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You know I went back to her


That night, even.

Mom had fallen asleep in the living room with her

I was glad,

Because when I gently took PJ from her arms

And my baby made the sound of a sleeping puppy when it stirs

I didn't really feel like a second parental confrontation

About responsibility

The next day,

Summer came over

She was later than usual

And I'd begun to wonder if she would show up at all

She's so good with PJ

It sort of makes me jealous

I know that's retarded

But still

"You know, Luke," she said as she watched me tickle PJ.

"I never in a million years would've guessed this would happen."

"What?" I ask her. "That I'd have a baby with Marissa's mom?"

Summer shakes her head.

"No, that you'd be a good dad."

The feeling I get just then

Is better than the first time I kissed Julie

Or Marissa

Or anyone

Nobody's ever told me I was a good dad before

Of course, it was Summer

Whose greatest area of expertise is what is "so five minutes ago"

But still

From the way PJ grins at me

I think she thinks so too