AN: Ok people. I kind of took a break from my silly goofy stories to write a more serious one, but I still hope you guys will still enjoy this. Also it's the sequel to Masked Wager. I don't have this story written out already, so bare with me for the next few chapters because I don't really have everything planed out yet. I do have a basic outline, but hopefully this will make sense.

Genera: Action/Adventure and Romance.

Pairing: Who else but our cute couple Harm and Mac.

Rating: Pg-13 just in case

Summary: Just as things are going good in their lives, Harm and Mac are ripped apart from each other, by an unknown revenge addict and Harm is sent on a dangerous mission to find Mac.

Story title: Revenge Can Come at Unexpecting Times

Chapter 1: The Fight

Monday Night 7:40pm

Harm's Apartment

Location: Union Station (is Harms apartment by Union Station? Please forgive me if its not. I couldn't remember.)

Harm was busy in his kitchen cooking dinner for himself and Mac, on this clear, star filled evening. Mac smiled to herself, as she sat in the living room. She had asked Harm several times, that night if she could help, but he refused saying, "Mac it's a surprise." Mac now sat in the living room reflecting on the passed few weeks. Since the Ball things had been finally going good in their lives. They had been seeing each other for the passed two weeks and their relationship was kept secret from their work life. Mac has suspected that some of the people she worked with suspected that something was going on between them. It must have been those long lingering looks or the time spent together, in each others offices that hinted to others about their relationship but Mac didn't care. Harm was all hers, and even though they hadn't told anyone about their relationship, she didn't care if they all knew.

As she was sitting on the couch, Harm came out dressed in his chief outfit. He smiled lovingly and handed her sparkling cider. He sat down for a minute and said, "Cheers," as he hit his glass with hers.

Before he took a sip she stopped him saying, "What are we celebrating?"

"We are celebrating our relationship and the new assignment that the Admiral gave us. Just picture it. A week on a cruise ship playing a married couple, to find a group of jewelry thieves."

"Sounds romantic," Mac said, as they sipped the cider.

"Beeeeeeeppppppppppp!" Went Harms oven.

"I had better get that," he added standing up and moving to the kitchen.

As he was in the kitchen, Mac said, "You have 2 messages on your machine."

"Well go ahead and listen to them. You can tell me if they are worth listening to or not."

Mac played the messages and sat back to listen. The first one was a message from Bud reminding Harm to bring the files they needed tomorrow. The second message caught her attention. "Hi honey, it started out. Dinner the other night was wonderful, I had the best time," said the woman. She had a strange accent, but it sounded familiar to Mac. "So Harmy are we still on for lunch tomorrow? I just wanted to say that the other night was amazing and I'll remember it for a long time. Well I have to go. Call me when you get this, sweetie. Love always, Clarisa." Beep!

Angry tears welled up inside of Mac when she heard that message. Along with anger, rage and hurt that burned deep inside her. The first thing that came into her mind was, He's cheating on me! How else could she explain it? The way that this… person talked about having dinner with him, made her sick. Tears started to flow from her eyes, as she sat there stunned. Thousands of emotions clouded up her mind, but the only one she could focus on was hurt.

"Dinners ready," came Harm's voice from the other room. Mac didn't move. A few minutes later he said, "Mac?" And came into the room. He then saw the tears and the hurt look on her face, and his heart went out to her. It made him sat to see her cry, with tears that stained her face. It mad him feel like crying. "What wrong? He asked coming to put his arm around her."

"Don't touch me!" She said angrily, as she backed away from him.

"What's going on?" Harm asked, as a look of confusion passed on his face.

"I would like to ask you the same question. I though you wanted to make it work. I thought that you actually cared."

"I do care. Mac what are you talking about?"

She played the tape for him. "You have been cheating on me," she said, when the message was over. "How could you! After all we have been through!"

"I swear to you. I don't know this woman. She must have the wrong number."

"She said your name Harm," Mac said sounding hurt. "She said your name."

"Mac I-

"No listen Harm, were through until you can get your act together! Until then have fun with this other woman!!" Mac yelled, running out of his apartment, with tears streaming down her face. She was in such a hurry to leave his apartment building that she didn't even see the black clothed figures, which had been listening in and were now watching her from around the corner. They followed her outside and disappeared following her into the evening fog.

End of chapter one.

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