Title: Love & Tribulations
Rating: NC-17
Content: Love, Tribulations LoL. Sex.
Distribution: Please Ask First
Characters: (Non Wrestling) Cj, Nikki, Faith & Dogma (Wrestlers) Sean O'Haire, Mark Jindrak, Randy Orton, Dave Batista, John Cena, Rico & Jeff Hardy (sorry if you don't think Jeff classes as a wrestler but I do). Also some minor parts from others.
Disclaimer: I only own Cj, Nikki and Faith. Everyone else owns themselves. Although there's a few of them I wouldn't mind owning LoL
WARNINGS i.e.: There may be some mild language, sexual reference and sex
Summary by Chapter: WWE flies into New York and Mark Jindrak's little sisters Cj and Nikki join their brother at the show and they don't waste time as far as the men are concerned.

Love & Tribulations – Chapter 1

The plane landed and the passengers made their way to baggage claim.

"So both your sisters are coming to the show?" asked Sean

"Yeah and I think they're bringing Marcus too. It's a real family gathering"

"Cool, and are they single?" asked Cena

Mark stopped and turned to Cena "Yeah they are but Cena mimics John waving his hand in front of his face. You can't see them, they're untouchable. And that goes for all of you. Keep your hands off my sisters."

They all laughed and walked away from Mark.

"Big brother Mark, you don't wanna mess with him" joked Sean

"I mean it guys I don't want you guys using my sisters like all the other girls you pick up on the road"

"Woah now that's not fair those girls pick us. We can't help being Gods"

Mark smiled "Ok well you've been warned"


A car pulled up at the arena and out of the car came Sean O'Haire, Randy Orton, Dave Batista, John Cena and Mark Jindrak. As Mark stepped out a shrieking cry echoed.

"Dad!!" Mark looked around and saw his son Marcus in the arms of his youngest sister Cj. Cj with Marcus in her arms and her elder sister Nikki made their way through the crowd and Mark met them at the barriers. He lifted Marcus out of Cjs arms and over the barrier.

"Marky what have you been up to?"

"I've been learning to play baseball"

"Baseball? You want to be playing basketball."

Sean walked over to the railings and helped both Cj and Nikki over the barriers.

"Thanks" Cj said as Sean safely guided her to the ground. Sean returned a smile and they all made their way into the arena. Mark took his son and sisters into the locker room and put Marcus down and he began to play with his toys.

"Now can your little sister get some love?"

Mark smiled and hugged his sister. He kissed her and whispered in her ear while looking at Nikki.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Man trouble"

"I don't wanna know anymore let her sulk"

Cj smiled at her brother as he sat next to Marcus. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Sean O'Haire, Randy Orton, Dave Batista and John Cena. Randy smiled at Cj as he walked in and Cj returned the smile.

Nikki stood up to make room for them and as she did she walked into Dave by accident.

"Oh sorry" she said instantly. She looked up and saw the muscular Adonis smiling down at her.

"No worries. Can I get passed you to put my things down?"

"Of course" smiled Nikki as she turned sideways deliberately pressing herself against him as they passed each other. She looked back over her shoulder flirtatiously smiling at Dave. She turned to make her way over to Mark and Cj and was stopped by a smitten John.

"Hi I'm..."

"John Cena, yeah I remember you"

"You remember me, from where?"

"I visited OVW and you were that Prototype guy right?

"Yeah that was me. I don't remember you though and I'm shocked because I don't usually forget a beautiful woman"

"Nikki you've gotta go now so we can get ready for the show" Mark interrupted

"I don't mind you guys changing. You have nothing I haven't seen before"

"Nikki!!" called Cj

"It's weird I had you down as the flirtatious tease" said Sean.

Cj looked at him and tilted her head "Really?"

"Yeah, I thought all blondes were"

"Not this blonde. I make my guys work for me. So when they have me they appreciate it"

"I'll keep that in mind"

"And just in case you forget I'll go and write it on the back of your girlfriends hand for you"

"How do you know I have a girlfriend?"

"Because Mark knows therefore so do I. Marcus baby come on we've gotta go outside"

Marcus ran over to Cj and they left the locker room. Mark dragged Nikki and threw her out the room. Mark turned back to the guys.

"What did I say about my sisters?"

"To make them feel welcome?"


"Did you see John flirting with me?"

"Yeah but this is the same guy that makes Vanilla Ice look like a legend. He's probably doing it because he can't get laid"

"Thanks Cj it's nice to know I'm a last resort"

Cj laughed and hugged her sister

"So are you interested?"

"Er..not really. I have a crush on someone else"


"Could be. What about you and Sean?"

"Me and Sean?"

"I saw you flirting with him"

"I was warning him off. He has a girlfriend and he's slime"

"And cute"

"Like Dave"

"Ahh Dave" Nikki smiled

"Who's married"

"It's a small glitch. I'll overcome it"

"Sometimes it's hard to believe that we're related. You're a home wrecker"

"And you're rarely laid"

"Yeah but I have a crystal clear conscience. Can you say the same?"

"Yeah I can"

"Do you feel any remorse?"

Nikki shrugged


The door opened to the locker and Randy walked out.

"Hey Randy are we ok to go back in?" asked Nikki

"Yeah they're all dressed"

"Shame" Nikki shot a devilish look at Cj and took Marcus into the locker room. Randy smiled at Cj and made his way across the room.

"How are you?" he asked

"I'm fine thanks. How are you?"


"Really? What happened?"

"I met this amazing girl and she left me in the middle of the night. After an amazing night of passionate sex she left. I woke up and she'd gone. No note, she never called and she still hasn't returned my calls."

"Sounds rough. And she sounds like..."

"A bitch?" Randy cut in

"I was going to say a busy woman"

"Will she ever return my calls?"


Randy smiled "I missed you kid"

"I bet you found plenty of girls to keep you company in my absence"

"Well of course I was trying to get over you"

Cj laughed "How many girls did it take?"

"I'm still trying"

"Oh so us getting together tonight would just screw you up?"

"Maybe if we had one final night together I could close the door and get on with my life"

"Are you sure you can handle it?"

"We'll just have to hope for the best"

Cj pulled Randy in for a kiss and Randy's hands travelled up and down her body. Cj started to push Randy away but Randy kept pulling her closer. Cj finally pulled away.

"We can't Mark might catch us?"

"Ok but tonight right?"


They kissed and parted ways Cj walked over to the locker room as Mark along with Marcus, Sean and John walked out.

"Hey Cj are you coming with us? We're going to get something to eat?"


The five of them walked away to catering.


Dave was on the floor doing press ups in just his sweat pants. Nikki sat silently watching his masculine physique move. Nikki was mesmerised by his broad shoulders the sweat trickling across them. Dave stopped and knelt up and looked at Nikki. She threw him a towel.

"Thanks. Why didn't you go with them?"

"I'm not hungry" she replied

"Ok so what are you guna do with yourself?"

"I was hoping you would keep me company"

"Ok sure, so what do you want to do?"

Nikki stood up and unzipped her jacket placing it on the bench behind her. She pulled down her tight fitting shirt as far as it would go, it still revealing her midriff and navel ring. She pulled up her low cut jeans and walked over to Dave and knelt down in front of him her cleavage hoisted in her scantily clad shirt she pressed against Dave and ran her hand down his chest and across his stomach to the tip of his sweat pants. Dave placed his large manly hands on her waist and pushed her away and raised his left hand showing her his wedding band and he smiled.

"I don't think so"

"You'll change your mind" she replied standing up

"I don't think so"

"Well I do. You're not a stupid man. And no smart man would say no to this" Nikki picked up her jacket and left the locker room.

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