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Chapter 12 Coming Home

An hour later after the police showed up Mac, Harm, and Sturgis found themselves inside the police station. At the time the police showed up at the hotel they had told them all of Mac's kidnapping and the weapons facility located in the basement of the hotel. The police quickly apprehended a fleeing Malik and a few of his men and now Harm, Mac, and Sturgis were inside the station again repeating their story to the police. They ended by telling the police all about the rescue they pulled off and their daring jump from the 6th story window.

The whole time they were telling the story the police were intently listening. They looked shocked and disbelieving through some of their explanations. Before, when they were at the hotel they tried to tell the police what had happened but they were in disbelief until they saw the basement with all the guns and machinery. Then they had taken a few men with them to the 6th floor and to their luck Malik was just fleeing the room with all of his important business papers and ran right into them as they were coming in. They quickly took him and the men that were with him into custody but not before he started yelling curse words at Mac and Harm and promising them that he would get his revenge.

Mac shivered even now as they were retelling and explaining their part of the adventure. She was trying to put her mind at ease reassuring herself that Malik was now in police custody, but the words he kept saying to them echoed in her ears.

"I'll get you," he yelled at Mac," And especially you," he had said looking at Harm. "Neither of you will be safe anywhere when I get out. Just wait and see!!!!!!" His eyes had been full of rage at the time and he almost had a crazy look about him. Also he had been holding his hand at the time the one that Harm had shot when they were making their escape. I doubt he will forget that, she thought as the rest of the police reports they all signed were just a blur in Mac mind as she thought of what happened.

3 hours later…….

After the police assured them that Malik would be locked up for good they got on a plane headed for home. Harm's shoulder had been bandaged up and now he sat stiffly in the seat next to Mac.

"I think you received more of an injury that I did," she said. Then she got serious, "Listen…I'm really sorry about the way I acted before I got kidnapped."

"Mac, you already said that you were sorry and you don't even have to say anything."

"I just wanted to say again that I feel bad for jumping to conclusions. I'm usually not like that, you would never do anything to hurt me, and I shouldn't have doubted you. The fact is," she said quietly. "I don't even deserve you."

"Mac, don't talk like that."

"But it's true, you have saved me more times than I can count and I've always repaid you terribly."

"Listen to me Mac," Harm said taking her hand. "I love you and nothing could ever change that."

"So no more talking about you not deserving me, hey sometimes I feel like I don't deserve you either, but I know there is no one I would want to be with more. I know that we both make mistakes but we'll be able to work through them together."


"I promise," he said kissing her hand lightly, and then moving up to her lips.

Sturgis was sitting behind them and witnessed the kissing. He said,

"Oh get a room, you guys." Mac and Harm pulled apart laughing at Sturgis's attempts to be serious, but instead he was failing with made them laugh even more.

"Sturgis…."Harm said as he and Mac looked at him. "You can't repeat a word about Mac and my new relationship."

"Yeah, I know," Sturgis interrupted. "I won't tell anyone. If anyone asks me your relationship is strictly professional. Trust me; it would be better if no one else knew about it just yet."

"Why is that?" Mac asked.

"Everyone's been waiting to see the too of you get together for a very long time. If they found out you both would be bombarded with non stop questions. Then there are the regs to worry about. So my advice for the both of you is that you should tell them when you're ready, that way you will both be prepared to answer any questions they have."

"Thanks for the advice," they said. "We'll probably do that," Harm said. "Besides we should keep it to ourselves for a while," he said looking at Mac.

Hours later, the next day

Jag Headquarters

Harm, Mac, and Sturgis arrived to work the next day. As they hit the door, they were bombarded by coworkers and the questions they had for them.

"Welcome back, Commanders, Colonel," they heard from everywhere. Then the flood of questions came.

"Mac were you really kidnapped?" Harriet asked.

Before Mac could answer, more questions came her way. "Was it terrorists that were holding you?" Asked a curious Petty Officer.

"No," corrected another officer. "I heard that it was masked ninjas with samurai swords."

"I don't think so," said another Jag officer that had come from behind them. "I heard it was a street gang that had busted out of jail and took you kidnapped." She said to Mac. The three officers started arguing and Mac brushed by them trying to avoid the questions and escape to her office.

"It looks like word spreads quickly around here," she said to Harm as he followed her into her office.

"Looks like someone has been supplying them with rumors," Harm added. "Someone just asked me if I avenged your kidnapping and killed the person holding you."

Just then Petty Officer Coats was knocking on the door.

"Come in," Mac answered.

"Commander, Colonel," Jen said. "It's nice to see you back."

"Thanks," they said in unison.

"Oh, by the way," the Admiral would like to see the both of you in his office.

"Thanks Coats," Harm said as he and Mac got up.

" more thing. Were you actually kidnapped by ninjas or street thugs? Those or some of the rumors that have been going around."

"No," Mac answered. "Actually it was Sadik's twin brother Malik who hired me to kidnap me."

"Seriously?" Jen asked, shocked.

"Yes," Mac answered as she and Harm left the office leaving a bewildered Jen behind them. A few seconds later they were at the Admirals office.

"Come in," he answered and they came in.

"It's good to see you both back safely," he said.

"Thank you sir," they answered.

"I would like to know what happened," the Admiral added.

For the next half an hour they explained most of what had happen but left out little personal details about their growing relationship.

"It just amazes me how you both managed to get into and out of trouble. But I think that you guys need a brake from all of this. So how does two weeks sound?"

"Actually I talked it over with Harm," Mac said looking at Harm, "and we agreed to take the assignment you offered us prior to my kidnapping. If you're still offering it."

He looked at them surprised. "Yes I still need two people for that assignment but I thought you both would want some time off."

"We usually would but it would be better for the both of us if we spent sometime at sea," said Harm. "Catching the jewel thieves wouldn't be too hard and then afterwards we would have the entire cruise to enjoy ourselves. So after the work it would be sort of like a vacation."

"I get what you're saying and since I still need two people you can still have the assignment. I am also giving you guys today off to pack for tomorrow. I just spoke with Sturgis and I gave him the day off for helping the both of you."

"So you knew that he wasn't really sick," Harm asked.

"Yes," he answered. "Right when he found out about what had happened he immediately faked a cold to go and help you." So he asked again. "Are you guys sure you don't want a vacation?"

"Nope," they answered.

"Ok than go home and pack, then you are to catch your flight tomorrow around 8:30am. Good luck and that will be all," he said as they turned to leave.

"Oh," Harm said, turning back remembering something. "Thanks."

"For what?" asked the Admiral.

"For calling the police," and with that Harm left his office.

Later that day…

Mac accompanied Harm to the gym. "There is someone that we need to thank, Harm had said earlier. "He witnessed your kidnapping and I promised to come back and tell him what happened." He pulled his car up to the gym and they got out searching for the old man.

"James," Harm said, when they saw him.

"Hey, Harm," James answered.

"Mac I would like you to meet James Jading. He's the one who witnessed your kidnapping."

"It's nice to meet you," said Mac, "and thank you for all your help."

"I'm just glad I could. So tell me the details. What happened?"

They explained to James, what had happened in Paraguay, and he listened intently to their story. After they were done, Harm promised to get James a job and somewhere to stay.

That night…..

Harm and Mac sat in Harm's apartment, talking over the events of the last few days. They had been relieved that Malik was in police custody. All of there worries seemed to melt away as they cuddled closely on Harms couch. They had been watching tv but were now deep in conversation.

"When I knew that you had been kidnapped, I thought I had lost you," Harm replied, locking eyes with Mac.

Mac looked up at him with puppy dog eves. "You will never lose me again, flyboy," she said entwining her fingers with his.

"Mac," Harm whispered as his lips came closer to hers. "I love you."

"I love you too," she whispered as their lips met, in a slow by deep kiss. Their hands moved all over each other as the kiss deepened. Neither one of them wanted to let go. But eventually they broke apart.

"We should really pack for tomorrow," she whispered.

"Can't that wait?" He asked holding her closer to him.

Mac hated to move herself from Harm's arms but her good judgment took over. "Harm we have to get up early tomorrow. Let's pack now them after we can come back to where we left off."

Harm agreed and reluctantly let her go and got up himself.

Some of Mac's stuff had already been moved into his apartment, so she had stuff she could pack there. They walked toward his bedroom, hand in hand, to pack for their trip. They didn't even think about turning the tv off, and just left it on low as they were packing.

While they were packing they missed the emergency update now displayed on the news.

"Braking News," said the reporter. "We have just received word that a terrorist has escaped police custody, just his afternoon. Terrorist Malik Fahd was being transported from Paraguay to a federal prison when two unidentified men broke Malik free and killed the police with him. We are waiting for more information, but we will update at 11. For now I would warm any of you going out of town to be careful. Police don't know where Malik is headed and he could be anywhere!"


End of Story

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