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Gippal's POV

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Emerald On Emerald


It had been almost a month since The Gullwings had defeated Vegnagun and Nooj, Baralai, and I had given our little 'Speech Of Peace'... And this little speech of ours had hit the citizens of Spira almost as hard as The Ex-Summer's song, 1,000 Words. The people were reunited and enemies joined forces to help each other once more. So... things were good. The Gullwings didn't stop there quest for spheres. Even if Yuna had gotten her little lover boy back. Baralai and Nooj had New Yevon and Nooj's little group there come together to find out Spira's past. As for me... hell, all you need to know is that this is the beginning of my own story.

So, here I am. Alone is Djose Temple (I cant believe I'm finally ALONE!) tinkering with some machina like usual. I stood up and wiped my brow, quite pleased with what my work had done. Not every Al-Bhed could take a completely torn up machina and make it into something ten times better then it had been before in less then an hour. Okay, maybe one other, but she's not interested in playing with toys anymore. She's got a bigger outlook on life.

I bent down to inspect it and admire my work some more as the main door to the temple creaked open, letting in fresh air and the bright light from the outside world. "What is it?" I turned, expecting it too be one of my men coming to me with a problem. But all I saw was the temple doors and light shining through the crack. A single brow rose slowly and I stood up once more. "Okay, someone's getting fired." I put my hand to my side, scanning the area with my one good eye.

Just then, to my great surprise, someone or something came up behind me and jumped onto my back, causing me to fall down flat onto my face. WHAT THE...?! Uh... pain. Okay, now I am NOT happy, I was about to start shouting when I heard a small, familiar voice. "How can you fire me... if I don't even work for you?" The girl had giggled.

Immediately knowing who It is, I threw her off of my back with the great of ease and stood back up, wiping myself off. Looking down at blonde hair that covered her petite head. She looked up at me, with her green swirly eyes. "That can be arranged." I chuckled. "Well well well, if It isn't Cid's little girl." I grinned, bending down to do my usual 'pull her bandanna over her eyes and mess up her hair' routine.

"Fryd fyc drtd vun, Gippal?" She asked in our native tongue, Al-Bhed. "And I have a name!" She said, pulling her head band back up and pouting.

"Hm... Right." I replied. "Where's Dr. P and the oh great High Summoner?" I asked her with a smirk on my face.

She looked up at me and then slowly stood back up. "They're coming ... I ran ahead." She replied with a small smile. "I wanted to see how everything was..." She continued.

"Right." I laughed. "You just can't stand being away from me, can you?" I crossed my arms and looked down at her with a green eye, teasing her. She was always the girl I would tease, even back at Home.

She pouted again. "Ur, Oui'na cu sayh!"

"Fryd fyc drtd vun, Gippal?" – "What was that for, Gippal?"

"Ur, Oui'na cu sayh!" – "Oh, You're so mean!"

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