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Authors Notes:

This story is mainly going to be told in the form of memories from various people. It might be kind of confusing, but I'll try not to make it so. It will be from various different Points of View, also, but I'll try to make it obvious who you're reading about. Mainly, though, this story is a Draco/Ginny one, though some other ships might be thrown in.

The idea for this story came from the movie 'Don't say a Word' which is actually quite a good movie. It's not actually going to follow it, but the idea came from it.

Hope you like my story! I hope I can update this one regularly.

Chapter 1
Free At Last

"Cleared of all charges," the Minister of Magic said, banging down his mallet for extra emphasis, and also in an effort to quiet the protesting room.

Ignoring the sounds, Draco Malfoy breathed regularly again as the magical ropes binding him to the chair disappeared as if they had never been there. The only remaining reminder of them was a slight pain he still felt where they had held him to the chair.

As the Wizengamot finished doing their duties, Draco stood up cautiously, unsure. He knew that once a person was declared innocent they could leave, but after all that it was not easy to simply get up and depart from the room.

After being ignored for a few minutes, even by those who had argued against his innocence, Draco slowly left the room. When he was not called back by anyone he picked up the pace and made his way back to the main level of the Ministry of Magic.

He stopped almost immediately after exiting the elevator, having spotted a group of Gryffindor's he had previously gone to school with – Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. If they were there, then usually so would Ginny Weasley. He looked around for the red hair that caused her to stand out so much. He didn't see it.

Almost instantly, he panicked. What if she hadn't gotten out? He had lost her, after all. It was possible. Then again, maybe she just hadn't gone. She could just be somewhere else. At least that's what he hoped.

"Potter!" he called, moving towards the infamous trio. Harry stopped, but with a disgusted look from Ron, the other two continued on their way. The Weasley was probably angry Draco had been proclaimed innocent. This gave him some sort of satisfaction, at least.

With a nod to Hermione to show he had heard her say they would wait for him at the house, Harry turned towards Draco. "What do you want, Malfoy?" he asked, once the blonde got in hearing range.

"What happened to Ginny?" Draco asked, hoping he didn't sound frantic. "Did she get out?"

Sadness flashed through Harry's eyes, before they went back to the blank stare he had long ago perfected, more out of need than anything. Emotions easily read could become a great weakness in these times. "Yes, she did," he answered simply.

"Is she alright?"

Harry shrugged, "She's in St. Mungo's."

For a moment Draco almost stopped breathing. She couldn't be seriously hurt – not after all this.

"What happened?" he finally asked.

Harry shook his head, as if to say he didn't want to say it aloud, "Go see for yourself." He looked at something behind Draco, before nodding at him, and turning around and leaving.

Swearing quietly, Draco turned to see what Harry had been looking at. The Minister for Magic was walking toward him. This was almost enough to make him swear again. He didn't though, not wanting to seem rude to the man who had just proclaimed him innocent.

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy, there you are. I need you to sign a few things," the man said, coming towards him. Draco kept his expression polite, though inside he was puzzled. Before they had never needed signatures afterward any hearing, guilty or not. Most likely having seen, or guessed, that he was confused, the Minister said, "We had to change a few things because of, err, recent times. Come to my office? I need to talk to you about something else, also. I'd prefer not to talk in here. It's much too crowded for my liking."

The newly appointed Minister was known for his dislike of public appearances. You could always get an interview or talk to him, though. He just preferred to stay away from large groups of people when doing so.

If you are an avid reader you might notice that this author just used the words 'the newly appointed Minister.' That means that this man was not Cornelius Fudge. After the same unfortunate ending that many had met with the second rise of Lord Voldemort a man by the name of Radley Gray had come stepped up to the position. Previously the former head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes had been little known. Since then it was not uncommon to see his name in the papers, mainly for the changes he had made in the wizardry world recently.

Not many had been happy with Fudge after discovering that Voldemort was back. He met a lot of criticism from many different people, and fought to keep his position in the Ministry. After only nine years in the position, which wasn't that long compared to others, he had met his death in the man who he had refused to believe alive.

Dumbledore was the man who had recommended Gray as the new Minister. His recommendation proved a good one, since most people liked him. He brought around the correct changes to help the Wizarding World defend itself against the Dark Lord, along with other little things that had been neglected under Fudge's rule, so to speak. Of course, the Dark side didn't particularly like him.

Draco distinctly remembered his father's anger after hearing that Radley Gray had been appointed. Lucius Malfoy said he had talked to the man a few times, and he would prove a good man to be in power. Of course, you didn't want a good man in power if you were the other side. None of the Deatheaters could figure out why their Lord had removed Fudge from office so quickly. He had seemed to like the man to be there since he made it so easy to attack the other side. They were all too afraid to ask, though, fearing for their own lives.

Draco soon found himself in the room that held as the office for Radley Gray. Gray motioned to a chair across from a dark wood desk. Draco sat down in the oddly comfortable chair (it looked quite stiff until you actually sat in it) before looking across at the Minister.

"Here, just sign these. Nothing bad, just to say that you were there and approve of the verdict," Draco read over the papers just to be sure, before signing. He wondered who would argue against themselves being let free, as he handed the papers back to the Minister.

"Now, I just wanted to thank you myself for helping to return Ginny Weasley back to her family. I know many don't believe that you helped, but I do. The Weasley's are a strong family in our defense, and I think the loss of their youngest child, and sister, could have proved somewhat of a, err, weakness," he frowned, obviously not liking how that had come out. He didn't correct himself, though, and continued, "Her state of mind in her return is regrettable, though, of course."

Draco looked up rapidly at this last line, "What do you mean 'her state of mind'?" he asked, suddenly nervous.

"Oh dear, you haven't heard?" Radley asked, sounding much like an elderly woman in that moment. "I wish I weren't the one to have to tell you this, but I suppose it is better than you reading it in the papers. Despite me trying, the information you get in there can sometimes be slightly off," obviously noticing that Draco was getting annoyed at his slightly off-topic talking, he continued, "When Ginny returned," he said, using her name as if he were familiar with her. For all he knew, the Minster could be now, or at least with the Weasley's, "she was… not exactly herself, from what I understand. I don't know the exact details, for that you would have to ask one of the members of her family, but she was acting quite oddly from what I know. Later on, Molly and Arthur took her to St. Mungo's, and she is still there. The healers are taking care of her, and trying to figure out how to return her to mind back to what it was before the incident."

It took awhile for this to sink in. In a roundabout way the Minister had basically said that Ginny had gone insane. How could that have happened? She had been perfectly fine when they had gotten separated. A bit bruised and battered, of course, but had a sound mind; and now this. It didn't seem possible. It was shocking, of course. It probably was to almost everyone, not just him, but more so for him, since he had seen her last.

"Yes, it is all very sad," Gray said, leaning back in his chair. "You should probably go now. No doubt your Mother is wanting to know whether you were sent to Azkaban or not."

Draco nodded, standing up slowly, "Um… thank-you," he said quite lamely. He was happy for the excuse to leave, though he knew his Mother was probably preoccupied with other things at that moment. She wasn't the type of mother to usually worry about her child.

He left the room, still trying to figure out how it had happened. As he stood in the elevator, he decided only one thing. He would have to go see her, even if no answers would come from it.