Summary: Faye is haunted by nightmares. The team fails to know. What happens when Faye runs into the man in her nightmares? Will this man assault Faye or will a certain member save her? S&F

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Note: this is my first Cowboy Bebop fic. Now I'm not that great because I've only seen the movie and one episode so please bear with me.

Ch. 1


Faye walked down the gloomy hallway awaiting the lurking devilries. Her gun was placed in hand ready to fire at any split second. She turned a corner to a narrow pathway taking notice to an outlined tall figure. Without any hesitation she fired her hit. After the man fell down she approached her new fallen enemy.

"SPIKE!" She yelled.

She ran to his side and placed his head in her arm. "Spike I'm soo sorry, I'll go get help, your going to be ok, stay with me."

"Faye, it's too late for me, give my wishes to Ed and Jet, and remember Faye I ...

"SPIKE, SPIKE! No not now, no." Faye had tears flutter down her face. Her best friend had just died in her arms.

"Very nicely done Faye." A man replied.

"You! You did this!" Faye yelled.

The man just smirked and laughed. The man reached down and grabbed Faye by the hair. She shrieked with pain. "Just like old times ain't it Faye?"

"What do you mean old times?" Faye replied shrilly.

"Oh that's right you don't remember do you?"

"Remember what?"

The man just laughed and then out of nowhere decked her in the face.

Faye awoke sweat dripping down her brow and a scream escaped her lips. Awaking from her basic nightmares. This was the most horrifying though. Faye's eyes became filled with fear, something she vaguely ever felt. Her hands trembled with the thought of her nightmare.

--knock, knock—

The door to Faye's quarters opened and in the doorway stood Spike. She wanted to embrace him in a hug and cry but she showed no emotion.

"Faye, you ok, were you crying?" Spike asked in his sweat pants and loose white tank.

"I'm fine, but thanks" Faye replied still remaining under the sheets only her gray tanktop being shown.

Spike flashed her a reassuring smile and headed back to his quarters. Faye smiled and laid back down glancing at her digital clock.

--3:56 a.m.—

She moaned and tossed and turned in her bed until finally her weary eyes closed.

5:45 a.m.

Spike walked out in his pajamas expecting to be out by himself only to find Faye sleeping on the couch in her gray tank and violet boxers. Spike gave a warm smile and went over to a chair and retrieved a comfy blanket. He carefully placed it over Faye's sleeping body. He then took notice that the radio was on. He sighed and sat on the edge of the couch being very careful to not awake Faye.

"Spike good morning!" Ed replied to the sleepy adult.

"Good morning Ed," he replied groggily.

"Faye, Faye still sleeping?" Ed asked.

"Yes, Ed, she was awake this morning at sometime around three." Spike replied.

"Hmm..Faye, Faye not sleeping real well is she?" Ed stated.

"No, and knowing Faye she'll keep it all locked up until it almost kills her.

Ed just smiled and slipped on her glasses and began surfing the net. Spike rolled his eyes and moaned awaiting the later day.

9:30 a.m.

Jet arose and walked out in a pair of army pants and a black button up shirt, which was fairly loose. "Well looks like I missed the party." Jet stated.

"Nah, you're in 3rd Faye's sleeping just not in her room." Spike said.

Jet just nodded his head. Then they heard a female moaning and they turned their attention to Faye whose eyes were fluttering revealing her sparkling violet orbs.

"GOOD MORNING FAYE, FAYE!" Ed replied happily while waving her arms around.

"Good morning...everybody I guess." Faye replied.

"Well sleeping beauty finally decided to join us." Spike replied.

"Shut up Spike" Faye replied.

"Oh Spike you've angered the wrong woman in the morning!" Jet said.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Nah, she can't hurt me!" Spike said just to anger her. He found it highly amusing to watch her get infuriated.

"SPIKE!" Faye got up and jumped on him.

They all played around for a while. Everyone including Ian played around. They all had their amount of fun. Then Spike turned the tube on.

"Huh another bounty" Spike said looking at a face.

"Rapist, murderer, terrorist, robber, the whole shebang" Jet replied.

"Let me see" Faye said crawling out of Ed's grasps.

Faye looked at the picture of the man. He had semi long blonde hair that went just barely past his ears and he had hazel eyes. Faye gasped.

'THAT'S HIM!' Faye mentally screamed. Everyone saw the torn expression on Faye's face, and they all began to wonder.


Who is this man? How does Faye know him? What was that nightmare saying? Plz review.