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Chapter One - Pain


"I promise to never hurt you, Seto."

That's a lie.

"You will never hurt again."

No, you're wrong.

"I'm here now."

No, you aren't. You left me.

Seto Kaiba tossed and turned in bed, trying to rid himself of these thoughts.

"You're safe now."

It's a lie. All of it's a lie.

Tears streamed down the young brunette's face. Everything was a lie. In fact, his entire life was a lie. He didn't mean anything to anybody. He wished he had never even fallen in love. He should have known it would only hurt him.

Yami was gone every night now. He barely stopped by the mansion to see Seto. Worried and confused, Seto would drive to the Turtle Game Shop in search of his love, only for Yuugi to tell him Yami was out for the night. The only time Seto saw Yami was at school, where Yami would talk to him constantly and smile, acting as nothing were happening. When Seto would bring up the topic of Yami being gone a lot, all he would say was that he had things to do, and quickly change the subject. Occasionally, Seto caught Yami on the streets in extremely expensive clothes, that Seto thought only he could afford. Had Yami found someone with more money? No, that wasn't possible. Yami wasn't like that. Plus, who had more money than him?

Seto swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood, pacing around the room. He strolled past his desk, his eyes sliding over to the desk top that held an Egyptian style necklace. Seto stared at the jewelry, more tears welling in his eyes. It was a gift from Yami, and he loved it. It reminded him of Yami's smile, his comfort, his beautiful voice...

Seto traced his thumb over the pendant on the necklace. His tears were uncontrollable, and he fell to his knees, and then to the floor, his head gently smacking the carpeted surface, sending a jolt of pain through the back of his head to the front. He curled up on his side, sobbing.

"Please... Please don't leave me... You promised to never hurt me... You told me you loved me... But, you're lying to me..." He sobbed, soaking the floor.

"Please..." He whispered softly, feeling sleep tug at him. He took a deep breath, attempting to relax. His sobbing calmed, and he drifted off into an unpleasant rest.


It was a cold, rainy night. Cars drove down the streets of Domino, headlights shining brightly and windshield wipers swinging from side to side. Few people walked the streets, due to the bad weather. However, a certain brunette wandered the sidewalks, soaked to the bone and shivering. Feeling too lost and alone, he ignored the pouring rain and that fact that it was soaking him.

He wandered into the deserted park. He sat down on the nearest bench, ignoring the soaked wood. He looked out in front of him, fast falling raindrops painfully hitting his face. He pulled his knees to his chest, rocking back and forth slightly as tears ran down his cheeks. He sobbed quietly, telling himself he was worth nothing and he was alone. He didn't want to feel this way, but he couldn't help it. It seemed like hours he sat there and sobbed, when he suddenly heard footsteps through the grass.

He stopped crying to listen. The footsteps got closer. He glanced over to see two feet, and moved upwards to see the figure dressed in tight, black leather. He held an umbrella, which covered his face.

"Hello, Seto." He said. Seto suddenly recognized who it was. He lifted his head to look at the boy, and the boy slowly lifted his umbrella to reveal ruby red eyes. He had blonde bangs, and his hair stood up in five black spikes with red ends. Blonde thunderbolts shot up each spike. The boy smiled warmly, and moved to stand in front of Seto, whom quickly turned his head away.

"Look at me, Seto." He ordered.

"What do you want, Yami?" Seto snapped. "Can't you see I want to be alone?" He lied. He did not want to lie, but he had to, for he could not let someone like Yami see him weak.

"You lie." Yami shot back.

"Shut up!" Seto cried out, lowering his head. His tears were returning, and he didn't dare let Yami see. He sat there like that for a few minutes, having received no response from Yami. Just as he was starting to think the boy had left, a hand came to rest under his chin, tilting his head upward. His eyes met concerned ruby ones. Yami's thumb came up to gently stroke his face. Seto wanted to pull away, but he could not take it any longer. He needed comfort.

Seto let out a small whimper, and Yami quickly bent down to pull him into a tight embrace. Yami rubbed his back soothingly.

"Shhh... It's all right, Seto. You're going to be just fine." Seto nodded into his shoulder. Yami gently pulled the brunette to his feet, keeping both arms around his waist for support.

"Come on now, Seto. I'm taking you back to my place to stay for the night. I want to make sure you're okay." The taller boy nodded, wiping at his eyes. Yami began to lead Seto to his car.

Upon their arrival, Yami opened the door to the passenger's side and helped Seto inside. He reached for a blanket folded in the backseat and wrapped it around the shivering brunette. He then slammed the door shut and walked around to the driver's side and climbed in.

Seto laid back against the cushioned seat and watched Yami fumble with his keys and start the car. He gently took Seto's hand, and then proceeded to drive home.


A few moments later, the two arrived at the Turtle Game Shop. The rain had lightened up and nearly stopped. Seto emerged from the car, still wrapped in the blanket for warmth. Yami took his hand and lead him inside the house, up the stairs and into his bedroom. Seto sat down on the bed as Yami began to remove his clothes.

"Yami? What are you doing?" Seto asked, weakly.

"Relax, Seto, I just want to get you into dry clothes." Yami replied.

"O-oh..." Seto choked out as his shirt was peeled off. He now had nothing on but his underpants. Yami slipped pajama bottoms onto Seto, and then slipped on a pajama top, buttoning the front. He then laid Seto down, covering him up.

"Need anything?" He asked, smiling. Seto shook his head. Yami climbed into bed with him.

"Seto... I have something to tell you." Yami began. Seto laid on his back, looking up at Yami whom was lying on his side, propped up on his elbow. Yami looked down to him.

"What is it?" Seto asked. Yami paused for a long while.

"I... I love you." He finally choked out, his face turning red. "I've loved you for so long." Seto felt himself blush and let out a small whimper.

"I... I love you too." He smiled up at Yami. Yami stared down at him, eyes widened, before they welled with tears of happiness. He bent down and forcefully pressed his lips into Seto's. Seto gasped into his mouth at the sudden attack before returning the passionate kiss. Yami forced himself into Seto's mouth, running his tongue along the insides, causing Seto to moan. Seto returned the action, exploring Yami. Needing air, they finally broke apart, panting.

Suddenly, Seto began to feel afraid again. Afraid of being hurt. He whimpered and began to shake. Yami laid down next to him and pulled Seto's head to his chest. As if reading his mind, Yami whispered comforting words.

"I promise to never hurt you, Seto." Yami began, stroking his hair. "You won't hurt again. I'm here now. You're safe now." He continued. Seto tilted his head upward to smile at Yami, and then began to feel sleep want to take him. His eyelids began to drop, and he fell off into a peaceful sleep.


"I promise to never hurt you, Seto."

"You won't hurt again."

"I'm here now."

"You're safe now."

"I love you."

Seto bolted upright, shaking violently and sweating. A sob racked through his body. He hated that dream. He'd had it a couple nights now. Remembering how he and Yami fell in love was so painful.

"It's not worth it... It's just not worth it..." Seto sobbed, getting to his feet. He took off running out of his bedroom, down the steps and into the kitchen. He swung open a cabinet and grabbed a set of keys from the top shelf. He bent down to a locked drawer underneath the cabinet and frantically tried to open it with the keys. It eventually flew open, revealing many sharp knives he had kept locked away in fear of Mokuba hurting himself. He took out the largest knife, a butcher knife, and held it in the air, admiring the blade. He then stood, walking to the kitchen table to sit down.

Mokuba stood at the door of the kitchen peering inside. Little did his brother know he had been spying on him all night. Mokuba was very worried, and he wasn't sure what Seto was going to do with that knife. He was very angry with Yami for whatever he had done to Seto. And now, Seto was going to hurt himself.

Seto ran his finger over the tip of the blade, cutting a small sliver that drew blood. He pulled his sleeve up to look at his wrist. Seto squeezed his eyes shut, and held the blade to his wrist.

Maybe now you'll understand, Yami...

Mokuba's eyes widened. Seto was going to cut himself.

"Seto, NO!!!" He cried out, bursting into the kitchen. "Don't hurt yourself!" Seto jumped at the sudden interference, and growled.

"Mokuba, go back to your room!"


"Yes, Mo-" He was cut off by the sticky liquid he felt running down his arm. He looked down to see a long cut that ran from his wrist almost down to the base of his elbow.

What? But... I didn't feel anything... Seto stared at it wide-eyed, before collapsing on the floor.

"Seto!" Mokuba burst out crying, running to grab a towel and quickly wrapping it around Seto's arm, trying to slow the bleeding, but it was coming out much to fast, and quickly destroyed the towel.

Heh heh... Pumps out faster as my heart beats...

"I need an ambulance! Hurry! Please hurry!" Mokuba sobbed into the phone.

No, Mokuba... It's too late...

"Seto, hold on!"

Well, it looks like I'm going to die now... I hope you have a great life, Yami... I will always love you...

Seto then slipped out of consciousness.