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The story takes place after book 5 of Harry Potter and after the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager. The only characters from Star Trek that will place any major role will be Q, his son q, but others will play chameos or will be mentioned occasionally.

I don't own any of the characters in this story. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowlings and Q, ect. belongs to the brilliant people that brought us Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager.

A Year with QChapter 1 - The Bet

I lost. I actually lost! I can't believe that infernal brat of mine beat me at my own game. Damn him!

Q stood with his hands crossed and a deep frown on his face as he watched his son, q, waltz away with Katheryn Chakotay. They were at the USS Voyager crew's grand anniversary, commemorating twenty years since their return to Earth. Naturally, the two of them were not on the guest list in any way shape or form, but they decided to come anyway.

So far they had gone incognito and opting to not play some utterly hilarious and obnoxious stunt just yet. Q was invisible to the Voyager crew and their guests in order to not attract attention. His son had bet him that he could mingle among the guests, including Katheryn Janeway herself, without being recognized for who and what he was. They had been here for exactly five hours now and the entire Voyager crew (and Admiral Picard who had also shown up) was completely oblivious to the entity in their midst.

I have obviously underestimated just how stupid humans are. We obviously didn't spend nearly enough time annoying the hell out of them.

The song that had been playing ended and q grinned at his father before escorting his dance partner back to where her parents Chakotay and Seven of Nine stood talking to Tom and B'Elanna Paris. Tom was showing off their three-month-old granddaughter as q turned and slowly made his way through the crowd to where Q stood with a very smug expression on his face.

I still can't believe those morons didn't recognize him! I mean he even dropped hints. Huge, elephant, impossible-to-miss-unless-your-IQ-is-the-size-of-a-houseplant's-size hints and they still didn't get it! Humans are impossible.

"Well father," q said happily, "I guess that means I've won."

"I noticed," retorted Q and scowled at his son.

"And luckily, I've been magically inspired and as the winner know exactly what to make you, the loser, do."

This was a game the two of them played; one way for father and son to spend the years of eternity. One of them would come up with a prank to play on some unsuspecting creatures and then they'd guess the reaction of the people involved. The winner then got to come up with an embarrassing thing for the other to do. It was Q's way of ensuring that his son grew up with a healthy sense of fun.

Q hated losing. But he had to set a good example for his son.

"Alright then, let's have it," said Q and flung his arms up in defeat. "What have you been inspired by?"

"Why, Tom and B'Elanna's granddaughter of course," q smirked, "I'm assuming you did notice."

"What that she's a witch? Of course I noticed, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well. . .father, I think it's time you went to school."

"You want me to go to a magic school?!" Q couldn't help but gape at his son.

"Hogwarts to be precise."

"But that's an old, shabby institution that's absolutely and utterly boring and should have been put out of commission along with the rest of the wizarding world a long time ago! I mean that part of human culture is practically dead!"

"Not Hogwarts now, Hogwarts when it was in its prime, during the Second war."

"You have to be kidding? You want me to go back to a time when humans were even more stupid and ignorant about the universe than they are now?!"

q's evil smile became even broader and Q knew he was doomed.

"Ok, so what do you want me to be: somebody's pet cat?"

"No, I think you'll be a student. . .an American exchange student."

"You know that's highly unusual for a Wizarding school, especially during that particular time in history."

"And I suppose you have something against doing the highly unusual?"

Of course he didn't, but pretending to be a human was not what he considered fun. He'd been human once and did not particularly enjoy the experience. But he had to set a good example, had to play by the rules.

"And your terms are. . .?"

q's eyes flashed in triumph. He knew he'd won.

"You will still be a Q, I can't change that, but no one else can know. I think you'll go into sixth year and must attend the full term."

Q winced, realizing for the first time that this meant that he, an omnipotent being with an intricate knowledge of the universe and an IQ hundreds of times larger than the smartest human, was going to be playing a human adolescent child. His bad mood had just hit an all-time low.

"Oh, and no time manipulation of any kind, no disappearing for a week and then altering everyone's memory so they don't remember and you have to be an average wizard, not some genius from overseas. Basically you can't tamper with anything that couldn't be explained by regular magic."

Damn him. Q looked around at all the happy Starfleet faces. There is absolutely no reason why they should all be so happy, when I'm this miserable.

He waved his hand and a jungle appeared out of nowhere, enveloping the surprised partiers.

"What the. . .?!" exclaimed several people at once. Some children in the corner squealed with delight, as a huge multicoloured bird flew out of the bushes. The adults simply stared at the trees, trying desperately to figure out whether or not they were actually real.

"Q!" yelled Kathryn Janeway from somewhere behind a large, vine-covered tree.

"Always the perceptive one Kathy," said Q, appearing behind her. Janeway turned around and glared, but before she could say anything, q appeared to her left.

"Why aunt Kathy, you didn't really think we'd miss such an important date, now did you?" he teased.

Janeway's eyes widened as she recognized him as the man who'd been dancing with Chakotay's daughter most of the night.

"You. . ." She began.

"Happy anniversary Kathy," said Q cheerfully. There was nothing like annoying his favourite Starfleet officers to restore his good mood. "Oh, and don't worry, most of the snakes aren't poisonous."

With that both Q's vanished with a flash, leaving the humans to deal with their new jungle.