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Twisted Chain


(Chapter Fifteen: Final Opening)

Ryou cautiously stepped over the threshold to his Yami's Soul Room. Unsure of what the room of his sadistic alter ego would hold. He looked around, there was nothing. It was almost like being in the Shadow Realm.

He walked around a bit, careful not to stray to far from the door. The last thing he needed was to get lost in Bakura's Soul Room... he wasn't even supposed to be here. He was hoping to learn something from coming here.

With a Soul Room like this, nothing could be learned.

Ryou decided to head back, when something caught his eye. He knelt down and picked up a photo.

"It's Marik and Yani..."

Ryou finally realized that Bakura had nothing in his life except the two. He felt bad...

"They left him because of me."

Ryou noticed a smug... it was still wet. A tear drop. Ryou had a heard time believing his Yami could ever produce tears. But the proof was right there.


Ryou nearly jumped a foot in the air. He stood up, turning to face Bakura. The Yami snatched the photo out of his hands.

"What the hell are you doing here!?"

"I – I'm sorry Bakura-sama!" Ryou stammered.

"Boy, your going to be sorry" Bakura raised his hand to his hikari.

"I didn't mean for you to lose you're lovers..." Ryou said quietly. "I didn't mean to hurt you"

Bakura stopped. He lowered his hand and hit the light with a piercing glare.

"How dare you say that?! You don't know what its like to lose someone you love!" Bakura yelled at him. "You still have your lovers!"

"You're not the only one who has lost someone" Ryou had tears in his eyes.

"Oh great! Now you're gonna cry! You're so pathetic!"

Ryou looked up at Bakura. Then he smiled as he got an idea.

"Wait here"

He walked passed Bakura, back though the door and to his Soul Room. He stopped when he opened the door and looked back at Bakura, who was now leaning in the door way to his Soul Room.

"That's very interesting..." Bakura told him "How come we never get to see that side of you, Boy"

"Lar-chan's seen it a few times..." Ryou said as he went inside, he left the door open. He went over to the desk and started shifting though the papers. Bakura wondering what he was looking for... and how he could ever find it in such a mess. "And Malik sees it a lot to."

"How come you've never shown it to me?"

Ryou turned back to him; he had a piece of paper in his hand.

"I guess I was afraid you'd stop if you knew..."

Ryou trailed off. Bakura stared at him as if he had just grown a second head, and possibly a couple arms... and only had one eye.

"You mean you liked it?"

"Some of it"

Bakura didn't know what to say. Ryou blushed a little and handed him the piece of paper. Bakura took it and looked at it... it was a picture of Ryou. He looked up at his light.

"I know you don't like it, but I am you hikari. And no matter what I'll always be a part of you."

Bakura looked down at the photo of Ryou, then at the one of Marik and Yani. He felt something he hadn't felt in a long time... he felt happy.


Laria was waiting by Ryou's locker. He was late... ok he wasn't really, but in Laria's mind he was late. She was being her same old neurotic self and was thinking the worst for her tenshi. Finally she saw him coming down the hall.

"Ryou-chan!" She exclaimed almost tackling him. "I missed you"

"It's only been a few hours since you've seen me" Ryou smiled, hugging her back.

"I don't care" Laria said letting him go "It seemed like forever."

Ryou rolled his eyes at her, laughing.

"You seem extra happy this morning" Laria pointed out

"Yeah, well—"

"Bakura tells me you have a very interesting Soul Room" Marik came up behind Ryou, interrupting him.

"Since when did you start talking to him?" Laria asked, completely confused. "Wait! He was in your Soul Room"

Ryou nodded.

"I heard tell that he and little Ryou had a pow-wow in there Soul Rooms last night" Marik said.

"You and Bakura were talking to each other..." Laria was in disbelief "and you are unharmed."


Laria put her hand on her chest and did a mock heart attack.

"The apocalypse has come!"

"You better watch it, Girl" Bakura said separating from Ryou.

"I don't have to listen to you" Laria glared at Bakura, who glared back.

"Alright guys" Ryou said, not wanting the two to start a fight. "Why can't you get along?"

"Because she loves Bakura and doesn't want to admit to it" Yani said separating from her light.

"Yani!!!" Laria exclaimed, blushing bright red. They all stared at her. Bakura smirked.

"Well... isn't this intriguing development"

"It's not true!" Laria said, her cheeks were still red.

"Do we have to go though the same thing you did with me?" Marik asked. It had taken them forever for her to admit to loving Marik... and she still denies it.

"No" Laria crossed her arms over her chest, scowling. Yani rolled her eyes at her hikari.

"Whatever you say Lar-chan" Ryou said as the bell rang. Bakura walked over to her and licked her ear.

"See you later, Laria"

Bakura returned to his Soul Room, and so did Yani. Laria scowled and turned, heading to her class. Marik followed, they had the same class together. Laria gave the yami and sideways glance as he caught up with her.

"So... what does his Soul Room look like?"

"Oh yeah, everything's all white, and everything's all neat and tidy, you know the normal Soul Room you'd expect from a tenshi" Marik said casually "Until you touch the mirror."

"The mirror?"

"Oh yes the black mirror..." Marik said "Then everything turns all dark and creepy... and everything's broken. There's also a crack near the ceiling and blood trickles out and down over the Millennium Ring that hangs on the wall."

"Really?" Laria asked, Marik smirked and nodded "And everyone always wonders why he's second on the Roots of all Evil list."

Marik chuckled.

"I always knew he wasn't a tenshi"


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