RIP Zelda Part 1

The elderly woman pushed the front door of her house open and came in lagging a large suitcase. She had just started up the stairs to her room with the grace of a woman years younger when she heard sobbing coming from the living room.

"Willard?" she called as she put the suitcase down and slowly walked back down the stairs. "Willard, is that you?"

"She's dead," Willard Kraft whispered as his grandmother came into the living room. He was sitting on the couch in a dark brown suit with all of the lights in the room out and the curtains closed. As she sat down beside him, his grandmother could see that his eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying non-stop for several days.

"Willard, what happened?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around her grandson. She had never seen him like this before.

"It's Zelda," Willard whispered. He couldn't believe that something this awful had happened to him. He wanted to die. "She died."

"What?" Willard's grandmother was totally shocked by this news. She had to get the facts from Willard fast. "Willard, dear, calm down and tell me exactly what happened!"