A/N: I scribbled this... Not very satisfied, especially with the later stanzas, as they're really off in terms of meter and rhyme. Wrote this for a friend—Connie, don't forget me, even if we are separated by the unrelenting Sea. R/R!! I hope you like it. It'll be polished and revised, I
guarantee that. Mellon nin= my friend

Ai, mellon nin, must you take the ship?
Do the gulls instill more in you than I?
Answer the call, forsake those left
Left behind, on a cold, cruel world

The grey ship anchored in the harbor
The grey ship ready to take thee away
To a better land, one from which I am barred
The grey ship, my adversary, pillaging my heart

Must I suffer the slow decay of time?
Must I pay for ancestral mistakes?
Those that came before me set this fate
To dwindle, strength sapping, till shadow takes me
To dwell forevermore in eternal dusk

Would you leave me, mellon nin?
Take me with you, my heart grieves
Take me with you, to dwell here no longer
Take me with you, for comfort is not here
Take me with you, share the light of Valinor

I see the pain inside your heart
The grief mars your features
Yet grieve more when the gulls cry
The West you can shun no longer

Eyes as deep as time peer down
Farewell, no ship can bear me
Secondborn, o Illuvatar, mere mortal
Till the world is changed then

Grey ship leaves fair harbor
Sail for a much sweeter land
A far green country under a swift sunrise
Yet I do not, for these eyes
Eyes of a mortal not fated to see
The bliss of Valinor, the light of the trees
A light not meant for me...