Questions by moonlight

"Is something wrong?" Belldandy asked when she finally found Xander in the middle of the garden, looking up at the stars, "Why did you leave the party?"

"There was something I asked your father the last time I saw him." Xander smiled; "I'm a bit of a traditionalist about this sort of thing."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothings wrong: only one thing could make it better." Xander got down on one knee, "Belldandy, I love you more than anything and I want to spend the rest of my life with you: Will you marry me?"

"Yes." Belldandy nodded as she started to cry, "I will marry you."

The End

That's all for now folks: I am planning a full-length sequel that will see Belldandy get in a goddess-on-goddess fight with Glory, but I want to finish some of the storeys I'm working on first. I'm going to be running a contest for a title for the new story: the winner gets their suggestion used with credit given, so get typing.