Chapter 1: John is a new guy in the town of Peach tree. He comes from South Africa, and moved right next door to Dana. One morning Dana comes out of her room and goes down stairs. Her mother is cleaning like usual, and her little brother Tommy is reading a new comic book. The only thing missing from the picture is her dad. Dana looks at the clock, it's 9:15 on a Saturday. Her dad is usually just getting home from an all night work job. Dana is not very tall but tall enough for her age. She's 16 and has hazel eyes with brunette hair. Today was hotter than ever so she decided she would look cute in her bathing suit, and a pair of shorts over it. Just as she was about to go outside she peered through the window. A moving truck was outside and people were moving in. the first thing that came to mind was if there was a boy or girl her age moving across the street. No sooner had she thought that then a boy with a mushroom cut haircut stepped out of the house. He was really cute. As Dana walked out she waved and the family across the street waved back. When she got to her car Dana realized she had forgotten her keys. So she headed back towards the house. No sooner had she stepped in the door than her annoying brother yells at her mom that Dana had a crush on the weird new next-door neighbors. Quickly she grabbed her car keys and was out the door. Going out on a nice day like this was just what Dana needed to think about her new and cute next-door neighbor. Possibly he could be the boy she goes out with, or maybe just a really good friend. Dana met up with Kim and Rachel. These are her two best friends. Every Saturday they do one of three things. They either go to a movie, get ice cream, or go to Dana's ex boy friends house. Even though Jason and Dana had broken up they still remained close friends. Instead of staying inside on this beautiful but hot day Dana decided why not get ice cream. When they got there they ran into the new kid John again. "Hey Dana do you know him?" Rachel asked as they sat across the room with their ice creams. "Yeah he is my new next door neighbor. Isn't he cute?" Dana replied with a wide grin on her face. "You like him! Oh My God! Girl that is so cool. Where's he from. What's his name? Does he have another brother?" Kim asked hurrying to get all of her questions out in the open. "I'm not exactly sure yet. When I walked out of the house today I saw him and I waved and he waved. I really can't tell you anything at this point." She said as soon as Kim shut up. Dana looked up and saw John standing right there. Her mouth wide open she muttered a quick hello.