Hermione got up. OF COURSE! What was I waiting for? I can't let him leave my life! Hermione smiled at Sirius and ran out the door. Sirius sighed.

"I only get visitors when someone's having a problem...being the ghost of a supposed murderer sucks." Sirius muttered.

Hermione ran all over Hogsmeade in search of Ron. After about an hour of unsuccessful searching, she gave up. Sitting down on a small fountain, she wondered how she could have screwed up her friendship with Ron so badly. They used to be the best of friends. They WERE the best of friends last year. If she had a problem, he was there for her. If he had a problem, she would do the same. They would sit in the common room until midnight every night to talk about their day. It was perfect. Now everything was so confusing and stressed, she didn't know if they could ever be like that again. Hearing a familiar voice, she turned around.

"So the whole family threw Fred a party for him and his boyfriend. Dad was a bit angry though. He came up to me and actually said, and I quote 'I'm trusting you for some Weasley offspring.' I'm guessing that was his form of a sex talk. I had to bite my lip to stop from cracking up.' Ron said, rounding the corner with Harry and Ginny.

Hermione cleared her throat, hoping to get his attention. He looked at her quickly, not stopping to talk to her. To her surprise, he didn't even hesitate to keep walking. Neither did Harry or Ginny stop to say a simple hello. She cleared her throat again. This time he stopped and looked at her.

"Here." He said.

With a swift movement of his wand, a small package landed in her hand. "Frog-away: The fast way to get the frog out of your throat." She smiled as he walked off. Then she realized, he didn't even acknowledge who she was. He just gave her a COUGH DROP! He kept on laughing with Ginny and Harry. She quickly got up. Following them, she rounded another corner. She ended up in a small café. It was full of dark Honeydukes' chocolates and strong coffee. Harry, Ginny, and Ron were seated in the corner of the café. She grabbed a seat diagonal from them. She ordered a small cappuccino and small chocolate bar. She muttered an enchantment and a small note arrived on the others' table.

Hey Ron. Why aren't you talking to me?

Seconds later, a note arrived on her table. Soon, a full-fledged note-a-thon was happening.

Weasley number 1:Because I'm mad. DUH.

Potter: Jeez Hermione...you'd think N.E.W.T.S would have meant you had SOME brainpower.

Granger: Oh jeez, Harry. Are you against me too?

Potter: Obviously. Doesn't your swollen bottom lip tell you anything?

Weasley #2: Yeah. I can add another one if that one didn't make a statement.

Granger: I thought you were my friend, Ginny.

Weasley #2: I was before you hurt my brother.

Weasley #1: I told you I wouldn't talk to you if you didn't own up to your mistakes.

Granger: What do you call this?

Weasley #1: It's called writing. Ever used it?

Granger: Can I just talk to you? I can move over to your table and we can just speak rationally and calmly.

Weasley #1: It won't do you any good, but sure.

Hermione got up out of her chair and went to sit next to Ron. He scooted over towards Ginny to give her room. He looked very angry with her. And she knew he had every right to be. She had been a stupid git, just as she used to call him. She looked at him with concern.

"Look, Ron, I've been stupid. I've overlooked every good thing in my life. I've eventually lost them. I don't want to lose you." Hermione said.

"Hermione, I'm not going to forgive you so easily this time. I'm so sick of forgiving you every time you make a mistake. You get these big speeches and you cry. I feel bad and forgive you. Well, I'm not going to this time. You can cry and whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but I won't care. I'm not changing my mind. Just forget me. Forget Harry, forget Ginny, and just leave us behind. I know why you hurt me COUNTLESS times this year. It's a little popularity contest. You want to fit in with the 'cool' crowd. And we're not it. So go be friends with all those stuck-up girls. Go hang out with Parvati, Lavender, Padma, and all those girls. After you've been with them for about, let's see, 20 minutes...we'll be off your mind. Unless of course, you're insulting us. Which is precisely what I think you will do. Is that a good enough calm talk for you? I didn't even raise my voice." Ron replied, whispering. (A/N: Ron is sounding so SMART!)

"Ron...don't be like this." Hermione pleaded.

"Be like what? Smart? Sensible? I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago, 'Mione." Ron said.

"Ron...You're right about the popularity thing. But I've come to find out how wrong I was."

Ron glared at her. Slowly, he got up from his chair. He walked away from her, out of the café. Ginny followed him, but Harry didn't.

"Why did you have to do this, Hermione? You used to be better than this." Harry said, coldly.

"Harry, you know I'm not like this. I love him. I'm not lying. I really have fallen for him. I didn't mean to, I didn't want to. I've become helpless to my feelings and I don't want to lose him. I didn't want to hurt him. You have to believe me...you're the only person I have left." Hermione pleaded.

"Fine. Come here." Harry walked from the café.

Hermione followed slowly, picking up her chocolate bar from the other table. Harry led her to the Shrieking Shack where he put her next to the door. She heard voices. She couldn't make them out very well, but she knew one of them was Ron's.

"Sirius, I can't do this. It's hard to do this to her."

"Then why do you do it?"

"Didn't I already tell you?"

"Does that mean it made sense?"

"I don't want to be hurt again-"

"Look Ron, save it. Why are you going to let her leave? She loves you and you love her. I don't see a problem. In love, you get hurt. DEAL WITH IT, MAN!"

She heard Ron let out an exhausted sigh. She was guessing he agreed with Sirius. Well, that was what she hoped. All of a sudden, Sirius' head poked out of the wall. He smiled.

"Well hello, Hermione! Hello Harry! What brings you to my humble abode?" Sirius said in a mock cheerful voice. "Eavesdropping, I suppose?"

"We are. Can you give this to Ron?" Harry said, holding out a letter to Hermione.

"What is this?" Hermione said, confused.

"It's a letter you're going to write Ron." Harry said.

Hermione pulled a quill from her pocket. She figured she might as well try one last time. She would give it her all. Dotting the quill in the ink, she started to write.

Dear Ron,

I know you must hate me. And honestly I don't blame you. You are the sweetest guy I have ever known and I took advantage of that. I was manipulative and downright mean. But all I'm asking for is a second chance. I know what I did was wrong and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to prove that to you. If you are not ready to forgive me at this moment in time, that's fine with me too. I understand completely. Just please think it over. You mean so much to me that if I were to lose you, it would be a complete tragedy. You may not understand just yet...but I love you. I would scream it off tall buildings. I LOVE RONALD WEASLEY! You are the greatest person I know. You make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. You bring out the best and worst in me. You are everything to me. Even if you never talk to me again, know this. I never intended for us to end up this way. I have always loved you, if not always in this way. Every future I dreamt of, you were in. When I thought of my wedding, you were there. Whether you are the groom or the best man, you were there. I don't want that to change. Please forgive me. Let's just forget about this all okay?

Love always,


She got up, wiped a tear from her eye, and handed the note to Sirius. He smiled reassuringly and disappeared. A moment later, Ron opened the door. He stood there for a minute, a tear rolling down his cheek. Then, he ran over to her and hugged her. She was overwhelmed by this but truly welcomed it. She grasped his shoulder and buried her head in his neck. He kissed the top of her head, stroking her hair. She started apologizing quickly, but he shushed her quietly. Scratching her back lightly, he silently told her it was all right.

"Can we just...start this over?" Ron asked.

"Of course." Hermione said, smiling brightly.

He pulled her into a kiss. It felt wonderful. Guiltless, loving, and selfless. It was just how it had been that night in the common room. When Hermione felt sparks and Ron was telling his feelings. Before the betrayal, heartbreak, and pain, it was special. It felt...right. Breaking away, he smiled down at her. Wiping a tear from her face, he said the one thing she had been waiting for.

"Love you." Ron said, knowing it wasn't a failure.

"Love you too." Hermione said, stroking his face.

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