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RING RING (phone)

"Hello????? WHO IS IT!" said I stupid perky girl named Jessica (she had an accent of those little miss popular girls).

"Do you like SCARYMOVIES????" asked a strange voice.

"DUHHHH........I like LOVE Jason! He's like so ugly and like so hot at the same time!!!!" she said again practically yelling on the phone.

" O.k.......But what if he were to kill you at this moment right now and popped from outta no where?" said the voice again.

" I'd like ask him his autograph, DUUUHHHHH!!!!" she said going to the fridge to get some Pepsi soda.

"LIKE YUUMMM!!!!!!! BUURRRP " she burbed so loud.

" What the hell was that? " said the voice curiously.

"I burped I thought you wouldn't notice......" she laughed in her perkyness.

"What are you like suppose to be? Scream or somethin' ????" she asked.

" Who else do you think I am bitch? " he said and came out from the sofa.

"Like, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she yelled with stupidness.

" Listen I had to do this because Jason told me if I did this he would give me more of those porn magazines, so I said yeah no problem and so he wanted to kill you but your not worth it your such an ass" he said with his fake rubber knife in his hand.

Jason came out of the freezer took out he's machette and cut off her head.

" LIKE COULD I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!" yelled out Jessica's heard as her body's arm had a piece of paper to sign.

" Come'on I did my dare, Jason! Let's kill some differen't people......" Scream said as he left with Jason.

Jason nodded since he can't seem to talk.