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Chapter 12

Masaki was smirking smugly. "I told you he was the perfect fuck."

Joey stared from him to Seto, shock written all over his face. "Y- You guys know each other?" he whispered, unable to piece everything together.

This wasn't possible, it just wasn't. Masaki was just a customer- he couldn't possibly know Seto, right?


I can't take this

I need somewhere to go

I need you

I'm so restless

I don't know what to do

"Masaki is, no was, one of my advisors." Seto muttered through gritted teeth. "He was the reason behind-" he broke off, and glared viciously at Masaki, not wanting to be reminded of the break up.

"I was the reason behind why he broke up with you." Masaki finished for him.

"You bastard!" Joey yelled, starting to get up, before he realised he was dressed only in his birthday suit. "You- you piece of shit! I'm gonna kill you!"

"Watch out Seto," Masaki whispered nastily. "Your little whore's getting all worked up."

We've had our rough times

Fighting all night

And now you're just slipping away

Seto knew he should've punched Masaki for that comment, but he was too busy staring at Joey. "You slept with him?" he asked hoarsely.

Joey nodded, ashamed. He suddenly felt so dirty, so... used. Shivering, he drew the blankets tightly around his thin frame, trying not to burst into tears. It was just too much... How could he be so stupid and fall straight into Masaki's hands to be used against Seto?

"How long?" Seto demanded. "How long as this been going on?"

Joey turned away, unable to meet the cold blue eyes that he loved so much. He wished fervently to be able to simply disappear, and turn back time.

"Three months." Masaki couldn't keep the triumph from his voice. "Three whole months... every single night..." lust was also evident in his voice, making Joey shudder.

Give me this chance

To make the wrongs right; to say:

Don't walk away

Seto snapped. He backhanded the man hard, with strength that didn't seem to match his lean frame.

"How dare you talk of my pup like that?" he yelled.

Masaki scowled, wiping blood from his split lip. "He's not your pup anymore, is he?" he said smugly.

Joey looked at Seto, hoping desperately that Seto still loved him, wishing that the man's words had really meant what Joey thought that did.

Seto growled and, by pure instinct, glanced at Joey as if for reaffirmation that the blond really didn't love him. He saw Joey staring at him with wide, fearful honey brown eyes. They looked so lost, and... ashamed.

Seto subconsciously took a step towards his puppy. No matter what Masaki said or Joey thought, to him the blond would always be his puppy.

"Joey?" he asked softly, forgetting that Masaki was in the room.

I promise

I won't let you down

If you take my hand tonight

I promise

We'll be just fine this time

If you take my hand tonight

The ex-advisor scowled again. He didn't like being ignored, especially when Kaiba was in the room. He had set this whole thing up, so that it could be used against both of them, and deepen the rift between them.

This isn't how it was supposed to turn out, goddamnit! Masaki seethed angrily.

"Seto, I didn't mean to- I didn't want-" Joey burst out, not knowing that he was shaking, or that the sheets had dropped from his shoulders to his lap.

Seto's pants were beginning to get a little bit too tight.

Goddamnit, this is hardly the place to be aroused, Seto thought angrily. He scowled, and immediately regretted it when Joey shrunk back, thinking that the CEO was angry at him.

"I'm not angry with you, pup."

"You're not?" the distant glimmer of hope in Joey's eyes brightened a little.

Without you I go through the motions

Without you it's just not quite the same

Without you I don't want to go out

I just want to say

"Oi!" Masaki stormed towards them, livid with anger. "You're forgiving him just like that?" he said to Seto. "After sleeping around with everyone?"

Seto turned on him, absolutely seething with anger. He wanted nothing more than a gun and political immunity at that moment. "You shut the hell up, asshole, or I'll shut you up." he hissed.

Masaki sneered. "Speaking like the typical gangster now, are we?"

Seto had had enough with the swapping of insults. He kicked Masaki where it hurt he most, and hit his temple hard, knocking the older man out.

Joey stared at the limp form on the ground, uncertain of what to say or do. "Uhh..."

That I'm sick of these fights

I'll let you be right

If it stops you from running away

Seto took several steps towards him. Afraid that he was going to end up next to Masaki on the floor, Joey inched back on the bed. Seto felt like he had been slapped- had the blond just been pretending that he wanted him back?

"What-?" Seto looked around helplessly, unsure of what to do. "What do you want, pup?"

"I- I don't know." Joey mumbled. "Can we just pretend this never happened?"

So give me this chance

To make the wrongs right, to say:

Don't walk away

Seto looked up, shocked. "You mean, forget about this?" he knew his voice had risen slightly in pitch. "Forget about us?"

"Was there an us?" Joey demanded, suddenly angry. "I loved you so much, Seto, and you obviously didn't love me! What part of us would you call that?"

"What?" Seto asked incredulously. "You thought what? How could you possibly get the thought that I didn't love you in your idiotic head? Joey you're a goddamn idiot!" Despite his rough words, Seto sounded amused, happy. "Of course I love you, baka."

Take my hand

I promise

"But then why did you ignore me? Why didn't you care anymore?" Joey asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

A twisted smile graced Seto's lips. "It's a long story. I'll tell you when we get home."


Worry flitted across the brunette's face. "Unless you don't want to move back to my house." he added hastily. "I thought we could..." he gave an angry sigh and held out his hand. "Let's give it another go, Joey." he saw a flicker of doubt in the blond's eyes, and added: "Please."

Joey gave a tentative smile and accepted Seto's hand hesitantly. "I guess we could give it another go." he smiled at Seto, and although it was uncertain and small, for Seto it felt like he was on top of the world.

If you take my hand tonight

I won't let you down

Take my hand tonight


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