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The Transformers: Wings of the Dark




The Golden Age of Cybertron had returned to its inhabitants. As peace reigned on Cybertron, the Autobots began to live as they once had before the war but it was hard.

Most Autobots were activated during the war so sometimes it was hard to believe that peace has come back at last.

But for Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, it was a welcomed event.

Watching the world as its inhabitants go through their lives peacefully was something he missed as Orion Pax. After unloading the energon from the barges, he and his girlfriend Ariel used to cruise around the city and watched the world go by.

"Optimus Prime," Prime turned and found Perceptor and Blurr standing behind him. They were almost exited about something. Earlier, he had them explore every level of the planet for residual Decepticon resistance. So far, they haven't found any.

"What is it, Perceptor?" he asked curiously. The only time that Perceptor's exited when he discovered something good.

"It'sunbelievebletotalyunbelievablewefoundsomethingsomethingthatyoumaywantto see!" Blurr blurted out before Perceptor could utter a word.

"Slow down, Blurr. Perceptor, what did you find?"

"You'd better come with us, Optimus," Perceptor started to walk towards the lift.

"Where are we going?" Prime said as he followed them.

"Blurr found a cryogen chamber and it was filled with Autobots," Perceptor said as the lift descended into the lower depths of the planet.

"Are they functional?" Prime asked in concern. It was hard to believe that there are still Autobots under the depths of the planet.

"Actually, they seem to be in pretty good condition," Perceptor said. "They seem to be... asleep."

"Theyaresleepinglikebabiesandyouknowbabies..." Blurr started but was silenced by Prime's sigh.

"Babies can cry loud, Blurr," he chuckled. "Danny was loud when he was a baby." The lift stopped at the appointed floor before Blurr had a chance to reply.

"We are here, Prime," the doors opened and Optimus saw a room with different glass chambers each containing an Autobot.

"Any ideas who placed them here?" he asked.

"None but we could ask them," Perceptor said as he went towards a panel. "I just wanted your permission."

"You have it," Prime said and Perceptor operated the controls. In an instant, power flowed into the chambers, reenergizing the Autobots inside.

"Who do you think they are?" Perceptor asked as he marveled at the chambers.

"We will see in a second," Prime said but paused when he saw a familiar figure in one of the chambers. "Can it be?" slowly, he walked towards the chamber. As he neared, the figure became clear.

The chamber suddenly opened and the Autobot within shakily stepped forward.

Prime could not believe his optic sensors. He never thought he would see her again.

"Wh... where am I?" the female Autobot almost stumbled but Optimus Prime caught her.

"Optimus?" she wearily said as her sensors focused on him.

"Hello Elita,' he said, his joy evident in his voice.

"I miss you," she said as she leaned on his chest. Prime smiled under his faceplate and lifted her into his arms.

"We'll never be apart," he promised as he carried her towards the lift. "Perceptor, Blurr, see to the others. I'll send someone down to help."

"Will do Prime," Perceptor smiled and did his duty.

"What's been happening, Optimus?" Elita asked as she looked at his face. Prime entered the lift and it moved upwards towards the surface.

"Nothing much," he said with a gleam in his eyes.

"What mischief are you planning?" she asked warily as the lift stopped. When she looked outside, she could see the golden glow of the city. "Am I dreaming?"

"The Golden age has returned," Prime said as he carried her to the window for a better view.

"Has peace returned?" she asked hopefully but Prime looked sullen.

"We could only hope for the future."


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