"Thank you, Shinji. My life has meaning because I met you."

Kaworu finished his little speech, red eyes softening as he stared into the face of Unit 01. Shinji swallowed.

Don't do this.

01's goliath hand easily dwarfed the Angel, Kaworu suddenly seeming so small, almost childlike; human. He blinked once, still smiling serenly, calmly.

He's giving it up for you.

"Do it, Shinji! Now!"

Shinji stared. So did Kaworu.

Don't do this.

"Now, kill him, Shinji!"

Shinji might've screamed at his father then, he wasn't aware, and Rei was around somewhere, maybe, he wasn't sure of that either, and oh my God, what do I do? I can't kill him, he's one of us.....

He's an Angel.

He's an Eva pilot.

He betrayed you.

I trust him.

He'll kill everyone.

I don't care.

Stop being such a selfish child.

Don't make me do this.

Do your duty.

Shinji screamed in frustration, salty tears mixing with the blood in his plug. He looked up, staring into the Fifth Child's still smiling face.

I love you, mouthed Kaworu, a pair of tears, almost unnoticeable, sliding down porcelain cheeks

And almost without thought, Shinji closed his hand. His stomach twisted. He could feel Kaworu, feel his guts, soft and slick, bloody gummy and all of it slipping through his fingers. Shinji sobbed, looking up. Kaworu--

His head. Jesus, his head.

It was still hanging by a thick tendon, resting against the knuckles of Unit 01, Kaworu's discolored Angel blood pouring down the giant fist. Shinji hadn't the time to notice his rapid and shallow breathing before the tendon snapped and Kaworu's head fell into the pool beneath his Eva Unit with a thick splash.

Shinji held his breath, heart beating briskly.


Kaworu's head bobbed back up, face above the water.

He was still smiling.

Shinji screamed. And screamed.