This is my first Cpde Lyoko fanfic so go easy on me in the reviews! lol
Code Lyoko
Love Fever
Chapter 1: Relization
Yumi woke up with an abrupt start. Her eyes were big, she was covered in sweat, and she was cold and clamy. Her head ached. She shivered.
"IT's really cold in here.." she whispered shaking. "HA-CHOO!" Yumi suddenly sneezed. She grabbed a tissue, and didn't notice Xana's sign glowing on it. She blew her nose and sneezed again. "I really have to start stop playing in the rain and staying up so late." She grabebd her bathrobe and walked into the living room to check the tempature outside. 75 degrees. Why was she so cold? She sniffed again. Yumi decided she was probly just really tired and went back to sleep.

Ulrich got up earlier then usual. Odd was still fast asleep. He grabbed his clothes, since he was wearing his pijamas and went off to take a shower. When he was walking down the hall he saw Sissy.
"Oh Ulrich dear! I was wondering if you would help me carry my towel, it seems so heavy-" Sissy began.
"Yes, heavy for a weak person like you." Ulrich smirked at his own joke. He had cut her off too, and he scores!
"Hmph!" Sissy walked away. Ulrich went back to what he was doing and walked to the showers.

Odd woke up late, again. Ulrich walked in.
"Morning sleeping beauty." said Ulrich his voice merry. Odd laughed gleefully.
"Hey thats not funny!" HE relized.
"Your a quick one." Ulrichs voice dripped with sarcasm.
"You'd be surprised." Odd began to protest.
"Yeah, yeah come on if you don't hurry you'll be late." said Ulrich picking up his cell phone.
"I'm going, I'm going" Odd got dressed and he and Ulrich went to class. They met Jeremy there.
"Ulrich?" called the science Teacher.
"Odd?" she called.
"Yes?" Odd asked obviosly not paying attention, then relizing what he had done he quickly said "Present."
"Jeremy?" her voice was now sounded dull and boring, since they heard it every day.
"Present." he called.
"Good, Yumi?" she called. Ulrich odd, and Jeremy suddenly relized she wasn't there.
"Yumi?" the teacher called again.
"Psst Jeremy did Yumi call you last night." Ulrich asked whispering to Jeremy.
"No. You?" Jeremy replied.
"I dunno actually." Ulrich said doubting himself for being so stupid.
"Excuse me, may I please go to the restroom?" Ulrich asked.
"Yes, you may." the teacher responded, but before she finished Ulrich had dashed out of the room. He checked his messages.
"Bingo!" he yelled quietly.
Dear Ulrich,
I don't know how it happened but it seems my daughter Yumi has caught an awful cold, so we took her to the hospital. Please pick up her homework. Also we were wondering if you knew anythis about this wierd sign on her forehead.
Yumi's parents. Ulrich quickly IM'ed Jeremy and Odd. "Xana." he said under his breath typing in Z attack! Hoping they wouldn't get cought looking at there cell phone. Ulrich ran over the the hospital.

hows that for my first Code lyoko fanfic