Ah, my first Matantei Loki Ragnarok fanfiction attempt. I adore the series and manga to death, so I just had to try writing a story for it. I hope you find the patience to read it. I tend to write long stories, a lot. I've also been a dead writer for about two years, so bear with me.

Forewarning: This is a Loki/Mayura fic. The cross-world romance greatly intrigues me, so I'm going to focus on that. However...I'm not going to make things easy on them. That's no fun, when Gods are involved. Especially our beloved Trickster God, himself. And for the sake of ficcyness, Mayura will be a bit OOC from the anime. The manga version of Mayura is more accurate for this. The fic also takes place after the last anime episode, because I don't know anything about Spica and whoever else comes along, yet.

On with the story! Enjoy and C&C if you can spare a bit of time.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Chapter 1: Punishment Can Be Fun

Two small hands came to rest below a child's chin, a pair of bright green eyes staring straightforward at the doorway to the spacious study. Loki was lost in his thoughts. Things had quieted down at the Enjaku Detective Agency now that the Norns were no longer threatening him, Hel was appeased, and Odin had quit sending Gods to Midgard to take his life.

He sighed, irritated. Lately he'd been reverting to and from his original state, as though Odin's spell might be wearing off. He didn't want to imagine the consequences if Mayura happened to be around when such a thing took place. She wasn't always terribly observant, but how could she ignore Loki aging ten years or so within seconds, if it happened right in front of her?

Young Loki slapped a hand to his forehead in growing irritation. Someone in Asgard was going to pay dearly for his suffering, someday. Very dearly. he vowed, his eyes narrowing and flashing red for a brief moment.

He blinked out of his vengeful thoughts as he heard distant, but rushed footsteps that were rapidly approaching his vicinity. Loki smirked, imagining Mayura busting through the door and exclaiming, "Loki-kun! We have a client!"

The chibi Trickster God leaned back in his chair, grinning like a little know-it-all. The doors abruptly flew open to reveal a disheveled and frantic young man with dark green hair tied back in its traditional ponytail. Loki felt a disappointment that he wasn't able to decipher. "Something the matter, Yamino-kun?"

Tears streaked down Yamino's face as he fell to his knees with a sob. "Loki-sama! I can't find my mail-order catalogs anywhere!" he exclaimed, clamping both his hands over his head. he continued to sob pitifully.

The auburn-haired boy yawned. "Sou..." he drawled. "I thought I saw Fenrir chewing on on some sort of magazine about a half hour ago. He was in the dining room downstairs."

Terror flashed across the young man's expression as he shouted, "Nii- san!! How could you!?" Yamino quickly rose to his feet and dashed out of the room, not bothering to close the door behind him.

Loki couldn't hold back the small chuckle that threatened to escape his throat. What an amusing family he had. Sighing once more, he lifted his small body from the high-backed chair and walked casually to the open doors, pulling them closed. Just as he turned around to return to the seat before the window of his study the doors suddenly burst open again, sending the chibi God face-forward into the carpeting.

"Loki-kuuuun!" cried an overly genki voice. Noticing she had sent the boy to the ground with the force of the open doors, the girl dashed forward to help him back up. "Ahhh, I'm so sorry, Loki-kun! I didn't know you were right behind the doors!"

The exiled God brushed her off and got to his feet, frowning at her. "Have you ever heard of knocking, Mayura?"

She chuckled nervously in response. "I was just anxious to see Loki- kun."

The frown faded slightly from his face as he opted to sit upon the right-hand couch instead of returning to his chair as he had originally planned. "What brings you here today, Mayura?"

Daidouji Mayura seated herself on the couch opposite to him, pulling out her mystery glasses and placing them over her eyes. "Have there been any strange mysteries?" she asked eagerly, crimson eyes shining with anticipation behind the comical glasses.

He blinked disinterestedly. Of course there would be less of such things happening now that everything had quieted down, but Mayura didn't know Gods were linked to the previous "fushigi mysteries" she had witnessed. "Nothing at all," he stated. "Sorry, Mayura, but there have been no clients whatsoever."

"Mou!" Mayura crossed her arms, puffing her cheeks out like a child denied her favorite toy. "How boring." She gazed at Loki as he turned to stare out the window, apparently deep in thought. There's so much I don't know about Loki-kun...

Suddenly, the vision of him with eerie red eyes filled her mind. She remembered...that night when the falcon attacked them. Her eyes became more unfocused as she continued to stare across the coffee table at him and her arms tightened slightly around each other. Who had that Loki been? Who was Loki? She always felt like he was hiding things from her. He never talked about himself at all.

"If you have anything to ask, Mayura. Ask me directly."

Yes, those had been his exact words. However, Mayura couldn't bring herself to do it. And what's the fun in that? she thought, smiling inwardly. I'm a detective, afterall.


A small gasp escaped her lips and she was abruptly pulled from her inner contemplation as she found two emerald orbs locked on her own. She flushed lightly, having been caught. "Ah, sorry," she giggled, one hand finding its way behind her head. "I guess I'm spacing out too much."

He nodded wordlessly, a suspicious gleam entering his eyes as he continued to gaze back at her. Feeling highly unnerved by his stare, she rose to her feet and forced a smile onto her features, nervously tucking a stray lock of bubble-gum pink hair behind her ear. "Ano...I'll go ask Yamino-san to bring us some tea!" She pumped a fist into air a bit too energetically and dashed out of the room at top speed.

The Trickster God gazed through the empty doorway, his eyes narrowing. What could Mayura be up to, this time? It was clear from her actions and behavior that she was thinking of doing or saying something that she knew she shouldn't.

But what...?

Yamino strode in just then, carrying a tea tray complete with a teapot, three cups, cream, sugar and spoons laid expertly upon it. A still- flustered Mayura followed in after him, her ruby eyes trailing upon the floor as she entered. "Tea, Loki-sama?" The man adorning glasses offered a steaming cup of honey-colored liquid before the young God.

"Thank you, Yamino-kun," Loki smiled and took the cup in his hands, absentmindedly blowing on the surface of the drink.

"And for Mayura-san," Yamino smiled and handed her a cup as well.

The female detective nodded in thanks and seated herself on the same couch as Loki, opting to sit at the far end and stare down at her saucer of tea. Her chat with Yamino-san downstairs had been brief, but she had made up her mind. If things went as planned, tonight she would begin her search. And hopefully, she could solve the mystery.

"Oh! Loki-sama, Mayura-san had a request."

"Hmm..." Loki turned to Mayura, his watchful eyes still calculating. "A request, Mayura?"

She forced herself to meet his eyes, not wanting to appear suspicious by any means. "Hai," she started, her fake smile beginning to twitch. "Ano...can I stay over tonight, Loki-kun?"

He raised an eyebrow, still uncertain of what she could be planning, and shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me. Yamino-kun is the one who will have to set up the guest room for you."

"It's no trouble at all, Mayura-san," Yamino assured, smiling brightly. "I can go clean it up immediately. It'll be great to be able to test the new household cleaning kit I bought through mail-order." His eyes sparkled excitedly and he quickly picked up the tea platter, hurriedly making his way out of the room.

Being left alone with Loki again, Mayura felt the uneasiness become heavier. She could tell he knew she was up to something. She had to throw him off somehow. "Ah, I'm so excited! I wonder what mysteries are waiting for me within Loki-kun's mansion. A poltergeist, maybe? Cursed artifacts? Waiiii! So much could happen!"

Mayura managed to pull off her usual demeanor quite well and Loki sighed with an inward smile. "I'm afraid you may be disappointed. There's no such things in my mansion."

"Mou..Loki-kun has to ruin everything." She stuck her tongue out at him.

His facial expression suddenly turned very serious. "I need you to promise me something, Mayura."

She blinked back at him. "Eh?"

"Don't go out after dark. I don't want to have to track you down if you go after some "fushigi mystery" again. So promise me that you'll leave your curiosity alone for one night."

Mayura nodded, guilt shining in her eyes. "I promise, Loki-kun."

His green eyes narrowed. "You'd better not be lying again, Mayura," he warned, remembering the park incident. "There will be...consequences if you choose to break your word this time."

Consequences? What does he mean? She shuddered, but had already made up her mind earlier. I just can't be caught, no matter what.

"Yamino-kun should have your room ready shortly," Loki informed. "Perhaps you might want to inform Mayura papa that you're staying here tonight."

She shook her head. "Papa is away for a few days to rid a distressed village of a group of terrible evil spirits that have been plaguing them."

Loki's emerald eyes broadened. "You've been at home by yourself? For how long?"

"Papa has been gone for two days. He should be back in a week or two. He says it will take at least that long to clear the village."

"Perhaps it would be best for you to remain here, then?" Loki suggested, leaving the question hanging open. Trouble always has a way of finding this girl, despite how calm it has been lately.

Daidouji Mayura bit her lip, knowing Loki had good intentions, but still wary of being around him for such an extended period of time. His mysterious aura could be a bit creepy at times. "I would hate to burden you and Yamino-kun for that long."

Loki nearly choked on his tea. Mayura was never concerned about imposing. Something was way out of whack, here. Come to think of it, she had been rather apprehensive when asking to spend the night as well. He'd get to the bottom of this, and soon. "I really think it would be wiser for you to stay here for the time being. If something happens to you while you're at home, there's no way for me to tell," Loki reasoned. "Besides, Yamino-kun will be absolutely delighted to have another person to cook and clean for," he added.

She nodded slowly, smoothing out her uniform skirt.

Loki rose to his feet, holding a small hand out to Mayura. "Come. I'll show you to your room."

She allowed him to pull her to her feet and followed along after him as he left the study and turned right down a lit hallway. He came to a halt in front of the first door they came across, knocking lightly upon the wooden surface. He waited a moment, but no reply came, so he turned the door knob and ushered Mayura into the room.

It was medium-sized room with a decent four-poster bed and walls covered in a neutral blue wallpaper. Mayura smiled at Loki as she walked in and sat down upon the soft bed. "It's very nice. Yamino-kun did a wonderful job fixing it up." She spied a suitcase upon the floor next to the bed and bent down to examine it. "When did this get here?" She was about to open the latches of the familiar luggage container when she heard the door creak.

Yamino suddenly walked into the room, gesturing to the suitcase. Daidouji Misao-san came by a little while ago, assuming you were here. He felt bad for leaving you alone back at your residence and requested that you were watched over while he was away. He packed some clothes and belongings of yours and asked me to bring it to you."

Mayura smiled softly. "Papa..." He was worried about me.

She glanced out the window as the moonlight washed over her. "Ne, Loki-kun, Yamino-kun. I'm a bit tired. I think I'll head for bed. Thank you for letting me stay and lending such a nice room."

Yamino bowed and smiled, catching his glasses before they slid off the bridge of his nose. "It's not trouble at all, Mayura-san. I too shall be heading for bed, myself." He turned to boy with cinnamon locks. "And you, Loki-sama?"

Letting his eyes rest on the moonlit Mayura, he yawned. "Mm. I think I could use a bit of sleep soon."

The legendary serpent bowed to them both and took his leave. Loki went to follow after him, but paused at the doorway, gazing once again to Mayura, who sat still with the ethereal glow from the moon casting a hazy aura around her.

"Rest well, Mayura." And don't forget your promise.

"You too, Loki-kun."

He shut the door quietly behind him and leaned against it for a moment, closing his eyes. Sighing wistfully, he made his way to the room adjacent to the guest room and let himself in. Loki approached his window and stared up at the full moon. He could hear Fenrir's distant howl. It was comforting, in a way.

After changing into his pajamas, he climbed into bed and closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, Mayura was pacing soundlessly upon the carpeting in the guest room. She didn't want to break her word, but she had already resolved to do this. Anxiety was beginning to kick in. When should she go? How could she be sure they were both asleep?

She slowly approached the door and carefully turned the knob to open it.

Next door, Loki's eyes snapped open in an instant. Mayura.

In full detective mode, Mayura crept as quietly as possible down the hall and halted before the tall oak doors to Loki's study. She raised a hesitant hand to the door handle and pulled gently. The door to the study opened easily and to her relief, it didn't creak one bit.

Loki peered around the edge of his room, watching with narrowed green eyes as Mayura entered his study. He had hoped she wouldn't break her promise this time, but he should have known better when it came to Mayura. Now it was time to find out what she was up to. When he reached the doorway to his study he stayed out of sight for the time being and merely leaned up against the door, listening carefully.

Guilt was making sweat trail down the sides of Mayura's face. Loki had caught her in here once before. And he became really angry when he found her digging around. That was when she had found that necklace. Pulling open the drawer, she found the red jewel-encrusted chest and cracked it open, inspecting the artifact within. Why does Loki-kun have the Brising Necklace? Shouldn't he have returned it to the museum? She carefully lifted the gold necklace out of the box, running her fingers over the smooth metal charms.

Loki's eyes widened when he heard a drawer being opened from within the room. Mayura was snooping around in his study again. He was sure after he'd caught her last time, she'd never dare to do it again. It made him mad, but intrigued him as well. Insatiable curiosity is going to be your downfall someday, Mayura. And for breaking your word, I'm afraid there will be a price to pay.

"No clues about Loki-kun at all," Mayura whispered to herself, opening other drawers on the bureau and searching through them.

A devilish smirk rested upon the boy's face on the other side of the door. Still trying to dig up information on me, Mayura? That gives me an idea...

Giving up on finding anything in that particular area, Mayura approached his front desk and sat down in tall red chair. Nothing seemed out of order, strange, or appeared to contain anything that might help her learn more about Loki-kun. Sighing in defeat, she rose to her feet and went to stand behind the chair, gazing openly at the midnight sky.

Loki poked his head into the room, his smirk curling into an evil smile that was more characteristic of the Trickster God. A piece of old parchment materialized into his hand and he looked it over. Perfect. It was a mostly false description of him, but all the same it was sure to shock Mayura, if not terrify her. His eyes flashed red as he guided the parchment piece to the top of the lefthand bookshelf. He mentally coaxed it into place between two books. It was sure to catch Mayura's eye if his plan was executed correctly.

He grinned in a self-satisfied way and returned to his silent position outside of the room. If he was going to teach Mayura a lesson, he might as well have fun with it. And this is just the beginning. No one should lie to the Trickster God, Mayura. It still both amused and angered him that she'd tried this a second time. She still didn't have the guts to ask him directly about anything. She was only going to get what she deserved for this little escapade. Oh, what fun he was going to have at her expense.

After counting to ten, Loki snapped his fingers softly. On cue, two books fell off the bookshelf and hit the floor with a dull thud. The parchment piece fluttered down and landed slightly off to the right of the larger book. Mayura jumped at the abrupt sound and looked around wildly, thinking she'd been caught. Her eyes finally trailed over where the books and paper laid on the floor innocently. Sighing in relief, she strode over to them.

Certain that his little bit of mischief had been managed, Loki quietly returned to his room. Things were finally going to liven up a bit from the uneventful week. Tomorrow was going to be a most interesting day.

Mayura placed the books back up on the shelf, hoping they weren't too out of order. The last thing she needed was for Loki to know that she'd been sneaking around in his study again. She bent down and picked up the yellowing piece of parchment. She was about to tuck it somewhere into a book when she spied a familiar name in bold red lettering. "Loki..." she whispered into the darkness, feeling her heart rate increase. Her eyes widened into saucers as she read over the first few lines. It can't be true...Loki isn't...he can't be...this isn't possible...

Frightened by what she was reading, she quickly got to her feet, taking the parchment back with her to the guest room. After trying to carefully shut the door noiselessly behind her, she lost all the strength in her legs and slid back against the door until she hit the carpet One shaky hand brought the piece of ancient parchment into her view, the blood red inked letters shining in the moonlight. And taking a deep breath, she began to read silently.

' The Demon called "Loki", struck fear into the hearts of many. He changed forms between that of a young boy and a handsome young man. His frightening crimson eyes are said to have frozen people where they stood.'

Mayura felt a cold chill race up her spine.

' The demon's greatest gift was that of intelligence. Clever and cunning, he specialized in manipulation and deception. The evil demon led many to their premature deaths. Loki preferred the night to day. Being a powerful demon, he didn't need much to survive. Every one hundred years he would seek out one victim and steal their soul. Using his charm along with his superior mind, he could easily render his victims powerless. He would then administer a kiss and devour the person's soul through their mouth.'

' Demon Loki was sealed by a very powerful priest over 500 years ago and hasn't been heard of since. The mansion he had resided in was destroyed shortly after he was sealed. Only his legend lives on. If Loki were ever able to break the seal-'

The last bit of it appeared to have been either torn or weathered away. Mayura crawled over to her suitcase and hid the parchment between two piles of clothes. She didn't want to believe the Loki she knew was a demon, but the description of him seemed so accurate. And she had even remembered running into someone who looked like an older version of once, though she dismissed it as her imagination at the time.

Loki never seemed like a demon. He was always kind and helpful. According to the Legend, if this is the same Loki, he's been deceiving us all. Are we in danger...?

Daidouji Mayura slowly raised her body into a standing position, her legs freely shaking and bumping into one another. She stumbled clumsily onto the bed and stared out the window with blank eyes. She suddenly wished she'd never tried to find anything out at all.

It can't be true...don't let it be true, Loki-kun.

Everyone's favorite Trickster God was fast asleep in the room next door, a smile still present on his lips.

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