Better late than never…

"We appear to be a little late..."

"Yes, the whole town disappearing into the ground dose give that impression."

"They're just over there; we could go drop it off…"

"Will she still need it?"

"I don't know…"

"We could ask..."

"You ask!"

"I'm not talking to the Metatron: they don't like me!"

"They're a Seraphin, the Voice of God; they don't like anybody."

"You're not helping Aziraphale: I thought angels where meant to help?"

"You're a demon Crowly: I'm not meant to help demons…"

"You helped me with Tadfeild…"

"And I'm still paying the price!"

"What price?"

"Being stuck with you for missions like this!"

"You could appeal."

"One dose not ask God to change his mind!"

"Lucifer did…"

"And look where that got us: how many Apocalypses have we had this year?"

"I don't know: 3 or 4?"

"8 Crowly, 8: I counted them!"

"So what are we going to do with this thing?"

"Let's drop this off and get it over with: if it's the wrong thing to do, they can send someone else to deal with it…"

"Excuse me, Miss Summer's? Sorry we're late: we where sent to give you this sword…"

The End