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Chapter 10:A flash to the future
"Ulrich! I'm off to work, but I've got my cell if Xana attacks!" Yumi yelled, she was 24 and had two jobs, a math collage teacher at a special university in france, jeremy also worked at the university (he was 23), and Yumi was on a famous pro-soccerball team with Odd and Ulrich. Aelita came to all the games, she also created computer games and accessories, she was 23. Aelita and Jeremy were married, so were Odd and Emily, but Yumi and Ulrich just lived together. Yumi still looked preety much the same, except she wore her hair up a lot more often.
"Ok!" Ulrich was the head soccer player, he also coached an almost pro-team, he was 25. Odd was the assistant coach, he was also 25. Emily was a science teacher at the university, she was 24. Ulrich ate quickly, today was the big day! Yumi had just bought a new dress, and Ulrich told her to meet him in the ice region in Lyoko. Ulrich was excited.
Sissy was a fashion model, not known for her kindness at all. She had married herb, who had grown up to be very handsome, kind, and smart. Anyways the day passed quickly, much to Ulrich delight. Yumi went to Lyoko that night just as Ulrich asked. Jeremy virtualized them.
"Hi yumi, it's nice here, isn't it?" Ulrich had taken her to the spot where they almost kissed.
"Yes it is." Yumi breathed, smiling. Ulrich touched her hand, and got on his knee.
"Yumi, will you marry me?" Ulrich asked her, he opened a jewlery case with a ring in it, in the middle was a saphire surounded with tiny square dimonds. Yumi looked him in the eyes, they were cought in each other's eyes.
"Yes, I will." She leaned forward and kissed him. He put her old tiara on her. She smiled.

Back to reality:

Yumi wore a black dress, with a tank top top and blue sparkly stars on the very top part, at the bottom the dress split to reavel blue. She had black gloves. (sorry I changed something, it's the prom, not spring fling!) She had her blue glass shoes from lyoko, And she wore her tiara from lyoko. Jeremy, Odd and Ulrich wore black tuxes. Aelita had a pink and red dress. Emily had a green, blue and purple dress, all there dresses were different. Everyone was dressed really fancily. If I ain't got you baby was heard from the D.J. Yumi and Ulrich smiled. He walked over to her, bowing slightly laughing too.
"Would you care to dance?"he asked her. She smiled.
"Of course." Yumi replied, they walked outside, and started dancing.
"Hey Yumi, this is our song, okay?" Ulrich asked her, knowing her awnser.
"I'd love that." she replied blushing slightly.
When the next 10 song had ended they sat down on a bench.
"Hey Yumi?" Ulrich asked his face beat red fromm blushing, but Yumi couldn't tell because it was dark out. Yumi was blushing also.
"What?" she asked him.
"I-I love you Yumi." Ulrich blushed even more.
"I love you Ulrich." Yumi said blushing more.

The end, Until the sequel of course!
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