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Chapter 5 – Dinner with the Devil

"Are you hungry?" Dracula purred after they were both seated. A glass of wine was placed before Grace, and a thicker substance was placed before the Count. She didn't need to ask what the contents of said goblet were, as there was only one drink a vampire could consume. Grace offered no reply as a silver platter filled with pork, potatoes, and vegetables were presented to her. The decadent aroma of the food infiltrated her senses and she felt her mouth begin to water with anticipation. Nonetheless, she didn't touch the food or the wine.

Dracula smirked as he swirled the contents of his goblet, "It would be a pitiful waste to kill you now." He stated nonchalantly as she glanced at him with suspicion. "And if I planned to take your life, I assure you it would be under different circumstances," he whispered sensually as he leaned towards her. Grace leaned back in her chair slightly and Dracula chuckled, taking a sip from his goblet.

Her hunger could hold out no longer and she finally surrendered and began tasting the meal in front of her. It was delicious, or maybe she was simply that starved. Although still wary that the food was laced with poison, she nearly cleaned the plate as Dracula sipped from his glass and watched her intently.

"I have a request to ask of you," he said once she finished eating. "I know of your unique skills, and I wish for you to dispose of an enemy of mine." His tone made the request sound more like a command. She opened her mouth to let out a seething reply but was stopped when he held up a pale hand. "He is the reason I am a vampire, Miss Davin. He is my murderer."

This caused Grace to pause. "And what do I get out of this, exactly? I am surely not going to stay here with you for the rest of my life," she hissed vehemently. "And how can I be sure that who you wish me to kill is not, in fact, innocent?" Flames danced within her eyes and her cheeks blushed with anger. He didn't seem at all concerned with her outburst, as if he was certain she would comply with his wishes in the end. Smirking, he reached over and traced the tips of his fingers along her jaw line and down the slope of her neck. Grace froze for a moment, feeling his power like tiny sparks upon her skin; as she closed her eyes, the vampire closed the distance between them.

A small voice in the back of her mind was shouting resistance, but Dracula's voice was more prominent as she stood before him. "You will have no qualms with slaying my enemy, will you, my dear?" He whispered into her ear, causing warmth to spread through her like an uncontrollable wild fire. She shook her head without thinking and a moment later felt his lips press against hers in a searing kiss. She could feel the slight prick of his fangs on her lower lip and his mouth moved to the pulse on her neck. "You could be mine," he whispered against her neck, causing his fangs to scrape her flesh lightly.

Suddenly warning bells went off in Grace's head and she pried herself from his embrace. Panting, she looked into his eyes and noticed they had turned a surreal, icy blue. "Don't touch me!" she shouted as he took a step towards her. Dracula bowed his head, complying with her demand.

Grace's loss of self control frightened her and the Counts calm expression pissed her off. Weaponless, there was no way she could give the vampire a piece of her mind, as he would easily subdue her in hand to hand combat.

"Grace…" her name rolled off his tongue in a most enticing manner, as if he had said something provocative. "You have my word that I will release you after you kill my enemy and share with me a few bits of information he possesses."

"Who is this man that is such a vital threat?" Grace asked.

"Why, Van Helsing my dear," He said matter-of-factly.

Van Helsing; she had heard this name a few times before, in reference to many assassinations. He vanquished evil as she did, yet most civilians saw him as the villain. And Dracula expected her to murder him in cold blood? Well, he was sadly mistaken.

"And what makes you think that I will do this?" Grace snapped, placing her hands on her hips indignantly. Her right hand was just itching for a weapon to eliminate the statuesque vampire before her. He had the nerve to attempt seduction, most likely to have a firm grasp on her thoughts, and then ask her to kill an innocent man who fought only for justice?

"I believe I have something that will persuade you to accept," he said with a smirk. At that moment the polished oak doors creaked open and the three men that had 'escorted' Grace earlier dragged in a broken man. He was in his early twenties, with long auburn locks that flowed past his shoulders and haunting lilac eyes that were glaring at the Count. His clothes were torn in places, revealing tanned and muscled skin under smears of blood.

"Grace…" He breathed through swollen lips. Even this small movement made him grimace in pain.

She was horror struck. Damian was one of her dearest friends and she loved him like he was her own brother. His labored breathing threatened to bring tears to her eyes, yet as she turned to Dracula it was rage that danced in them like an all-consuming flame.

"You bastard!" She yelled with her hands clenched at her sides to keep them from shaking with fury.

"I believe we have an agreement?" Dracula asked calmly, "You have my word that your Damian will be released when I have what I want. Remember, Miss Davin, there are many fates worse than death…" The Count tilted his head to the side, awaiting her answer; as if she had any choice. She clenched her teeth in anger and ground out a response.

"I accept."