Link and Zelda strolled through the woods together. Link led Epona with one hand and held Zelda's hand in the other. "Now you see that," said Link pointing at a creature in a tree. "That's a gold skultulla." he said

"There are gold ones too?" she asked as she made a disgusted face. "The normal ones are gross enough." she giggled.

"Well, there's supposed to be something special about a gold skultulla," he said as he stopped and pulled an arrow from his quiver. "It's been said that they're magic. I've heard people call them 'spiders of the curse' in Termina. It's said that if you kill all of them in the world, the curse they bear will be lifted."

"How will you know when you've gotten them all?"

"Watch." he said as he shot it with an arrow. It screeched in pain and disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving behind a gold token. Link cast out his hookshot and retrieved the token to show his wife. "See? It leaves behind a gold token that proves you killed it."

"Wow. So what kind of curse do they bear?" she asked as she looked at the token. Link shrugged.

"I dunno. I met a bunch of guys in Kakariko village actually, they were supposedly under the curse," he said as he slung his bow over his shoulder.

"Really? In Kakariko?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, they were all weird lookin' half-spider guys and they asked me to break the curse for them by killing all the golden skultullas in the world. I told'em 'I'll see what I can do' and after I popped off a hundred or so, the whole curse was lifted. I thought I had got them all and those guys gave me all this money that I didn't want," Zelda giggled at Links modesty as she held squeezed his hand tighter and leaned against his shoulder while she walked, blissfully listening to whatever he would talk about. "But I keep findin' more of these things. It's kind of a side thing I do, I kill every one I come across and keep track of 'em all. I want to see how many there really are. There must be tons of curses out there." he said as he tipped his head down on Zelda's head.

"Is that what you have in that chest under the floor boards?" she asked as she looked up at him and squinted with suspicion.

"Yep." he said casually. "How did you find that?" he suddenly looked at her as he realized what she said. She giggled.

"You know, every morning, I get up and step on that loose board and I say 'Honey? Why is this so loose?' and then you say 'oh don't worry about it Zelda, I'll fix it later'" she said as she imitated Link's voice in a purposefully deep voice. Link laughed at her imitation. "But you have the stupid thing locked, so I didn't know what was in it. I meant to ask you about that, I just never got around to it I guess." she said.

"Ah," Link said. The two walked until they reached Hyrule field at the edge of the woods. The sun was setting casting large shadows across the field. "We better be getting back home." Link said. He went to get on Epona as he looked over and saw Zelda looking towards the castle. Her hair blew in the wind as a tear sparkled in her eye. Link marveled at how beautiful he thought she was. He felt compassion on his wife; he knew she always got sentimental when she saw the castle. He tried to lead them out of the woods through another spot where the castle wouldn't be visible. He walked up to her and embraced her from behind. "Zelda, honey, c'mon, it's getting dark, those poes will be out in force soon, we need to get home." he said quietly as the two slowly rocked from side to side enjoying each others embrace.

"Mmmm. Father is probably ranting about another law that Ruaru has said is 'an abomination to the Hylian way of life'" she did another humorous imitation, this time of Ruaru, to cover up her sorrow, though Link knew she was sad, but he laughed anyway. "It's been three years Link," she said in reflection. "Three years since I married you and moved away from the castle to be with you in your little cottage." she said "And after all this time I've had to think about that fateful decision," she said as she turned and put her arms around Link, "I still don't regret it." she said. "I love you." she whispered with a tear as she kissed him.

Link knew she was telling the truth despite her sorrow of leaving her life of royalty and comfort. He would feel bad at times because he couldn't give the kind of comfort she was accustomed too. All he could do was all the things he normally did that made him happy, and hope that by sharing them with her, they would make her happy. Zelda knew this of her husband and it only made her appreciate him more every day. They still were welcome at the castle. Whatever they would need, the king would drop everything to tend to their needs. But like her husband, she decided not to be dependant on the royal court; so she rarely asked for much. She would only ever ask for time, time from her father, just as Link asked it of her. Her father always gave time graciously, and Link would always be at Zelda's side.

"I love you too Zelda." he said quietly as he kissed her back. She looked at the castle for a few more moments, then turned to let Link help her up onto Epona. Link mounted up on Epona, kicked his heels into her and gave a strong "Yah!" and Epona was off. Zelda reflected on the past three years she spent married to her champion, as she held fast to Link's waist while Epona rode like the wind. They had spent much time alone, in the solitude of Link's cottage in the woods. They would spend their days roaming around, visiting all the people Link knew through his travels. They would explore different parts of Hyrule seeking adventure. They would spend time helping people who needed help, whether it was protecting livestock from ghosts all night or just helping someone plow a field, Zelda was exposed to Link's unselfishness. And she smiled as she realized; it infected her. Or they would take long walks through the woods and she would listen to Link talk about his many different adventures.

"When they got home, it was twilight, and they could here the wolfos howling in the distance. They sat on the roof together, as they sometimes did, while they ate their soup. "The moon peaks over the mountain and it looks so big, but when it gets high up it looks so small." marveled Zelda.

"Higher it is the better." Link chuckled.

"Yeah," she said with a smile as she scooted closer to Link. "I always appreciated nights like these when you would stay late at the castle and we would watch the sunset and the moonrise, just like this." she said as she leaned against Link.

"Me too."

"It's hard to believe that we have as many as we want now." she said as she yawned. Link decided to put his wife to bed as he scooped her up in his arms and jumped to the ground.

"Enjoy them honey..." he said thoughtfully as he closed the door to the cottage behind him, "We can take as many as we want." The End.

There you have it! Rich Berrigan's entire tale. Just to let you know, at size 10 font in Times New Roman, this thing is over 60 pages long! Now that's a writer! Any praise this story receives I will attempt to relay to Mr. Berrigan. Thanks for reading!