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Chapter 5: Awakenings

Kim was suddenly aware of her mother's figure. She slowly turned her toward her, confused. It seemed like only a few seconds ago she was looking out the window then suddenly - just like a sudden scene switch in a movie - her mother was sitting next to her and Ron was no where to be found. For a second she thought she had dozed off, but then realized as she glanced at the clock on the wall, that she would have slept for 12 hours, and she would have had that sleepy feeling one gets when they sleep for a long time.
Then Kim thought that perhaps she had just zoned off into space.
But for 12 hours? Kim asked herself. She shook her head and looked back at her mother.
"Kimmie?" her mother started.
"Yeah?" Kim asked with a sigh.
"The doctors say you can go home now." Mrs. Possible told her daughter.
"Great." Kim said without emotion.

It was an extremely short six hours later when Kim was in the comfort of her own home.
The pictures around the house were haunting reminders of what life was like only weeks ago. She tried not to look at them, but it was unavoidable.
Kim sighed as she looked around, seeing some of the trophies her parents decided to keep downstairs. She had won them at cheerleading competitions, and they all had their own batch of memories attached to her mind.
She was glad that she wasn't up in her room where the memories would be far worse, but she looked at the wheelchair she was being pushed in and immediately felt that wave of helplessness sweep through her body again. It chilled her like no wind ever could.
"Kimmie, a friend of your father's came over and rigged up an elevator-type thing to help you get into and out of your room." Mrs. Possible told Kim.
Great, Kim thought. More proof that I'm now too helpless to do anything for myself.

Kim was suddenly awoken by a loud sound. She was a bit surprised to find herself in bed sleeping. She didn't remember ever gettin ready to go to bed.
Must have been really tired.
The loud sound continued and that's when Kim realized that it was rain.
Rain. The same wet stuff that killed two important people in her life and practically took away her own.
She silently cursed the rain.
A knock at her door caused Kim to look up.
"Come in." she said. The door opened to reveal Jim standing there.
"Kim?" he asked.
"Yeah?" Kim replied.
"Kim?" he repeated. Kim was confused, she knew he heard her.
"What?" Kim asked.
"Kim?" "What?!" Kim snapped. "Kim?" Every time Jim asked his voice changed. It soon began to sound more like . . .their mother's.
What is going on?! Kim thought as suddenly the whole scene began to change. Everything was going dark and every sound was changing.
Then all Kim could see was grey, but with each passing moment it began to get clearer and clearer.
Suddenly, Kim was in her own bedroom. She sat upright in bed, her breath coming in short gasps - she was drenched from head to toe in sweat.
"Kim!" a male voice exclaimed beside her. She turned to see Ron there, in his mission cloths.
"Ron, why are you here? And what are you doing in your mission cloths? We haven't been on any missions since the accident." Kim pointed out.
"No, but after the accident I didn't have time to change out of my mission cloths." Ron replied.
"Huh? What are you talking about? We weren't even on a mission when the accident happened!" Kim exclaimed. What had gotten into Ron all of a sudden?
"KP? Do you have amnesia or something? Of course we were on a mission! We had to stop Drakken and Shego, remember?" Ron asked.
"No we didn't!" Kim argued.
"Yeah we did!" Ron argued back.
"No." Kim replied.
"Yes." Ron countered.
"What is going on in here?" Mrs. Dr. Possible said, coming into the room. "Kimmie! You're finally awake!"

"I was only asleep for a little while." Kim replied.
"Well, technically not asleep, just unconscious." her mother replied pulling Kim into an embrace.
"Huh? No I wasn't!" Kim argued again.
"Kimmie, I think that accident took a lot more out of you than we thought." her mother said, pulling away from her daughter and looking at her straight in the eyes.
Ron looked at Mrs. Dr. Possible. "She keeps sayin' that we weren't on a mission when the accident happened!"

"Well, of course you were." her mother said.

"You were stoping Drakken and Shego's latest take-over-the-world plot."

"Am I the only sane one here?" Kim asked. "We were not on a mission!"

"Of course you were!" her mother argued. "Did that fall give you amnesia or something?"

"I do not have amnesia!" Kim exclaimed, frustrated. What on earth were these two talking about? "Wait a minute, what fall?" "The fall you took when we went after Drakken and Shego!" Ron replied.
"But we haven't been after Drakken and Shego since before the accident!" Kim tried to make him and her mother see the truth.
"But you had the accident - the fall - when we went after Drakken and Shego!" Ron said, becoming flustered.
"I didn't take a fall!" Kim said.
"Then what accident are you talking about honey?" her mother asked.
"What do you mean, 'what accident'?!" Kim couldn't believe her ears. Was this some sort of sick joke that they were playing on her or something? "What accident?" Ron repeated.
"The car accident that killed dad and Tim and paralyzed me from the waist down!" Kim blurted out.
Her mother and Ron gave her a 'we-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about' look.
"There was no car accident that took the lives of your father and Tim or paralyzed you." her mother reassured her.
"Sure there was! Are you two trying to play some sort of practical joke on me? If so, it isn't funny!" Kim said.
"We're not playing any sort of joke on you, hon!" Mrs. Possible replied.
"Than how do you explain this?" Kim asked as she threw off her blankets and tried to wiggle her toes.
"Explain what?" Ron asked.
Kim looked down at her toes - they were moving. She tried to move her legs around - they moved too.
"What?" Kim asked, not believing it.
"Hon, we're back!" came an all too familiar voice. Mr. Dr. Possible, Jim, and Tim walked into the room. "Kimmie-cub!" her father exclaimed and walked over and gave her a hug.
"Glad to see you're up Kim!" Tim said.
"Yeah, believe it or not, we were kind of worried about you." Jim chimed in.
"Dad?! Tim?!" Kim exclaimed. "You're back?!"

"Well, we only went to Bueno Nacho to pick up some food." her father told her.
"No, you were dead." Kim said, confused.
Her dad gave her a strange look. "Um, last time I checked I was alive and kickin'." Kim put her head to her forehead. What was going on!
Everyone heard footsteps coming up the stairs.
"Hey guys! How's Kim d. . ." a black-haired girl asked, but stopped when she saw that Kim was awake. "Kim! It's about time you quite nappin'!" Her bright blue eyes were full of relief.
"Uh, do I know you?" Kim asked, getting the feeling that she looked familiar, but couldn't quite place her.
"Kim, do you have amnesia or something?" the girl asked.
"Arg! Enough with the amnesia! I don't have it." Kim said.
"Sorry, Kim. But you don't recognize me, Quin - Quin Separable?" the girl asked.
"Quin?" Kim asked.
"Kimmie, maybe you'd like to tell us what's going on." her father said.
That's when it hit Kim. "A dream . . .?" she asked herself. "The whole thing had to have been a dream! There was no car accident, I wasn't paralyzed and dad and Tim weren't killed! But then, what happened?" "You were fighting Shego and you fell off a balcony and you were knocked out." Ron explained.
Suddenly it all came back to Kim as the scene played before her eyes:

"Is she going to be alright?" Ron had asked.
"I dunno. We'd better get her to a hospital . . . and fast!" Quin had replied.
"You call 'em. I'll make sure Shego doesn't get near her." Ron had said, putting a protective arm around her.
"You don't hafta worry about that - they're gone. I'll be right back." Quin had said as she searched for a phone.
"Hurry!" Ron had called to Quin, then turned his attention to Kim. "Hang in there KP, everything'll be okay." There was a long pause.
"The ambulance is on their way! How's she doing?" Quin had asked, worried for her.
"It was a nasty fall . . ." Ron had started.
"She'll be all right." Quin had assured him.
"I sure do hope so . . ."

She had been drifting into unconscious then, but she still remembered everything - or at least that. "I was dreaming!" she cried with relief. "A horrible dream! But it seemed so real!"

"Kim, please tell us what's going on!" her mother asked, worried. So Kim told her everything. "And that's what happened in my dream. It seemed so real!"

Kim's mother hugged her. "Well, it was only a dream."

"That's a relief!" Kim replied, hugging her mother back.
"Oh Kimmie," her mother sighed. "We're so glad you're back."

Kim nodded and smiled. "I'm glad I'm back too."


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