fortune," Ginny hesitated and looked a bit worriedly at Hermione, "we are all worth fortunes aren't we? I have to get used to being filthy rich, what do you think the best therapy would be Hermione? A couple of trips around some clothes shops should help us to get our heads into the right gear?" she had brightened a little.

Harry was off looking in some of the other broom cupboards but Hermione answered with a grin and shining eyes, "Paris, Milan, London, Rome, Scunthorpe!"

"What on earth does Scunthorpe have to do with fashion houses?" she hadn't caught him, Harry had obviously been paying attention.

"I only said that to check if you were still on this planet." A thwarted Hermione then almost reluctantly continued, "It's quite nice in here isn't it?"

The room was like a really exclusive club house, it was about forty-five feet square with a huge window overlooking the Quidditch pitch which actually looked much the same as the one at Hogwarts except that there were fewer spectator seats. The room had a huge fireplace and a bar so they all had a Butter beer then sat down; there were a lot of squishy armchairs together with several sofas and unsurprisingly they were all in the red and gold Gryffindor colours.

"A bit like the common room with a bar," said a very contented sounding Hermione.

Harry said, "Well we have two sets robes, one red and one gold, also brooms but they are quite old, they probably should be replaced but I never found any balls."

Ginny's eyes gleamed, "I am sure that I could find some balls!" she purred as she slid over onto his lap and began kissing him with vigour.

"Come on you two," Hermione said with a very determined expression, "don't start that in here, we're supposed to check out his bedroom." She had put a definite emphasis on the first syllable of the last word of that statement.

So they all stood up and went to the diamond and Harry said, "Can we go to the first floor central please Rey?" and they all disappeared from the Quidditch club house.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 14.45

Harry's bedroom door now had a bold plaque on it that said 'Harry' but underneath it was another smaller plate inscribed with:

Sir Harry James Potter.

Warrior Knight.

K.G.C. O.o.t.P., M.W.

"What's all that about?" asked a puzzled looking Ginny.

They thought for a minute then Hermione pointing said, "Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Phoenix and is that Member of the Wizengamot like Member of Parliament?"

Ginny dashed away and looked at her door then called them to come and see, on the door under the large 'Ginny' plaque was a smaller, similar plate to Harry's and it was inscribed:

Dame Ginevra Molly Weasley

Warrior Dame

D.C. O.o.t.P., M.W

Hermione walked over to her room then came back meeting them outside Harry's room and said, "Mine was just the same except the name was Dame Hermione Jane Granger, I suppose that there will be many things like this, we must just ignore them. Come on let's look at your bed, room Harry."

He opened the door and they went into his room, it was vast, he guessed that it was at least twice the size of the girls' rooms with a big smile he said, "Well I always wanted a bedroom that was bigger than the Dursleys house."

About twelve feet in from the door was what looked like a five-foot high, ten-foot wide, beautifully carved, curved screen.

Hermione had walked past one side of it and said, with a wicked gleam in her eyes, "Just come and look at this, Ginny."

Harry closed the door and went over to join a pair of very giggly girls, they were looking at the bed and what a bed it was, it was roughly circular, about ten-foot across and what Harry had thought was a screen turned out to be the headboard.

The girls were closing in on Harry with lustful glints in their eyes, he dodged them and said, "We are not getting on there, if we do we will never be back to school in time for the leaving feast." He had gone over and opened a door, "What's in here?" he said quickly, there was a corridor of about twenty feet and another door he went through and opened it and walked through.

He was in Hermione's bedroom, truculently the girls had followed him but when they found themselves in Hermione's room they started dancing with glee and Ginny hurried back to ensure that there was a similar passage and door to her room. The trio all met back in Harry's room and one look at Ginny's face was enough to tell them that she had found a comparable door to her room things were looking much improved.

Going back into Harry's room he tried another door, they found themselves in what was obviously a small, if twenty-five feet square could be called small, library; it was completely shelved out and it had three comfy armchairs also a good size desk. There was however a problem with it, it had no books so Harry called Rey, "You are going to ask me why there are no books in this library?"

"Yes Rey." Said Harry trying to not sound too surprised at having his mind read by a house.

"Well firstly it is for your own books and those that you wish to keep near you all the time. But also if you need to do research you tell me the subject that interests you and all the library books on that subject will be brought here."

Ginny had that wicked gleam in her eye again, "Sex!" she said at once.

Immediately about ten feet of shelves were filled with books and when they checked through the titles it was indeed rather obvious what they were all about.

"I like this system," said Hermione, "but what happens if two people want the same book at the same time?"

"Generally the one of higher rank in the House Hierarchy will get the book or books, but they will both be told that the other wants or is using them of course a similar system operates when the people are of equal rank."

Then Harry said, "So if Hermione has her head stuck in a book all the time, all I need to do is ask for the book," he noticed her expression change, "and die!" he finished lamely, as the three of them burst out laughing.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 15.20

Ginny opened the next door and they were in what they assumed, from the aroma of camphor wood, was a wardrobe the main reason for the doubt was its size. In the world in which they had been living wardrobes did not normally run to thirty feet by twenty feet, surely nobody had that many clothes, Harry didn't want to think about it so he turned around and they went back out.

Crossing the room Hermione opened another door and the others followed her through into the bathroom to end all bathrooms, the bath was circular and about twelve feet across with even more taps than the Hogwarts prefects had.

But it was the shower that had the girls rapidly undressing, they both stopped at the same time when they both had only their knickers on, "What's your problem Harry?" Ginny asked as Hermione moved between him and the door, to cut off his escape route, he wasn't taking his clothes off.

"Wh!" was the intellectual reply they received.

Hermione came up behind him to stop him dodging again, she started kissing his ears and whispered, "You have to take the rough with the smooth and we can do this the easy way or the hard way but whichever we are going to do this."

Meanwhile Ginny had moved in front of him and had undone every button, zipper and hook she could find. Within a minute his robes were off and the rest of his clothes rapidly followed them and they were all in the shower, Ginny's emerald lace and Hermione's scarlet satin high cut knickers having joined the pile of assorted clothing in the corner of the room.

The shower seemed to have been designed for exactly the purpose the girls were about to use it for, it was about twelve feet square with a permanent cushioning charm all over the floor and walls. There were at least thirty nozzles at various heights all around them and they emitted shampoo and soap as well as water. The girls had achieved their primary objective twice each so afterwards they had all washed themselves as well as each other then Ginny pushed a button marked finish.

All of the extraneous substances stopped being emitted from the nozzles and they were thoroughly rinsed in tepid water for about a minute and a half, then they were blasted with very warm air until they were dry all over except for their hair.

The happy threesome left the shower, each with the thought that they would have to do that again, soon, for longer, a lot of times, or more, the three of them hated neglecting the really important things in life.

Their clothes had moved from where they had thrown them, they had been sorted, folded and when Hermione picked hers up she informed them that they had been cleaned as well. She then asked, "What are we going to do about our hair?"

Towels, combs, brushes and three hair-drying wands appeared on the long vanity unit in front of the huge mirror one side of the room, there were also three stools so they sat themselves down and did their hair.

Harry just used a towel and dried his hair with that.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 16.45

"Hello you lot!" said Jane as they entered the study, "what have you been up too?" Although the question appeared to be quite casual it was rather obvious that Molly had more than a passing interest in the answer to it.

"Oh," said Hermione, "we have been up on the roof terrace, the astronomy tower, Harry's room, our rooms again, the boat house and the Quidditch pitch. But I swear that there is so much to see everywhere that we haven't seen a quarter of what we have been looking at, for the first time I am glad that we will not have to clean it all."

Time was getting on so they all said their goodbyes and the trio returned to Hogwarts.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 17.25

As the trio entered the Great Hall Padma and Parvati rose from the Ravenclaw table where they had been eating and indicated that they should follow them. The Headmaster had also risen and they all made their way to what Harry had from his fourth year, always thought of as the Triwizard Room.

When they entered the room the Headmaster said, "How did you get on today?"

Harry soon explained that everything had fallen in place even easier than they thought that it would and that they had all the accounts they required at Gringotts and Harrods banks.

Then the twins told them that the press conference had also gone pretty well and passed them each copies of the Witch Weekly, the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler.

Professor Dumbledore then suggested they should all get some dinner and they all agreed.

Wednesday 17th June 1998 – 19.45

The trio were sat in the common room with Parvati and Padma when Harry said, "Did you two enjoy yourselves at the press conference this morning?"

"We were saying afterwards that it was great, we couldn't remember ever having so much fun with our clothes on." Padma had just said this without thinking, then both the twins blushed crimson realising the implication of the words.

Taking no notice of their blushes Harry asked, "Have you thought of what you would like to do now that school is over?"

"We had pretty much decided what we were going to do," answered Parvati, "but it all sort of went out of the window about six weeks ago. Now really we have absolutely no idea of what we want or can do."

"Well how would you like to work for us as sort of personal assistant, press relations officers combined?" Harry asked, "You both seem to like talking to the press and we certainly don't. If you wanted to you could live at Potter House permanently and we would pay you five-hundred Galleons a month each, how does that sound?"

The twins' faces lit up in wonderful smiles and they both jumped on Harry throwing their arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek, Ginny and Hermione were pretending to pull them off saying things like 'get off our man' and 'leave our fella alone'.

Later up in their lounge/study Ginny said, "I am glad we have someone else to deal with the press and things, I hate all that sort of thing and Hermione I loved the answer you gave our mums when they asked what we had been doing all afternoon."

Hermione chuckled, "Well I wasn't going to say," and she switched to a really posh voice, "Well actually, Ginny and I have just had the best sex of our admittedly fairly inexperienced lives, in the shower in Harry's room!" and back in her normal voice, "now was I, our mums would not have been too happy would they."

They could hardly stand up from laughing and it was getting very late so they went to bed to sleep, yes I said to sleep.

Thursday 18th June 1998 – 07.45

The trio were at breakfast and feeling a bit deflated after the excitement of the previous few days, today would be the first day in what seemed like ages that the three of them would be apart for any length of time.

Ginny was going to her scheduled classes with her peers, Hermione was going to Arithmancy with Professor Vector and Harry had to go to Divination with Professor Trelawney.

After the Divination class if you had asked Harry what Professor Trelawney had said during the lesson he would not have had a clue, he had been diligently writing a shopping list. One set Quidditch Balls or should it be two? Fourteen racing brooms, should they all be the same or should the Seekers and Keepers have something different? Protective pads, etc'.

If you had asked Parvati and Lavender who were the only ones who normally paid attention, you would have discovered that Parvati had not been listening either, she had been trying to work out what she would need to buy for her new job. Needless to say this was not an easy task for her because she did not really know what her new job was but she was sure that it would entail a lot of new clothes, Muggle clothes as well, all of the trio were keen on the Muggle world.

So this would have left you talking with Lavender and if you had asked her you would have been told how the Divination Professor had outlined just why Harry was going to have such a wonderful life. However when she thought about it she knew all of this already, everybody knew, there had been nothing else in the Newspapers for the last week, just maybe Hermione was right, although she wouldn't tell her so.

Hope springs eternal and foolishly perhaps, they believed that things would look up for them after their first lessons because Hermione and Harry would be in the same classes for the rest of their last school day. However if two thirds of the famous trio had any thoughts that this would in some way save them from the inquisition they were sadly mistaken. Their professors appeared to be as hungry for information about their forthcoming wedding as were the students and as it was they were only able to answer a small percentage of the questions because the relevant decisions had not yet been made.

Notwithstanding the myriad of questions the trio had to endure throughout the day, of course they all survived until the leaving feast in the evening.

Thursday 18th June 1998 – 18.00

As always the leaving feast was a students delight sausages, chips, liver and bacon in onion gravy, peas, baked beans, chicken drumsticks, mushrooms and bacon together with everything else imaginable. Then came the deserts spotted dick, rice pudding, jam sponge, treacle tart, chocolate pudding and masses of cream, ice cream and thick custard.

Professor Dumbledore's speech after the meal was as expected a brief review of the year's events with a special mention of those who had fallen and praise for those who had won the day. The trio was thankful that the Headmaster had made no special mention of their part in the downfall of Tom Riddle, there was no need, everybody knew.

Gryffindor had won the inter House Cup by the biggest margin ever, but this year the Quidditch Cup had not been competed for because of the war against Voldemort.

Eventually the feast was over so they all adjourned to the Gryffindor common room, where come bedtime the trio decided to once again sleep separately in their own beds; they would save themselves for what they had begun to call 'The Bed'.

Friday 19th June 1998 – 07.45

In the Great Hall this morning's breakfast was to be the last Hogwarts meal most of the seventh years would have, it was the last day of the school year and generally the excitement level was high.

All of this of course did not apply to Harry and Hermione because they would be returning to the school next year, even if it were to be as assistant professors.

The meal was progressing normally and Professor Flitwick said to the deputy Headmistress, "Our little experiment appears to have worked satisfactorily."

Professor McGonagall replied, "Excellently!" with a small smile.

The Headmaster's bright blue eyes twinkled and he just looked exceedingly happy.

Friday 19th June 1998 – 10.00

The trio were in a compartment with the Patil twins, Neville, Luna and Lavender Brown, it was full and they were playing exploding snap until Crookshanks decided to join in and they had to abandon the game in the interests of everybody's safety.

It was inevitable that the conversation quickly came round to the subject of the wedding, then Harry cast a silencing charm on the compartment and out of the blue he asked, "Neville will you be my Best Man please?"

There was absolute silence, Neville was stunned and said, "Stop fooling around Harry."

"No I mean it," Harry said very seriously, "Will you please be the Best Man at our wedding?"

Neville was in tears, "I would be honoured Harry and thank you."

"Parvati will you be my maid of honour and Lavender will you be my chief bridesmaid?" Hermione asked, again there was a stunned silence.

Ginny broke it when she said, "Padma will you be my maid of honour and Luna will you be my chief Bridesmaid?"

The silence was deafening and continued for about a minute then it was pandemonium, it seemed that everybody was talking at once, the noise continued for about ten minutes with everybody getting more and more excited.

Eventually Harry said quite loudly, "Quiet a minute. All of you this is a secret, only tell your parents and tell them that it is a secret. If the press get a whiff that any of you are closely involved in the wedding you will not have a second's peace and believe me you have no idea what that can be like. Even if they think that you might know something that they don't they won't leave any of you alone for a second. Why don't the three of you come to Potter House on Wednesday morning, we will have more time then and you can stay a few days or weeks if you want to? We could go sunbathing on the beach."

The three started laughing and Lavender said, "You don't have a beach at Potter House, do you?"

Hermione, with a small smile, answered, "No not at Potter house, but there is a portal to Harry's private Caribbean island, none of us has been there but, I'm sure that has a beach."

"Can Dean come?" was Lavenders answer, with a big grin.

"Of course," was Harry's reply.

So the three agreed that there was no reason for them not to come on Wednesday and they all started to get ready to disembark because the Hogwarts Express was pulling into Kings Cross Station.

The goodbyes from the seventh years were not as vociferous as usual, they knew that they would all meet again in a few weeks at the wedding and a lot of them also knew that there might well be two birthday parties before that.

Mr Weasley had somehow managed to get his Ministry car right onto platform nine and three-quarters. Lavender, Luna and Neville were still with them when he told them all that there were hoards of reporters outside the station and at the Leaky cauldron.

Harry told Luna, Lavender and Neville just to act dumb, if you didn't know anything you couldn't tell anybody anything.

So Arthur took the five of them directly to the Ministry of Magic and from there they Flooed to Potter House.

There was great excitement when they all arrived in the study at Potter House and after the initial hubbub of greetings Jane asked, "We are all glad that you are here at last, so what do you think you will be doing now that you are all on holiday?"

Friday 19th June 1998 – 17.00

It is now exactly one week since this story started so the tale is now complete.

Extract from the Daily Prophet 14th February 2165

Today James Potter the eldest son of Harry Potter, aka the-boy-who-lived, made the following statement.

Many years ago Harry, Hermione and Ginny had cast an ancient charm on themselves so that they would start the next great adventure together, this they did at ten o'clock this morning. Fourteen children and fifty-one grandchildren survive them, we have lost count of the succeeding generations but needless to say there are a lot of us.