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Chapter 1

Joey absent mindedly swung his hips to the beat of the music, not noticing the looks of surprise his friends gave him.

"I never knew you liked to dance, Joey." Anzu commented. She smiled at the shocked expression on the blond's face.

Joey inwardly cursed in every language he knew.

Fuck- do they know what I do to get extra cash? Joey thought wildly.

Anzu misinterpreted the panicked expression on Joey's face, and said "You know, dancing isn't a totally feminine thing, Joey. If you want some dancing lessons, I can ask around.

"Ah, no, it's ok Anzu. Really." he added quickly when she opened her mouth to say something more.

He had been working as a dancer to earn extra cash for over 7 month now, spending all his time at the bar in the weekend, and after school. It wasn't ballet, or jazz. It was "dirty" dancing, as the people on the street called it.

Joey felt guilty about using his body to gain money, but it had to be done- otherwise he wouldn't be able to afford to live in the cheap apartment he rented, and would have to return to his alcoholic and abusive father.

"As if the mutt can dance." Kaiba's cold voice cut across Joey's thoughts. The tall brunette smirked mockingly at the blond, and brushed past their gang, his trench coat billowing after him.

Joey growled low in his throat, and hoisted his bag on one shoulder. "Well, I gotta go. I'll see you guys later.

Yugi and the others grinned and waved him off. "See you tomorrow, Joey!

Joey's grinned happily to himself as he walked back to his apartment. He frowned slightly when he saw Seto and Mokuba standing outside their limo bickering.

Mokuba looked up at him as he passed by. "Joey!!" he looked beseechingly at the older boy. "Please please please please let me stay with you!! I promise to be good!!" he begged, ignoring the death glare that his brother was sending him.

"No way am I letting you stay with the mutt!" Seto snapped. He turned his glare to Joey as if to say this is all your fault.

"What's going on?" Joey asked, bewildered.

"I need somewhere to stay tonight while Seto's at a board meeting. Please oniisan- I don't want to stay at home all by myself.

Seto groaned in defeat and threw open the limo door. "Fine, have it your way. If he's harmed in any way possible, I'll kill you mutt." he threatened.

Joey glared at him. "I won't." he muttered and turned to Mokuba. "ready to go?

Shit! What am I going to do with him while I'm working? An idea came to him. "Hey, Mokuba, I've got work tonight.

The small raven haired boy pouted cutely. "Can I come? Pleeeeeeaaaase?" he asked, blinking large violet eyes at Joey cutely.

"Sure. But you're going to have to stay with my friend.

"What's their name? And where do you work?" Mokuba asked excitedly. He had never seen anybody work somewhere other than at Kaiba Corp. Oh, and at school of course.

"It's a guy." Joey said, and they started to walk back to his apartment. "His name's Greg. But call him Prince- everyone does.

"Why?" Mokuba asked curiously.

"I don't know. You're going to have to ask him that yourself." Joey replied.

They arrived at his apartment, and dropped their bags off. Joey grabbed his pack which had all of his dancing clothes and a drink bottle.

"Do you want to take anything with you?

Mokuba shook his head. "Can I watch you work?

"Umm... no." Joey shook his head wildly. "My work is kind of... different to the work your brother does.

"Don't you work at an office?

Joey knew that it wasn't worth trying to explain to the 12 year old that most 17 year olds didn't work in big company offices like his brother.

"No, I work at a bar.

"A bar? Cool!" Mokuba cried.

Joey laughed at his enthusiasm. "Come on, or we're going to be late.


Joey rapped on the door, noticing the nervous expression on Mokuba's face out of the corner of his eye.

"What's the matter, Mokuba?" he asked, as the door opened and one of his fellow dancers waved him in.

Joey gripped Mokuba's wrist tightly, so he wouldn't lose the small boy in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the dancer's quarters of the bar.

"It's just... isn't this a place where prostitutes work, Joey?

Joey shook his head slowly. "No." he lied. "It's different. Well, actually, some of it is used as a brothel, but most of it is safe. Just don't go wandering off, ok? Because there are some sick people around here.

Mokuba gulped and paled visibly, obviously regretting that he had decided to stay with Joey. Perhaps just waiting at the mansion would have been better.

The blond laughed. "Don't worry- just as long as you don't go wandering off, you'll be fine.

Mokuba nodded. "Of course.

"Oh, and can you look after this for me?" Joey handed the small boy his wallet. "I don't want to leave this in my locker. Somebody could steal it.

"Sure thing, Joey!" Mokuba quickly pocketed it, and zipped up his pocket. "It's safe with me, I promise.

"Hey, dog, what ya doing?" a loud voice boomed out, catching their attention.

Joey grinned at the dark haired boy that approached them.

"Heya Prince." Joey pushed Mokuba in front of him. "Can you take care of my buddy here while I do my shift? Prince, this is Mokuba. Mokuba, Prince." he introduced.

Mokuba ventured a shy grin. "Hi.

"Hey!" Prince grinned joyfully at him and slung an arm around the younger boy's shoulders. "Why don't we go grab a drink? Nothing with alcohol, I promise. Catch ya later, dog!

Joey waved and ran off, quickly changing into his dancing clothes- tightish black pants which hung dangerously low on his hips, and a grey singlet. He took a deep breath before entering the main room of the bar, where his future clients awaited, and was soon lost in the world of seduction and money.


"So... what does Joey do here, anyway?" Mokuba asked Prince curiously, watching as the hazel eyed boy threw a lighter from hand to hand.

"You don't know?" Prince cocked his head inquisitively.


"Well, he's a..." Prince searched for a word that suited Joey's job but didn't give too much away. "... performer.

"Really?" Mokuba's eyes lit up. "I wonder why he never told us...

Prince sniggered softly. He didn't think that Joey's friends would react well to find that their friend danced and did other... things for his clients for money. "He doesn't like it known. So don't tell anyone, ok?

"Sure thing. And why do you call him dog? I thought only my brother called him that.

"Your brother must be Seto Kaiba. The dog's told me about him." Prince nodded thoughtfully. "Well, it's just a nickname. I guess it's because Joey reminds me so much of a dog.

"Mmm." Mokuba leaned back in his chair and looked around. "This is a nice place, even if it is a bit crowded.

Prince's smirk grew wider. The kid was in one of the most notorious bars known for their prostitutes and dancers in Domino, and he was calling it a nice place. This was rich.

"Yeah. Hey, if you ever need anything, a favour, whatever, just come around and ask for Prince, or Dirty Dog. That's Joey. But you can just call him Dog.

Mokuba nodded, smiling at the funny nicknames. "Thanks. I might just do that.

Maybe Seto could come down here sometime, and just relax, Mokuba thought, wondering how he would be able to persuade the brunette to have a good time. I suppose Joey could help.


"Here's your brother, safe and sound." Joey watched as Seto hugged his brother fondly. "Told you I wouldn't let him get hurt.

Seto nodded curtly, and pushed Mokuba into the limo. "Whatever, mutt." without a second glance at the blond, he also climbed into the limo and they drove off.

Joey held back a growl of anger. Some thanks that was. He housed Mokuba, fed him and so on forth and all he got was a Ôwhatever, mutt.

Great, just great, Joey thought sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes at the limo, and returned to his apartment. He had another gig tonight, and would be needing all the energy he could get.

Joey arrived at Fire and Ice, the bar he worked in, and went into his personal room. They all had their own rooms, though most of them shared with another person, preferring the companionship. Most of the people here were poor, and did this because they needed the money to live.

"Your little buddy ain't here tonight." Prince observed, coming to sit down next to Joey.

"Nah." Joey murmured, pulling on his singlet. He checked his appearance in the mirror, turning this way and that, making sure that he looked perfect.

"So he's Seto Kaiba's lil brother." Prince said thoughtfully. "He seems real nice. You should bring him around here more often.

Joey grinned and nodded. "If Kaiba doesn't mind. But then again, everything pisses him off so I guess it doesn't matter.

"So... you're really going to go through with this?" Prince asked, his hazel eyes serious.

Joey nodded, determination written all over his features. "I gotta. I'm not getting enough money just dancing.

"But sex?" Prince sighed. "If you really want to, dog, I'm not stopping you. Just think about what you're doing.

"I have, and I really don't want to. But I need my apartment, and there's no other way." Joey blinked back tears. He hastily brushed the back of his hand across his eyes, and stood up.

"Ok, I'm going to go now. Wish me luck, Prince.

"Good luck, dog. And if anything bad happens, just drop all and run, ok? I'm here for you if you need me.

"Thanks, Prince." Joey bit his lip nervously, and exited the room. He entered the main part of the bar, a seductive smile on his face. Almost immediately he felt an arm circle his waist, and a face press against his neck.

"You're mine for the night." the man whispered against his skin.

Joey took in a shaky breath, wondering vaguely what he had gotten himself into, before leading the stranger back to his personal room, and pushing him onto the bed.


His entire body ached with pain. Who knew that something so pleasurable could cause so much pain?

It's going to be a while before I do that again, he thought, wincing. A long while.

Prince watched him carefully. "It hurts the first time, dog. But you'll get used to it after a while.

Joey nodded. "I know." he stretched his tired muscles, groaning softly. They were walking back to their apartments, and it was late at night.

"How much money did you get?" Prince asked curiously. He flicked his black hair over one shoulder, winking flirtatiously at a passing guy.

A grin spread across Joey's face. "$500.

"What? Just for one night?" he asked incredulously. Normally first timers never got that much money- but then again, Joey had been a virgin.

Joey nodded. "Yep." he waved as several more of his friends from the bar fell into step with them. "Have you guys finished your shifts?

They all nodded. One of them, a blond with fiery reddish brown eyes, saw the way Joey moved and laughed. "You got laid!

Joey groaned. "Do I have it written on my shirt or something?" he asked. "Honestly, I think everyone knows!

One of the other guys, a red haired 18 year old -the oldest in Joey's group of friends- with dark blue eyes, laughed. "It's just the way you move, dog.

"Shut up, Fire." Joey muttered. Fire's real name was Harry, but no one ever called him that. At the bar, everyone had nicknames which protected their identity.

"Well, this is my place." Joey parted from the group and climbed up the long flight of stairs to the cheap apartment he rented. There was mould all over the ceiling, and parts of the wood was rotting, but it was home. Surprisingly enough, there was a message on his answer phone.

It's probably Yug', he thought, and played it.

To his shock it wasn't Yugi's innocent and playful voice that emerged from the answer phone, but Seto Kaiba's cold and brisk one.

((Mutt. Mokuba wants to go over to your place again. Tomorrow.)) Kaiba's voice brooked no argument. ((He'll be waiting for you after school.))

Joey made a rude gesture at the answerphone, and flopped onto his sofa, deciding to have a spa later. Then he remembered that he didn't own a spa, and groaned loudly.

Arrrghhh... I am so sore all over... he decided to have a small nap and finish his homework later, but soon he was fast asleep, not about to wake up any time soon.


Joey's eyelids fluttered open, and he looked around, wondering how he had managed to fall asleep on his sofa.

I must have passed out... what time is it? Joey glanced at the clock on the wall and had to do a double take. 9am?!?!?!?!

He cursed madly, and hurriedly threw on his school uniform, and stuffed his books and things into his school bag. He tore down the road, and burst into the classroom, turning a bright red as the teacher raised an eyebrow.

"Well, aren't you a bit late today, Mr Wheeler." she said dryly. "Sit down.

Joey did as he was bidden, still feeling a few twinges of pain, though most of it had disappeared. He caught Yugi's inquisitive glance and smiled in return, mouthing ÔI'll tell you later'. The petite boy nodded, and fixed his attention back to the teacher.

Morning tea soon came, and Joey joined his friends, sitting outside on the slightly damp grass.

He lay back, watching as clouds drifted slowly across the otherwise clear blue sky.

"So why were you late?" Yugi asked, taking a seat next to him. He leaned gently into Yami's embrace, resting his head on his darker half's shoulder. They had been lovers for over 3 months, and Joey had never seen either of them more happy.

Joey grinned. "The alarm clock didn't go off." he growled jokingly. "Stupid device.

He felt someone's stare rest on him, and he turned his head slightly so that he could see who was watching him. To his surprise, it was Kaiba who was staring at him shamelessly, his ice blue eyes unreadable.

Okaayy... what's wrong with Kaiba? Joey wondered.

The bell rang, and Kaiba disappeared into the building, leaving Joey behind with his confused thoughts.

"Joey? You okay?" Anzu asked. She peered at him, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Joey brushed off her worried glance. "Honestly.

"Do you want to come over tonight?" Yugi asked. "Jiisan has got another box of cards!

"But I thought he only just got some more yesterday." Joey said, confused.

"Yeah, but they sent over another box as a complimentary!" Yugi grinned, obviously excited. "He says we can be the first to open it. Do you want to come Joey? Everyone else is.

Joey's face dropped. "I can't. I've got work.

Yugi nodded, slight disappoint in his large amethyst eyes. "That's ok. Your job's important.

"You've never told us where you work." Honda spoke up, glancing at his blond friend as they made their way to their next class. "What is it, some sort of secret?

Joey grinned. "Yeah, sort of. Sorry, I hope you don't mind. But it's personal.

More personal than you think, Joey thought somewhat darkly, and a twinge of pain shot through his lower abdomen, as if reminding him that he had similar work tonight.

"Here." Seto shoved some money into Joey's hands. He watched the blond carefully, as he had been doing all day. There was something different about Joey, and he couldn't tell what.

The mutt fascinated him. He couldn't tell why, but Joey just did. The way he talked, the way he moved, everything he did just grabbed at his attention. At first this had pissed him off to no end, but now it just puzzled him.

Why do I find Wheeler so... fascinating? Seto wondered.

"What's this for?" Joey asked, confusion all over his face. "Is this some sort of bribery?

Seto gave an exaggerated sigh. "Honestly, Wheeler. It's to pay for Mokuba staying over at your house." He glanced at his raven haired brother, who was bouncing up and down happily.

"Are we going to go back to your work?" Mokuba asked, his eyes shining with excitement.

Joey couldn't understand how the kid could like the bar so much. He guessed that it was pretty fascinating, though it wasn't a place for anyone of Mokuba's age.

"You actually work, Wheeler?" Seto asked incredulously. He hadn't known that Joey had a job. He briefly wondered what the blond did.

Joey bristled with anger. "I've been working for a long time, Kaiba. Maybe if you pulled your head out of your arse for a while you would've realised this.

"As if I'm interested in your crappy life, Wheeler." Seto smirked mockingly.

He opened the limo door, and hugged his brother briefly. "Don't get into any trouble, Mokuba.

"I won't." Mokuba promised, and latched onto Joey's arm as they walked away from the limo.

They soon arrived at the bar, and Joey fidgeted with the hem of the jacket he wore of his bar clothes nervously. "I'm probably going to be a little bit late today, alright Mokuba? So Prince is going to take you home at 9pm, and I want you to go straight to bed. I'll be back by 11pm.

Curiosity was written all over the 12 year old's face, but Mokuba kept silent, knowing better than to ask.

Prince entered the room and patted Joey comfortingly on the back. "Good luck out there, dog." he said, and Joey nodded, and left the room. He turned his gaze onto Mokuba. "Hey little man! So you're back.


Several more guys walked into the room, and seated themselves on several stools around the bar.

"Oh, and this is Fire, Dragon, and Cupid." Prince said, gesturing to each guy in turn.

Dragon, the guy with blond hair and reddish brown eyes, grabbed a bottle of beer and walked over to Mokuba.

"Heya. You must be Joey's little buddy." Dragon said. His voice was light and sweet, a lot different to what his name suggested.

"How did you guys get your nicknames?" Mokuba asked curiously. He had been burning to ask this question ever since he had met Joey's friends.

Fire grinned. His spiky red hair stuck up in odd directions, while his dark blue eyes shone with a deep love of life. "Well, I obviously got my nickname for my hair." he drawled. "And Prince here got his nickname cuz he's practically royalty around here. And he's good at what he does." this comment caused Prince to go bright red, and start a staring competition with the ground.

"And I got my name because of my eyes." Dragon said, his soft voice catching everyone's attention. "And Cupid because..." everyone glanced at Cupid who grinned wickedly and winked. "Well, you go figure.

Mokuba nodded. "That's so cool!" he exclaimed.

"And what should we call you?" Cupid asked, his golden eyes thoughtful. He looked Mokuba over. "I think I'll call you Violet, Ôcos of your eyes." he declared.

Mokuba made a face. "But Violet's a girl's name!" he protested.

"To match your feminine hair!" Fire laughed, and ducked as Mokuba playfully swatted him. "Just kidding- we'll call you Blackie (a/n: this isn't a racist name!! Honest!! I just used it because of the colour of Mokuba's hair! So please don't take any offense), because of your black hair.

As they settled down and ordered some more drinks, Mokuba realised what he and Seto was missing out on in their strict and business filled lives.

If only Seto could just relax and enjoy himself, the raven haired boy thought wistfully. Then maybe he would smile for once.


Joey woke up the next morning, feeling the pain of a few bruises but nothing more.

I guess Prince was right, and after the second time, it doesn't hurt so much, he thought, as he pulled himself off the sofa, and made his way over to his bedroom which Mokuba was currently occupying.

"Oi! Mokuba! Wake up!" he yelled at the door, which was thrown open and a sleepy Mokuba stood, leaning against the door frame, rubbing his eyes and yawning. "Come on- you've got to get ready. Otherwise we're going to be late.

"You're so disorganised." the younger boy grumbled to himself, knowing that Joey heard every word. "Seto's got everything planned out perfectly.

"Well, I'm not Seto, and you can be grateful for that." Joey joked, and soon they were sprinting down the road and to the school.

Seto glanced at him as he snuck into the classroom, unnoticed by the teacher who was writing something into her book, and sat down at his desk, running a slender hand through his shaggy mop of blond hair.

As Joey doodled in his book, a screwed up piece of paper hit him on the back of his neck, and he scowled.

Joey unfolded the note and scanned it quickly.


Where do you work? And how's Mokuba?


Joey grinned inwardly, and he hurried wrote a note back, and threw it over to Seto who sat in the back row, typing away at his lap top.

Seto caught the note swiftly in one hand, and read through it.


Your brother's fine. Here's your money.

As for where I work... it's a secret.

Let's just say it's a mixture of fire and ice.


Seto read through the note again, frowning slightly. He pocketed the money that Joey had returned along with the note.

A mixture of fire and ice? What does that mean? Seto wondered. He glanced quickly at the blond, but Joey was having a hushed conversation with Honda behind the teacher's back.

He would have to ask around, and find out what the mutt meant. He didn't know why he was seized by the burning desire to know, or why Joey had suddenly grabbed his attention, and it scared him that he actually cared about the honey brown eyed boy.

He was Seto Kaiba, and Seto Kaiba didn't care about anybody. But suddenly Seto cared about Joey, and for no particular reason.

Maybe it's because you love him a voice suggested in the back of his mind.

Seto growled softly. Love? Love the mutt? It was impossible. Not only impossible, but absolutely wrong. The mutt was way beneath him, and besides, he was a guy.

There is no way on earth that I could fall in love with Joey- I mean, Wheeler. Fuck, why did I call him by his first name? Seto cursed himself inwardly.

He uttered a small oath, and lowered his head into his hands. He would have to think about this later- it was giving him a headache.


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