Seventy Percent Happy
By kakite

The third and last installment of Losing Control of Life, sequel to Losing Control.

        His eyes open wide and glow yellow in the night. As I walk off I whisper, "tell me if you find it, because then I'd like to beg for your forgiveness."

It feels so good to love again. I chuckle to myself as I massage my stomach. I just hope Inuyasha finds his reason again, so that my child can have him as a father. Yes, I'm pregnant. It's been out of my mind for a while, mostly due to my trying to ignore it. The symptoms aren't bad yet and so no one but me really knows. I think they suspected it that day long ago when Inuyasha and I were still together. But not now, two weeks later, I keep that pretty well hidden.

It's comforting to know something no one else knows.

        I've made it to 700 cranes now. What else is there to do with all the time we have. Sango offered to help. I told her she could make her own, and my wish would be made entirely by me.

        It's fun to think about all the things you could get with half of a wish or 70% of a wish now. 70 percent of a brand new car, of a pony, of an amusement park, 70 percent happy, 70 percent world peace. But still, 70 percent of love isn't a winning number, and so I fold on into the 750s, nursing my calluses.

        I saw Inuyasha pick up one I had dropped one evening. He looked like he was going to set it back down, but then as if a thought occurred to him, he stuffed it into his sleeve and acted like nothing happened. I tried hard not to laugh, and wondered what he would do with it.

        I am now at the glorious and doomed number of 900. Only a hundred to go. Sango sighs as she looks at her mere 150, all of which are kind of crumpled looking. 913... 914... This is going to last forever. 91.5 percent of a wish isn't sounding that bad, but it's still not a whole one. I need to sleep.

        I'm standing on a tiny platform over the ocean. It's belittling looking out at the blue expanse. It smells like the sea; like rotting sea animals and salt. Gulls wall their sorrow through an angry song as they hover in the hot sun overhead. A boat is coming. Nine masts decorate a truly enormous deck and as it sails closer I recognize not men, but birds, working on deck. They are cranes. Thousands of them.

        The ships comes closer yet and they are all saluting me. Now I can see that there are some people aboard as well. People that look sad. The cranes throw down the anchor and I can tell that they aren't coming closer just yet.

        I try to understand my dream as I lay in bed the next morning. I guessed that the ship is symbolic of my wish, and the reason it didn't come all the way to meet me, is that I haven't finished folding yet. But why were there people, and why did they all look so sad? Had they folded a hundred cranes just as I am doing now?

        I remember there was one girl who was leaning over the side of the ship beaming. She was missing an arm and a few teeth, but she looked as happy as a dragon at a concert. She couldn't have possibly made her cranes if she had one arm... Of course! Making a wish for yourself is so self-centered, that you would end up sad in the end. The only way anyone can be happy is if they are given a wish. I jumped up from bed to make the remaining 85 cranes.

        Sango woke up at about 35 and questioned the early morning folding. By then I knew just what I was going to do, and it had to be a surprise. Of course that got her all the more curious and she sat across from me, watching my fingers manipulate squares into thousandths of a wish. 955... 956... Sango went inside the hut to get some tea and breakfast.

        Certain success! 990... 991... Inuyasha's subtle entrance hardly had me phased. I'm sure he could feel the thick fog of anticipation that hung over me.

        The last one. I took a moment and stared in awe at the pile, and then at the last square in my hand. My hand carefully made the first fold and readied to make the next when from nowhere it seemed, someone grabbed the paper. I looked up, it was Inuyasha. He was crumbling the paper and smiling. I was winding up to be mad when out of his sleeve, he produced the crane that he had picked up all that time ago. It was worn, but still recognizable.

He spoke what was on both of our minds. "One thousand." And added that last crane into the pile. We both stared in awe at the mass of paper.

"It's for you." I say.

"For me?! Are you crazy? You spent HOURS of time folding these, why would you give it to me." Inuyasha scolds.

"Because I want your forgiveness, and that's something you can't wish for." I snap. "So you'll take the wish, and like it."

"Feh, always throwing you life away for others... someday... Someday I'll catch you being selfish, but until then, you had better worship every last hair on my body." Inuyasha says sarcastically.

Sango shatters her teacup in surprise when she steps out of the hut to see the only thing left is the cranes, and two familiar figures bounding off into the canopy.


Someone hasn't forgotten their place it seems, as hiraikotsu indulges itself on a little houshi-skull.

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