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Warnings: abuse, blood, angst, sadistic ness, darkness... all that good stuff... and OC's

Notes: This story is based on me and my friends RP's, so my OC's Laria and Yani are in this story. To learn more about them you can read "Legacy of Darkness". Some things have been changed though (like all of Yani's past). Bakura is the Yami, Marik is the Yami (so that makes Ryou and Malik lights)

Pairings: to make this short and sweet Laria, Ryou, and Malik are all together so they switch around... Yani, Bakura, and Marik are together... and Marik is also with the lights... but things change around a lot.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything!

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Twisted Chain


(Chapter One: Arrival)

Ryou sat on the couch reading a book. It wasn't very often he got time to himself when he was home alone with his Yami... but Bakura wasn't around. Ryou wasn't sure where the Ancient Spirit had gotten off to, how ever he did know that it wasn't a good thing. He sighed quietly to himself and turned the page.

Ryou shuddered as he felt his Yami's presence, he was close by. Sure enough, Bakura walked into the living room. Ryou quickly put his book down, Bakura looked angrier then usual, which, if you know Bakura well enough, was extremely bad for the light sitting on the couch. Bakura quickly turned his attention to Ryou, with a piercing glare.

"Where the hell is my dagger, Boy?" Bakura growled.

"I-I don't know" Ryou squeaked looking fearfully up at his Yami as he walked over to him. Bakura grabbed the lights wrists and pulled him off the couch so that there faces were inches apart.

"Well you better find out, Boy" the spirit told his Hikari "or so help me..."

At that precise moment the doorbell rang. Bakura dropped Ryou on the ground forcefully.

"Get the door" he ordered.

Ryou nodded and quickly got up. He went over and opened the door to see another familiar spirit.

"Hello Yani-sama" he said quietly, not looking in her eyes.

"Yani-Chan!" Bakura said excitedly shoving Ryou out of the way, and on to the floor. Neither of the Yami's paid any attention to him, mostly the fact that they were now locked in a passionate kiss. Well until they were disturbed by, well the most disturbing thing for a Yami, another light.

"Bakura!" Laria shrieked. Bakura glared at the light behind Yani.

"You brought It with you" he said emphasizing 'It'

"Yeah" Yani sighed as Laria went over and helped Ryou to his feet "she wanted to be with The Boy"

"I still don't understand why anyone would want to spend time with such a weakling" Bakura sneered. Ryou frowned and bowed his head; his bangs fell in his face and covered his eyes. Laria glared at Bakura and wrapped her arms around Ryou.

"Don't listen to him" she said nuzzling her koi's cheek "he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Ryou looked up at Laria and nodded. Bakura glared at Laria.

"If he knows what good for him he'll listen to every word I say" Bakura said coldly wrapping an arm around Yani's waist. "Isn't that right Boy?"

"Yes Bakura-sama" Ryou said quietly.

"That's what I thought" Bakura said and he shot the two lights a deathly glare before he and Yani walked off to his bed room.

The two lights headed back to Ryou's room to. As soon as they got there Laria laid down on Ryou's bed. Ryou laid down next to his lover and cuddled close to her. Laria wrapped one arm around the tenshi, he was using her other arm as a pillow. She could feel him shaking a little.

"What's wrong koi?"

Ryou looked up at her; she could see the fear in his eyes.

"Bakura-sama's really mad at me..." he said softly.

"Why is he mad at you now?" Laria asked.

"His daggers missing."

Laria frowned "Oh..."

Ryou nodded and laid his head back down on Laria's arm. He closed his eyes and Laria petted him a few times.

"Well don't worry" Laria said comfortingly "I wont let Bakura hurt you"

"Thank you" Ryou purred. Laria smiled down at her white haired lover and closed her eyes too.


The two hikaris didn't get to lay in there peaceful serenity for long. Soon after they had gotten comfortable the door bell rang again.

"Boy!" they heard Bakura yell from his room. Ryou sighed and got up. Laria sat up and crawled to the end of the bed and looked out the bedroom door.

"I'm getting it Bakura-sama" Ryou said as he walked by his Yami's bedroom.

"Damn right you better be getting it"

Laria growled and got up to follow Ryou. She hated how Bakura treated his hikari. No one deserves that kind of treatment, especially some one as sweet and innocent as Ryou. She did everything she could to protect him from Bakura, unfortunately he always one in the end. But, surprisingly, Bakura was not alone.

Yani was on Bakura's side. Not like having her was a major victory on his part, but Yani was good for some things. Like holding her hikari back so Bakura could get Ryou.

Although Laria wasn't on her own either. She had the other two lights plus pharaoh on with her. She even had Marik on her side. Speaking of Marik, as soon as Ryou opened the door he was almost tackled by said Egyptian.

"Konnichi wa Marik-chan" Ryou said cheerfully as he was hugged by the spirit. Marik let him go and smiled

"Konnichi wa" he said as he closed the door behind his hikari who had just entered the house. "I thought you were Baku-chan"

"Are you kidding," Laria said as she joined the group. "Bakura's to lazy to do anything."

"Yeah" Malik said as he hugged Ryou while his Yami gave Laria a hug or at least tried to. Laria almost shrieked and pushed Marik away.


"Oh come on Lar-chan" Malik said running a hand along the back of Laria's neck. Laria moaned slightly. "We all know you love him"

"That's beside the point" Laria pouted.

"Bakura-sama!" Ryou called out of the blue.

"What the hell do you want Boy!?" Bakura yelled from his room.

"The Marik's are here!"

Within seconds Bakura, who was half dressed, had Marik pinned to the ground. The two Yami's were locked in a heated kiss when Yani came out of the room pulling her shirt on. Not that she needed to put her shirt on... everyone in the room had seen her shirtless countless of times.

"Well some ones excited to see me" Marik smirked as he and Bakura broke for air.

"Yani's here" Bakura said.

"I guessed that seeing that Lar-chan was here" Marik said as he pushed Bakura off him "now if you excuse me"

Marik grabbed Yani's wrist and dragged her off to Bakura's bed room. Bakura sighed and looked around, only to find that the only person left around was the only person he hated more then anything... Laria.


---Well that's the first chapter... just sorta starts things off... It gets better---