A/N - Since you guys asked so nicely for a sequel and gave such rockin' reviews on the final chapter of The OC, The Odd Couple, here's my second story in the "saga"! Also, I was bored today and came up with this. The idea of Luke and a baby is just too cute. It's going to be written in the same style, but it's only Luke's POV the whole time. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue! Sometimes sequels just ruin the original you know...let's hope this isn't the case. =)


There's a baby beside me in my truck.

And it's mine.

And I'm supposed to take her home,

And raise her until she's as old as I am now.



There were nurses at the hospital!

They knew whether she was crying because she was hungry or tired!

They knew how to hold her head so it didn't droop!

They knew how long she was supposed to sleep!

And nobody ever told me to take notes.

This isn't fair.

And Ryan and I never did figure out that damn crib.

It's in pieces in the poolhouse.

But that's okay,

I think she's supposed to sleep in that bassett thing for awhile anyhow.

Was it 24 hours a day, the nurses said?

No, that can't be right.



Hell, I don't know.


Mom will know!

My mom, of course

Not the baby's.

Julie took the easy way out.

"I need to reconnect with my other daughters before I screw this one up."

Then again, I guess that's true.

But her two are sixteen and ten.

They don't wear diapers.

This is backwards...

Since Julie knows how to take care of a baby,

Shouldn't she be doing it?

I guess the main deciding factor is that

I want to

And she doesn't.