It was early evening in the city of Nerima. Businessmen and day-shift workers were on their way home from their busy jobs. Men, women and childern were traversing the streets. It was a saturday. And like all saturdays in Japan, it was the equivilent of an American friday. Unlike the western countries, Japan's official first day of the week began on Tuesday. The days of sunday and monday were considered the offical weekends. And like all weekends, it was the time when resturants would make most of their money.

The Nekohaten wasn't an exception. Families gathered in one of Nerima's hotspots for trouble, despite the fact that there could be a bout of random violence between a certain purple haired amazon waitress upon a myopic hidden weapons waiter.

Tonight was different though. 'Mr. Part-timer' wasn't around to mistake a mannish-looking female for a gruff-looking construction worker. Nor was he around to mistake a bishonen guy and his butch homosexual partner for a married couple to seemed to have lost their hairy child, a doberman pincer.

The lack of help during the rush wasn't unnoticed by the owner and her great-grandmother.

"Xian Pu!" called Khulon from the kitchen in mandarin. "Where is that idiot Mu Tzu?"

"I don't know, honored one." Shampoo replied back. "But I will sure as hell pound the moron when he shows up."

"After the rush, dearie." The old crone threw a pair of hot bowls like frisbies. "Two pork special's for table four!"

The customers all clapped when their favorite waitress caught the bowls with the tips of her fingers. Eating at the Nekohaten was always entertaining.

Speaking of Mr. Part-timer, he was walking along the street towards the Tendo dojo with a little pep in his step. In his hands he carrier a pair of delivery boxes, stolen from the Nekohaten when the old bat of a Matriarch went out for some supplies. That was his time to put his long awaited plan into action.

The old bat Khulon didn't even suspected that I knew, he thought to himself. I know of her hidden library in the basement and what it contained. You cannot hide something like that from a master of hidden weapons like myself. With this scroll, I shall be rid of Saotome forever and my darling Xian Pu will be mine!

He looked down, while wearing his glasses, at the old parchment tucked into his clothing. He thought of his other part of the plan.

These magic mushrooms that I picked up from my last training trip will assure me of my victory. One year aged and cooked in this shrimp and mushroom ramen. Only Ranma would eat this as everyone in the Tendo dojo dislikes this combination. Even that glutton of a father doesn't eat it. Eat this Ranma, and you'll be too young and took weak to stop me.

He bit off a chuckle as he stepped up to the Tendo's front door. He rang the doorbell with his foot and waited. It was only a moment before it slide open and he was greeted by Kasumi.

"Oh, Mousse-kun. How may I help you?"

As usual, the elder Tendo sister was cheerful and calm, he observed.

"Ah, Kasumi-san. I have a delivery here for your family, Saotome's included." he said.

"Oh my! But we haven't ordered anything today from the Nekohaten. I think you must be mistaken."

He shook his head.

"No, it's on the house. From me." He handed her the boxes forcefully and turned away. "Tell Saotome it's an offer of a temporary peace until I sort things out." And he left before she could say anything.

"Oh my.." She sighed. At least she could take a break from cooking tonight. Sometimes she wished her father would get off his ass and help her take care of the house. Though she wouldn't voice that out-loud. It wasn't proper of her to demand anything from her father.

"Who was that Kasumi-chan?" Soun asked when his daughter returned.

"Oh, it was Ranma-kun's friend, Mousse." She held up the two delivery boxes. "This was given to us from him for free. He said something about a temporary truce until he can clear his head or something like that."

"Che, like he has anything up there to clear up anyway." grumbled Ranma.

"My Saotome, how appreciative." dead-panned Nabiki. "And here I thought you enjoyed free food."

"Hey, I didn't say I wasn't gonna except it!"

"Growf!" [Step-aside boy! I want my share too!] signed Genma.

Kasumi passed out the food. There was alot in these boxes. Eggrolls, ramen, rice and even some meatbuns that made everyones mouth water. Everyone got a bowl of ramen, but when Nabiki got her's she looked at Ranma.

"Oi, Ranma-kun. Trade."



"Mushrooms?" he asked. She nodded. "Deal!"

"Wow, so enthusiastic." Kasumi noted on how quickly Ranma gulped down the only dish the whole family would rather commit seppukku before they ate it.

"Speak of which, Ranma." Nabiki looked at him and pointed her hashi (chop-sticks) at him. "Why was Akane so giddy before she left this morning?"

Ranma grumbled.

"Well, since my mom found out about my curse and excepted me, she found it that it was her duty to teach Akane how ta be a proper house wife. Ya know, cook and all that other stuff." He paused, then started to chuckle. "Fat chance it'll do anyway. Akane probably burned down the kitchen by now!"

"Ha ha ha... good one Ranma." She looked at him. Blinked. Then look down. "Ranma?!"

Everyone jumped up and looked down at Ranma. At one moment, he was a healthy seventeen year-old young man and now he was a little toddler that was too small to fit his clothing!

[What the heck---?!] sighed the Panda.

"Oh my!"

"Ranma-kun!" Soun cries #102 'My Future Son-in-Law turned into a child again!'

"M-magic mushrooms!" Nabiki stated, looking back at Ranma's bowl and remembering a similiar incident.

A laugh caught the families attention and they swivelled their heads to the patio. Mousse stood there with an evil smirk. His glasses were set atop his head but he was clearly facing the family. The look in his eyes was that of someone with a killer intent. What was worse, he was looking directly at the very younger Ranma dispite his lack of visual aid.

Baby Ranma, though small, still had his mind and shoot his little fist at the older and taller boy. He wanted to cry, a reaction purely of the body, but he used his will to hold it back.

"Mousse! What do you think you are doing!? How dare you do this to poor Ranma!" shouted Soun, putting up a front before his daughters.

"Shut up."

A wooden-clog smacked Soun on the forehead and knocked him out. Genma, seeing this, immediately left unnoticed. Something impossible for someone of his size and furry stature, but he did it.

"N-now Mousse-kun. You wouldn't attack a child would you?" Nabiki moved to grab a hold of her sister's fiancee in defense. She jumped back when a knife imbedded itself in her path. Damn it, she thought. This is serious. "Keep back Kasumi. We don't know what this moron would do."

No one spoke. No one moved, except Mouuse. He simply retrieved the scroll from his robe and rolled it open. The two sisters and neo-toddler watched in fear and in anger. The myopic Amazon male bit onto his thump and rubbed it in a straight line across the length of the scroll's text, smearing blood. He finally spoke.

"Banishment Technique." It wasn't a statement. It was the words used to call upon the power of the scroll. By itself, the parchment rolled itself into Mousse's hand and began to glow. With a simple flick of his wrist, it slammed into little Ranma's head and engulfed him in a blinding white light.

Nabiki shielded her eyes along with Kasumi. When she felt it was safe, she opened her eyes. She gasped! Not only was Mousse gone, but Ranma disappeared completely. The only thing that remained of her brother-in-law was a black burn mark on the tatami mats.

"Ranma...?" she whispered. Tears came to her eyes. She looked out into the night and saw Mousse standing atop the property walls. "Damn you..." she whispered a curse as he fled. She looked at her sister.

She fainted and was fine.


Nabiki gathered what remained of him. His clothes. She held them to her bosom and rubbed her cheek to them, to feel what remained of his warmth.

And she cried. It was the first time she genuinely cried after 10 years. She cried because this was the second time in her life that she lost someone that she loved. First her mother.

Now Ranma.

Despite how she treated him, she loved him more than anything in the world. It just took her loss of him to finally realized that. Why she always took pictures of him, besides trying to make money.

And she regretted it. Now that he was gone, she was too late to tell him her feelings. That she really did love him and wanted him back as her fiancee, like that one time when she bought him from Akane. But this time, for real.

"Ranma-kun.... suki (I love you)." she whispered before she fainted.



The young man that held the title of 'Hokage' turned to the voice that called him. He smiled. It was that middle-aged gentlement from the Lee family, one of the last remaining member including his wife, that he spoke with yesterday. He blinked when he saw the bundle in his arms.


"Hokage-sama. I think I found the answer to my prayers!" he stated excitedly.

"Oh? Does it have to so something with..." he looked at the bundle more closely. "A child?"

"Yes. I was out in the forest meditating when a light blinded me. When everything cleared, I found this baby boy in my lap wrapped in this exact blanket with a note pinned on him."

The Hokage blinked. "What did the note say?"

"It said, 'Take care of this Wild Horse'. It was very confusing to say the least. But I believe that this was the answer to me and my wife's prayers." He paused. "She was also excited by this, but demanded that I ask you for advice and..."


"Well, it's complicated, Hokage-sama. You need to see this."


"Well, that is unique."

The young Hokage poured cold water on the baby boy and watch him turn into a girl. Poured a little warm water and the reverse happened. He looked at Lee.

"Show me where you found her.. the baby." he shook his head. "So confusing."

"You should of seen my wife. She passed out."

"I do sense some strange chakra in the area. But it is different that of human, beast or demon." The young Hokage crosses his arms and contemplated the situation. "Just appeared out of no where, you say?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama." stated Lee.

"Well, Lee. I believe that someone has chosen you to take care of this baby. Then went through all the trouble to give it to you directly. I am assigning you to a permament mission. It is the duty of you and your wife to raise that child to the best of your abilities. Love and care for him as any parent would care for their child. Are you willing to accept this mission?"

Lee beamed with happiness. This is what he has always wanted! He and his wife have tried for over fifteen years to bear a child. But it wasn't until a year ago when they found out that she was barren and he also was incapable of creating life. But now, their prayers have been answered.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. I am honored to except this mission."

"Ha ha. Of course you would, Lee."

"But.. what of the baby's.. ability?"

That stopped the Hokage. He paused to think.

"The power I felt when the baby changed was very strong. It wasn't evil nor was it good. And it was definately not chakra. In fact, I do not feel any chakra from this child at all." He paused again. "But, I do feel that there is a way to 'lock' this ability of the child so that there would be no problems or it would be ostrasized by the other children as it grows up."

"H-how can this be done, Hokage-sama." Lee asked.

"This power from the child is strong. The ONLY way I know of would be to seal a being of equal power within the child using a sealing technique."

"Really, Hokage-sama!?"

"Sure. In two days we shall depart to find a powerful being to seal within the child. But for now, bring 'him' to your wife and enjoy the feeling of fatherhood."

"Thank you very much, Hokage-sama. You are so kind." Lee paused. "But what shall I name this child?"

The young Hokage smiled.

"The note did tell you to take of this 'wild horse', correct?"



Lee nodded to his leader then looked down at the baby boy, no girl! No.. his child. His SON.

"I swear to you, Ranma. With all my abilities, I will raise you to be a great son I would be proud of."

"A man that this Hidden Village of Konoha would be proud to say that you are family."


Just something I thought up while laying in bed after watching the anime "Naruto". It's an Anime about ninja's. It's pretty cool! Hilarious and awesome. Not as good as Ranma 1/2, but I like it.

For you Naruto fans, if you haven't guessed it, Ranma will be taking the place of Rock Lee in the series! Rock Lee Gaara / Rock Lee Sasuke / Rock Lee Naruto / Rock Lee Neji / Rock Lee Gai / Gai Kakashi


Note: This story will concentrate on what Rock Lee's life was suppose to be like, except Ranma takes his place in the Naruto storyline. This also takes place AFTER Nodoka found out about his curse and accepted him. Ranma never fought Saffron.