Title: Nonsense

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Some people say Joss means 'luck' in Chinese, but I say it means 'he who lets me use his characters and does not sue me.'

Spoilers/Timeline: None and none, as of yet. I have plans to jump to season six at the end, though.

Summary: Tara MaClay never wanted to be different, but there are some things you just can't control… ((Tara's childhood))

Author's Notes: A while back, someone, I think gidgetgirl, said I should write kidfic about the other Scoobies. Well, I am here to please! Introducing…Tara's life story! Also, seeing the season five episode "Family" will probably help with the understanding of this story. This is not a stand-alone.

            Another crash sounded. Tara MaClay slid further under the bed. Bethie said that thunder was the angels in heaven bowling, and the lightning was God taking pictures. Tara's mommy said that the thunder was the work of the Goddess, and that it was part of nature, just like grass and puppies and chipmunks.

            Daddy told Mommy to stop filling Tara's head with "that 'magic' nonsense".

            Tara clutched her stuffed cat tighter to her chest. "Miss Kitty," she whispered to the toy, "I don't know why Mommy and Daddy fight so much." Miss Kitty said nothing, but Tara knew she understood. "Maybe they can get a divorce like the people on TV always do. Then Mommy can get married and I can have a bunch of brothers and sisters like on The Brady Bunch. And we can sing. And start our own band."

            Miss Kitty gave her the most comforting look a stuffed cat could possibly muster and Tara felt a little better. Then her heart sank as she heard Donny yell, "Tara! Get out from under the stupid bed!" This was punctuated by the box springs creaking as he bounced on it.

            "Stop it!" Tara cried. "I'm coming!" She slid on her stomach until her head poked out from underneath the bed. She could instantly feel the humidity subside and the air felt cleaner and crisper. She pushed herself out the rest of the way and demanded, "What?"

            Donny grinned. "Guess what?"

            Tara wasn't one to retort with something like "I just asked 'what' stupid," and therefore just stared at him, waiting.

            "Dad's taking me to Washington!"

            Tara furrowed her brow. "State or D.C.?"

            "D.C. What's in Washington state? Lots of rain and junk."

            "J-just you and Dad?" she asked, not meeting his eyes.

            "Yeah, it'll be like a male bonding thing," Donny said excitedly. "No girls allowed. That means you, Mom, and Bethie."

            Tara had by no means forgotten that she, Mommy, and Bethie were all girls, but she didn't say that to Donny. Instead, she said, "When?"

            "Heck if I know," Donny said, bouncing on the bed one more time before leaving the room. Tara was glad she had her own room. It was good for hiding things.

            She climbed up on the bed and clutched a pillow, as well as Miss Kitty, to her chest. Thunder boomed again, and Tara jumped.

            She sat on the bed, comforting Miss Kitty, who was terrified of thunder. Suddenly a great crack shook the house and Tara screamed. Miss Kitty was more afraid than Tara, though. Miss Kitty was a scaredy cat.

            Tara heard footsteps thumping down the hallway, and then Mommy was there. "Tara, sweets, what's the matter?"

            "The thunder scared Miss Kitty," Tara explained, knowing her mother would understand what she really meant.

            "Oh," said Mommy, smiling knowingly. "Well, why don't you tell Miss Kitty that the Goddess won't let anything bad happen to her?"

            "She knows, Mommy," Tara said, "but sometimes she gets scared."

            "I know, Tara, I know," Mommy said soothingly, smoothing Tara's hair.  When she got her hand caught in some tangles, she asked, "Did you hide under the bed again?"

            Tara nodded. "Miss Kitty told me to. She was scared."

            Mommy nodded as well. There was silence, except for the tip-tapping of rain on the windows.

            "Mumma," Tara said suddenly, "how come Daddy always takes Donny places?"

            "Because that's what Daddies do, sweetie. They spend time with their sons just like I spend time with my favorite little girl."

            Tara giggled. "I'm your only little girl."

            "Right," Mommy said. "You are my Tara-pooh-honey-bear."

            Tara laughed at the nickname. Mommy had called her Tara-pooh-honey-bear ever since was real little, a newborn.

            "How come we don't do special stuff, Mommy?" Tara asked.

            Mommy stroked Tara's cheek. "We do, sweetie. Remember when I showed you the Tinkerbell light?"

            Tara nodded. "I know," she said, "I think magic is special. But why don't we do things like Daddy and Donny do? Normal things?"

            Mommy looked slightly pained when Tara said normal, but she answered nonetheless. "What normal things do you want to do, sweetheart?"

            Tara considered. "I want to go to Disneyland and swim in a lake in the mountains and laugh 'til my tummy hurts and drink Jell-O before it gets jiggly."

            Mommy smiled. "I'll see what I can do."

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