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Recap: Faye fluttered her eyes. Her neck ached with a throbbing pain. She searched the room and found him holding something...a needle to be exact!

Ch. 3

The Vision

She opened her mouth to scream but instead had a firm hand slammed on her mouth. The dreaded needle which seemed to call out to her and draw nearer to her fear came closer. Her eyes widened with a indwelled horror. She struggled her slender legs rubbing against eachother with a amount stirred fear fluttering through her. Her stomach churned with an discomposed feeling. Her heart was racing and could be felt pounding within her. She struggled putting a fight with the puissant hands holding her down. In almost an instant she felt that harrowing needle enter her bare skin. She cringed in pain and tears began to gather in her eyes. It became so overwhelming that tears ran down her face. During this intense battle of that injection and her blood she fell to an unconscience state.

Meanwhile in the BeBop Spike could see Faye screaming in pain. She hollered something but he just couldn't decipher it. Before he knew it he noticed a man with a knife in his hand. Spike stared as if he was a stone statue and watched as this man slit Faye's throat. He screamed and he saw Faye laying there blood seeping out of her throat.

Spike arose taking heavy breathes. Sweat dripped from his brow and he wiped it away.

"You're finally awake. What's up with you? You were tossing and turning." Jet said.

Spike noticed it had all been one big nightmare and that he was back on the yellow couch. "Nothing, just a nightmare."

"About Faye, Faye?" Ed asked.

Spike remained silent. "has she returned?"

"Don't you think if she was here you we would of said so or you would've seen her?" Jet stated bluntly.

"I was just asking! Don't do that shit with me Jet! Not right now!" Spike yelled.

"Oh ya! Well then why don't you go try and find her!" Jet yelled.

"Guys stop fighting!" Ed yelled but was avoided.

"Oh so now you think you can order people around!?" Spike yelled.

"Well right now you're not doing much!" Jet yelled.

"Oh ya and what is that supposed to mean?" Spike replied.

"Ruff" Ein remarked jumping upon Jet.

Jet kicked him off and Ein yelped. "STOP IT!" Ed yelled standing up in between the two.

"If Faye, Faye was here you guys would have lost the argument!" Ed yelled.

This was the first time they'd ever heard Ed yell. Both men were struck with shock.

"She is right, Faye does seem to straighten things out.." Spike stated.

"Yeah, we really do need her don't we?" Jet said.

"Well why don't you guys go out and look for her?" Ed exclaimed.

Both glanced at eachother and shrugged their shoulders. They grabbed their coats and headed off on their search party. Spike walked along the streets checking anywhere and everywhere for his lost team member and friend. He asked anyone who he thought might know but came up with negative every time. As he strolled along this long path of nowhere he came upon that alley. He paused and took a path down it. 'To find this guy you've got to try and think like him Spike' he kept telling himself. Before he knew it he found himself down and unfamiliar path. 'Hmm don't remember this last night' he noticed that dead straight there was a fence; 'well he couldn't have lifted her over it so there must be another way but how they're are no other paths.' He walked along and took notice to a balcony with stairs. He smiled and quietly went up.

inside that room

Faye slowly opened her eyes hoping it all was a dream but it wasn't. Her neck ached with the pain of that needle and her body felt motionless. She felt so weary. She moaned and looked around the room. She saw him.

"Awe you're up." he said.

"Who are you? And what do you want with me?" she wearily asked.

"You really don't remember do you?" he asked.

"Remember what? How can you be real and be in my nightmares!?" she yelled.

"They really did a good job on you. Faye I'm your father." He said.

The moment he said that a vision flashed upon her.


She was thrown upon the bed. A man who looked like her father but younger laughed and smirked deviously. He pulled his shirt off then made his way towards her. She scooted back as far as she could but noticed she'd gone all the way up the bed. There was no where else she was trapped. He moved on top of her and pulled her hands together. He tied them with his belt so she could not resist. He reached down and unfortunately for her it looked as if she'd just gotten out of the shower for her attire consisted of nothing but a towel. He quickly pulled the towel off her body and moved his hands down and undid his pants. He quickly removed his attire and crouched upon her. She cried out in pain and he began to slowly caress her neck. That man was her father. The man of her nightmares.

End of Vision

She stayed their horrified that's when she noticed she was in someone's arms. A familiar scent someone that she loved. She looked up and saw bushy raven hair. It was Spike. She placed a small smile on her face and laid her head on his chest.

"Faye, you're going to be okay." His low deep reassuring voice spoke.

She smiled and slept knowing she was in a comfortable place.

'Faye, I'll get you and your friend for this I promise I will' her father thought.

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