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Chapter 14 – "Dreams Come True"

Rikku smiled at me as she began to walk towards the temple. I knew I would not see her until we got married. Would I be able to last that long? I crossed my arms and scratched the back of my head, shaking it lightly. I crossed them as I did so.

"Gippal!" I heard the familiar voice of Baralai shout. I turned around, looking at the young Praetor of New Yevon and grinned as he ran up to me. Paine trailing behind with her arms crossed. He clapped a hand on my shoulder and grinned. "Nervous, Gippal?"

I smirked. "Pfft, me, nervous?" I asked. But really my insides were all twisted and mangling me to death.

"Whatever…" Paine mumbled. "Where's Rikku?" She asked, her voice lifting a bit. I thrust a gloved thumb behind me, pointing it towards the temple. "Alright…" she said and walked in that direction.


Zenira looked at a young blonde Al-Bhed girl and smirked. "I will have Rikku." He muttered. "I don't care what it takes. I want her." He eyed the girl, who stared at him obediently. Then he smirked. "Do you understand, Insana? You need to use your uhm… talents to win him over."

Insana rolled her eyes. "Yeah…" she mumbled. "Why is it so important to you, sir?"

Zenira laughed and rubbed the top of her head roughly, messing up her hair. Causing the girl the scowl and fix it quickly. "Not that I need the girl." He muttered under his breath. "More like her place in the Al-Bhed line." He smirked. "Gippal doesn't have what it takes to be the ruler of the Al-Bhed." He boasted confidently. "If I was leader… things would change."

"Hmmm…" Insana put a hand on her chin in deep thought. "I don't see what needs changing." She shrugged. "But alright." She looked down avoiding his eyes, knowing too well that he'd see right through them.

"Hey Babe." Zenira smirked, grabbing onto her hand, which was caressing her chin. He squeezed it a bit and smirked. "You just trust me, alright? I have my fathers weapon even if I did have to lie to Rikku for it."

Insana raised an eyebrow slowly. "So you where lying?" She asked, her eyes questioning his every word.

"Not entirely." He admitted. "My father and mother were apart long before I was born. My father had made the machina but never gave it to those Yevonites. My mom hated me for my Al-Bhed inheritance and sent me away to live in the desert as far away from her as possible. That's when Cid found me. He took me in and I was raised as an Al-Bhed. He thought I was just some kid that got lost in the desert. But when he found out I had no family, he still kept me." he paused. "My mother did die and frankly… I don't care. But my father… I honestly have no clue." He looked into her distrusting eyes and smirked. "But you my dear… you are unique." He brought his hand to her cheek.

She looked up at him and smiled lightly. "Unique, huh?"

"Yes." He replied. "Not many people have aeons for mothers."

Insana laughed. "Yes. You are right. But sometimes I see it rather as a burden than anything else." She avoided his gaze. Truth was, even this beautiful vixen had her own painful story. She looked down, hurt filling her clear eyes. "It's there wedding day Zenira." She turned her now half-pleading, half-determined eyes toward him.

"Exactly." Zenira replied, eyes growing cold. "You KNOW I'd just HATE to crash their party, babe." He winked.

Insana looked down once more, unsure of the conditions. "And what do I get out of this?" She put her hands together in front of her, a nervous habit she had had since she was a child.

"Babe…" Zenira walked up to her and cupped her cheek in his hand, rubbing it gently with the pad of his gloved thumb. He stared into her eyes longingly before pulling her into a deep, lustrous kiss. Which Insana immediately responded to, wrapping her arms around his neck comfortably. As if she had been waiting for something like this to happen for a very long time. "It's not what you'll get out of this or what I'll get out of this. It's what we'll get together." He said after breaking the kiss.

She looked up at him, her eyes trusting. "Can't we do it without breaking the two apart. Rumor has it, that Rikku is with child." Insana said sadly. "That child doesn't deserve the pain that we have all been through. Both you and I know that."

"Yeah yeah." Zenira sighed. "If they really do in fact 'love' each other than it will all work out at the end." He said coldly. "Besides the Al-Bhed race would be better off with us rather than pure Al-Bheds for a change."

"Why do you say that?"

He grinned and picked her up, causing her to giggle a bit. "Because my love…" He started. "We don't know what its like to be perfect, same as most of the Al-Bheds in today's society. I think they would agree quite well."

"I suppose."

Zenira looked her over, "Insana… you look tired. You should maybe take a rest before we crash their wedding."

Insana bowed her head apologetically. "Thank you, sir."

"Hey, babe." He lifted her chin so that she was facing him. "No need to call me sir, you know that." He grinned and brought a single gloved hand through her hair.

"O-of course." She stuttered before removing her gaze from his own and walking towards a shallowly lit hallway, up a spiral flight of stairs, and into her lone room. The girl walked up to her bed and lie herself down on it, eyes heavy with sleep.

A young man wiped some sweat off his forehead as he walked through the scorching heat of the desert. He put his hands to his knees and panted momentarily. The young man had been walking for quite some time, the sun bearing down on his back. He was considerably weakened compared to how he was when he first started his journey.

Looking back up, the young man was relieved and quite shocked to see some old structure that looked as if it would be a good place for shade, there was a small oasis, and a few palm trees. This would be the perfect spot to camp out for the night. He slowly walked to it and entered, finding a small, dark room. His worn eyes scanned the area best they could. When he reached the corner he saw something stir softly.

At first, he readied himself for a fight with a fiend, beginning to take out a rather small but still lethal grenade. He knew if he used anything bigger, the whole structure would fall apart on top of him. But a moment later he heard a female- like voice. "Who's there?" It mumbled weakly.

"A mere Al-Bhed. I should be the one asking the questions." He said coolly. He still could not make out much of a face or figure on this woman.

"Ask away." Came her smooth voice. It was like a gentle breeze that had suddenly swept passed him, refreshing almost.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, "Where are you from and how did you get here?" His eyes narrowed, and as they did, he could make out thick locks of long dark hair. She had turned her back to him earlier when he first heard her stir. So there was no way he could tell if she was Al-Bhed or Yevonite, so he asked the obvious question. "Are you an Al-Bhed or some Yevon spy?" His voice was icy.

"The first two questions I am afraid I cannot answer. But to the last, the answer to that is neither." She muttered. "Now may I ask you a question?"

The blonde headed young Al-Bhed man gaped at the huddled female on the floor. "Uh… s-sure." He stuttered in complete shock.

"Who are you, sir? And why are you here?"

The blonde Al-Bhed finally regained composure and took a single, uncertain step towards the crumpled woman. "I-I am Erik." He mumbled. "I came on a machina voyage, but had to stop… tired from the long walk." He spoke a bit clearer as his sentence came to an end.

The woman stood up, still facing the other way. Now, Erik had a better view of her. She seemed to wear little clothes, if any. He was glad that he was able to hide behind the safety of his Al-Bhed goggles, because his eyes were wide in shock. "I could heal you." He heard her say gently before turning around. She stepped out of the shadows and stared at him. Dark blue markings rested on a lighter shade of blue skin, her eyes and locks of hair matched the color of the markings on her skin. She was-

"An aeon!" Erik exclaimed. Imagine the luck… but wait. "Uhm… this might sound a bit stupid of me… but where is your summoner?"

She looked down, eyes hurt. "Quit his pilgrimage." She said in a hateful tone. "He dropped each one of his aeons of in a different region of the world." Then a smile creased her lips. "I just got dropped on Bikanel."

"Oh…" Erik looked down sadly. Then he looked back up at her as she drew closer to the man and put her hands to either side of his face. Even her touch was cold as ice… but strangely, Erik felt unnervingly warm at the same time. Her eyes seemed to be searching his as she filled his body with the strength to keep him going.

A few years later the man looked at the aeon in respect, kindness, selflessness, and above all, love. He smiled as she sat in his lap and caressed his arm lovingly, an icy chill following the finger's movements. Her other hand lay lazily on a large stomach. Yes… if you ever thought an aeon could get pregnant? Well now you know that THIS one could.

"It's almost time Erik." She whispered faintly. The man only grinned in reply and nod. They hadn't left the safety of their little oasis home. Erik had nothing to go back to anyways. He wanted to prevent anything from happening to his aeon… no… his angel. That… was when it happened. "Oh Yevon…" She mumbled.

He looked up at her in alarm.

"I think my water just broke."

Insana woke up in a cold sweat and sat up. She slowed her breathing and then sighed as she lay back down and put her hand to her forehead. She had had the same dream for only Yevon knows how long… this is how she knew…

She looked over to see Zenira sitting next to her, his eyes sealed shut. Was he… watching her sleep? She knew that even Zenira had a soft side. One he hated to show. He thought people would think of him as weak and try to manipulate him if he let them see that side. He put up false facades and pretended to be other people to get what he wanted… sometimes she wondered if he did that to him?

Insana shook her head. She shouldn't have thought that way about him. He rescued her. It was a long time ago, but there was once a little girl wondering the lonely streets of Home one night. She was scared and alone, she had no family that she could remember. The only think she had to remind her of her father was a single jacket that she wore everywhere. It was far too big on her and she probably looked quite silly, but she didn't care.

It was then she heard something rattle in a dumpster in a nearby alleyway. Her terrified eyes shifted to the direction in which the noise came. When the source of the noise came out from its hiding spot, she froze. She knew it was over, she only hoped that her death would she short and virtually painless. A Bomb… the fiend slowly hovered near the girl and a single tear came from her eye.

Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere a figure leaped from the darkness and the two rolled away and behind a large statue just in time as the bomb suddenly exploded, sending shards of random objects hurtling into the air. The only thing remaining in that small section that night was that very statue. And for that, Insana owed her life to the boy. And even after that, even after he found out she had no family or home he had let her stay with him. They had much in common. She soon found out that he was an orphan too…

Insana snapped back into reality and touched the jacket she now wore which had once belonged to her father.

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