The Hassles Of Big Dinners

As if the last two times weren't bad enough, Delia decides to make a big dinner. And this time everyone from the last two messed-up meals are invited! Is there any possible way to avoid the obviously oncoming pandemonium?

Life: YAAAAAY! YOU CAME! So many people asked for--and a couple demanded--that I write another sequel so here it is! The Hassles Of Big Dinners!!! By the way, did any of you know this sequel to a sequel was coming?

In case you didn't notice, this is the sequel to "The Hassles Of Big Lunches" which is the sequel to "The Hassles Of Big Breakfasts" and I'd suggest you read those two before reading this one because it will help you understand a lot of inside jokes in here. Anywayyy, let's move on!

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1: Bad Dreams

Ash walked across the giant tabletop, not recognizing the black surroundings. "Where am I?" he wondered out loud.

A whooshing noise made Ash look up, and what he saw made him gasp. A giant plate full of food was slowly coming down on the table. It would crush him.

Ash dived out of the way, barely being missed by the earth-sized plate heaped with waffles. He stared at it in wonder.

"NO DIBS!" a booming voice sounded from somewhere behind Ash. Ash turned and saw a humongous Gary sitting at the end of the table, fork in hand.

"It's a giant Gary!" Ash cried. He dived into the plate of waffles to hide.

Giant Gary boom-laughed. "DIBS WON'T EAT IT FOR YOU, ASHIE BOY!" he boomed. He lifted his giant fork and speared the waffle Ash was hiding under.

"Help! Someone help me!" Ash cried. He jumped off the plate and ran to the other side of the table. Resting his hands on his knees, he caught his breath and looked around. Giant Gary was gone.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over Ash. He looked up and saw a colossal Delia holding up a whomping orange soda which looked like seventy million liters. She was about to set it on the table. On Ash.

"Mom! Don't do it!" Ash cried as he ran away. "I'm your son!" He barely made it out of the way before the soda thumped down hard on the table, making him lose his footing and go flying.

Ash landed, hollering all the way, into a giant glass of red water. He accidentally tasted it and realized it was sweet. "It's Kool-Aid!" Ash exclaimed. Then a large chunk of white stuff the size of a TV fell on his head. "And that's...sugar?!!" He looked up and saw a humongous Jenny sprinkling sugar over him into the glas of Kool-Aid.

"SHE'S GONNA DRINK ME!" Ash screamed. He shoved one side of the glass, trying to knock it over. Finally he succeeded, and spilled out in a Kool-Aid wave onto the table. Seeking safety, Ash darted away and tripped into a giant spoonful of eggs. Ash buried his Kool-Aid-soaked self up to his neck in the eggs and listened.


"Phew!" Ash sighed, wiping his forehead with an egg-covered hand. "I'm safe."

As soon as he said it, the spoon jerked and rose. Ash looked up in fear and saw a titanic-sized Pikachu holding the spoon. "Mmm, eggs!" it happily boomed.

"No! Pikachu, don't eat me!" Ash begged. "I'm your friend!"

Pikachu shoved the spoonful of eggs into its mouth.


Ash fell off the bed, dragging the covers with him. He rolled over and over on the floor as if he was on fire, trying to escape.

Finally, Ash woke up. He jumped to his feet, expecting to be inside Pikachu's giant throat.

He was in his room.

"It was...a dream?" Ash said in disbelief. He stared around, trying to get his bearings. Then he grinned.

"It's just a nightmare!" Ash exclaimed, dancing around the room. "Gary's not gonna spear me! Mom isn't gonna squash me! Jenny's not gonne drink me! And Pikachu--"

Ash turned. Pikachu was peacefully sleeping on the floor in a blanket curled into a bed. Ash picked up Pikachu and twirled around the room with it. "And you're not gonne eat me!"

"Pikaaa," Pikachu grumbled, glaring at Ash through sleepy eyes.

Satisfied that he was no longer in danger, Ash put Pikachu down and sat on his bed. He thought about the breakfast and lunch that had inspired his nightmare. The breakfast was a total mess, and the lunch was plain cut off. But Ash was pretty sure his mother had learned her lesson about making big meals and inviting a bunch of people to it.

Yep, Ash thought to himself as he stretched and laid across his bed, he was pretty sure his mother would never make a big meal again.

But he was in serious denial.

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Oh, yeah, previews...

Problems arise

"Mom, tell me you are not seriously considering doing this!" Ash pleaded.

"What's wrong with it?" Delia asked, still holding the orange soda. Ash tried not to look at it.

"Well, Mo-om," Ash whined, "the last two times were awful!"

Delia smiled at her son. "Well, that's what the dinner is for! To make up for my messed-up meals! Come on, now, Ash Honey, this can't be as bad as the other two."

Oh can't it? Ash thought miserably.

Okay, seeya!