The Man in Her Life A Sequel to A Woman in His Life

Chapter One - My Mind to Your Mind

By Penmom

(1) Author's Notes -- (1) This takes place after the resolution of the Xindi conflict but without the final Nazi cliffhanger.

The plotline of A Woman in His Life continues here so newbies may want to back up.

(2) I am going back to grad school so this may be slow in coming. Feedback will help my speed but may hurt my grades!

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(4) This first chapter is a bit of a review and a start to this story. Think of it as one of those awful sitcom episodes which is really a bunch a reruns glued together.


There had been a time - actually not too long ago when --- well, suffice to say he wouldn't have dreamed that he'd be here with his wife.

The world of complexities and change that one word encompasses is immense.

As she lies beside him, resting peacefully after a particularly aggressive session of lovemaking, he can't help but reflect on the changes in his life yet one more time.

His Dad had joked that marriage would change a guy and boy, he wasn't kiddin'. Accordin' to Phlox, he was close to bein' a card carrin' Vulcan or at least as close as a former human could be.

He recalls the words all too well - must be the enhanced Vulcan memory - "your connection with T'Pol has substantially altered your neural cortex and thereby your metabolic functioning."

The physical changes stopped short of growin' pointed ears but if the truth were told the alterations were much deeper than that. He found that he was more contemplative now. Not that he wasn't as outgoing as ever - no he still liked people. It wasn't that - it was just that his mind was always tickin'. It was easy to lose track of the guy across the table from you when you were refigurin' the engines in the back of your mind.

His productivity had increased and he was happier that he'd been in forever. Still, he had to admit he had lost something. He could see it in the way his crew looked at him. He wasn't one of them anymore. They regarded him with not a small amount of awe and curiosity. Once it would have bothered him - the distance that is. But now, he sees that given the past months, it was inevitable. And he has gained so much, he can't regret it.

He's a different man. And he'd do it again in a heartbeat. With that thought he falls asleep.


The sound of the comm jars the quiet of their quarters. T'Pol is awake in a flash, him - it takes a minute. By the time, he wakes, whatever was said is finished and she is out of bed.

"Huh?" he manages.

"It was the Ensign assigned to Interstellar Communications for this shift. She has received a Level Three Encrypted message from Vulcan. She thought it best to alert me immediately."

Trip swings his legs out of bed.

She calls out from the bathroom. "It is unnecessary for you to wake as well. It is roughly three hours until you need to prepare for duty."

"Naaa, I'm up. I'm always up for news from Vulcan." He can't help but contribute a pointed comment. It was the least he could do given the less than ecstatic comments that had come in response to their marriage.