No matter how many times Janus looked over the Postwar Admin. Bureau's file on the Commander Gear Dizzy, he found himself rereading it. It had only been a couple of months after her official death and Jam Kuradoberi claimed the 500,000 world dollar bounty. Newspaper clippings, reports from agents, and various video recordings of Jam's interview were all over his desk, along with several reports on the dead Commander Gear Justice and the humanoid Gear Testament. But after reading through all of them, Janus couldn't help but feel doubt that one Chinese cook could takedown two of the most powerful Gears in the world. He knew that her Ki powers were unmatched, but they paled in comparison to the power of a Gear. "Especially a Commander Gear," he thought to himself, "It took Justice 100 years to be beaten by humans."

Janus put Dizzy's report back on top of his collection of files that scattered his desk. His superiors told him that Dizzy was a wild goose chase and shouldn't be dealt with at the time being, but he couldn't let it go. Out of all the reports he's read, one fact was never in them: Dizzy's body was never recovered. He had sent agents to the Devil's Forest where she was presumably living and they found no trace of her. They did however run into Testament and he seemed to be protecting the forest from outsiders.

He shook his head, he need to think about something else, and coffee. Janus stood up and made his way toward the break room. As he stepped in he saw on of his coworkers, Gregory, at the table reading a newspaper. As Janus pored a cup of coffee out of one the pots he said, "You know, for a multimillion dollar organization, you'd think they could provide us with some decent tasting coffee."

Gregory laughed at Janus's remark. "You could always file a complaint."

"Yeah, I've done that, I filed one every year, and every year they provide us with the same old muck." Janus sat down across from Gregory, slowly drinking the "muck" out of his mug.

He placed his paper on the table to look at Janus, "Still working on the Dizzy case? You really should concentrate on something else and give it up, you've been working on that case for months."

"I can't seem to let it go. There are too many loose ends and unanswered questions that I need answered to." He took another sip out of his mug, "So where's Stan and James?"

"They're in the control room observing our "other" priorities. You should go see them, they could use the help."

"Heh, Stan and James need help? That's an understatement." Stan and James were practically interns but they've been working here for 5 years. A waste of time and effort in Janus's eyes, but he really need something else to work on. He finished his cup and walked out the door, "Don't work too hard Greg."

Gregory picked up his paper again, "Oh I won't, I haven't gotten to sports section yet."

Janus made his way to the control room, the room where they relay all the information the Postwar Bureau agents recorded. As he walked in he saw the Terrible Twosome huddled over a console giggling like school girls. He overheard one of them say, "Look how pissed she is! Now tell it to fight her!"

As James typed on the control console Janus walked up to them trying to see what trouble they've started. "What the hell are you guys doing?"

Stan and James jumped at Janus's remark and he could see what was on the screen. It looked like a restaurant set on fire and one very angry Chinese cook, Jam Kuradoberi, staring into the monitor. "Oh hey Boss," Stan said, "We were just using unit RK-002034 to stir up some trouble with subject 17."

Janus was angered at his remark, "You know those RK units cost money, you just can't go destroying them for pure enjoyment." He said this while pointing at the monitor as Jam kicked the monitor and it turned to static.

"It all in the name of science, just look at this Ki data we got off of that one kick!" James was pointing at the screen where it showed the report of the Ki attacks Jam used on the Robo Ky unit.

"Yeah, well that one kick just cost you 100,000 dollars."

"Yeah, but we still have thousands of Robo Kys running around, it's no big deal." Stan said as he spun around on his chair, "So what brings you here? Not getting anywhere on the Dizzy case?" As Stan said this James tried to hold off a laugh, Janus was getting sick of everyone giving a hard time on working on that case. True he hasn't gotten anywhere in months, but it was his obsession, he just couldn't let it go.

"Oh, ha ha, very funny guys, besides her who else have you been observing?"

"Well you'll be happy to know that we finally got an RK on the Mayship of the Jellyfish Pirates."

Janus raised his eyebrows to that, "Really? How'd you manage that?"

James looked really smug with himself, "Well it all thanks to me, we were able to find out when exactly the next supply pick up was for the Jellyfish, found the town, and while they were getting supplies we managed to sneak an RK onto their ship."

"You have any visuals of the ship?"

"Yep, we have all of the deck on camera and the RK is currently working on the lower levels of the ship." Stan added, "Yep, pretty cool huh? You want to see?"

Janus pulled up a chair. "Sure, load it up." Stan and James nodded at the command and turned back toward their consoles and switched the TV monitors to show different angles of the deck of the Mayship. He could see Johnny and May, subject 8 and 9, talking on monitor. Janus looked as the little pirate captain was talking eagerly to Johnny about something, Janus knew that May was infatuated with him, he was a father, a brother, and possibly a lover to her.

He could see the party coming back from their supply run, there were three of them, one was named April, May best friend, July, a tough looking girl with an eye patch and a sword, and someone he's never seen before that was wearing a cloak. "Who's that?" As he pointed to the figure in question, "A new member?"

Stan looked at the screen for a moment, "I don't know, if we get their face we can do a search. Probably won't turn up anything, another orphan most likely." The cloaked figure removed their hood revealing that it was indeed another girl. She had red eyes and blue hair with two yellow bows that tied the hair together in loops. "There we go," Stan froze the image for a moment and captured her face a put it through an identify program.

"She looks a little old to be running with Johnny's group don't you think?" James added. "I wonder about that guy sometimes." The identifier came up with 'No File' displayed on the screen. "Told ya." Stan said pointing at the display.

The pirates on the deck headed inside and the ship began to take off. "Well, until we get the rest of the cameras installed inside the ship, we can only watch the deck." Janus was about to ask them for other data on some of their other subjects when something caught his eye.

"Wait rewind the video." Stan did so, "Ok stop," he pointed at the new girl again as she was heading into the ship, "What's that? Zoom in on that." Stan obeyed and zoomed in on what Janus was pointing at, something yellow and black near the girl's boots underneath her cloak. "Ok now enhance the picture." The picture became focused and they could see that is was a black tip with another one of those yellow bows tied to it. "What the hell is that?"

Stan and James both looked at the picture of the strange object, "I don't know, isn't that the same bow like the ones in her hair?" James added, "Yeah it does, what it the world is that black thing though?"

"Try enhancing around the base of the cloak and try to come up with a virtual representation of what it is." The computer processed for a while, it drew a sketch outline of the girl in the cloak and then the black object at her feet. Then it analyzed the texture of the cloak to try and give the girl an outline and then traced the black object. It was drawn longer and led up to her waist.

"Is that a tail?" James asked, "Does she have a tail?" The computer however failed to trace the girl's upper body and pointed out that there was something on her back that it couldn't predict.

"No you idiot, why would she have a tail!" Stan criticizing James comment, "It looks like she has something on her back, a backpack you think? It could be hanging off of whatever's on her back."

Janus just stared at the tracing of the girl, there was something strange about her. "Keep an eye on her, something tells me that there's more to this girl under that cloak. Can you move the RK unit into position?"

James turned to Janus, "Unfortunately no, the unit will be in too high risk area to be spotted, we'll have to wait until they're done taking off and become more dispersed.

"Now you care about the well being of the unit?" Janus asked curiously.

"Well with the last one we can always send another to that location, but this on the Mayship, they probably won't land in awhile, if we lose this unit we won't get the chance for months, plus it will make the pirates suspicious."

Janus looked at James funny, "Wow, you actually said something smart for once in your life. Let me know when you're able to get another visual on that girl, I'll be in my office." Janus took his leave out of the control room and back to his office.

"Ha! He thinks I'm smart." James said mockingly.

"Oh don't let it get to your head, it me he likes." Stan pointed to himself with a grin on his face.

"Fighting over my affection won't get you anywhere guys, now shut up and do what I said." Janus left the room and got back to his office, the files still cluttering his desk. "I need to clean up this mess." He sat down in his chair and leaned back for a moment starting at the ceiling. There was nothing special about, he noticed that he stuck a pencil to it the other day and it was still there. His eyes were heavy, he's been working for 20 hours and the bad coffee was helping him stay up, he soon fell asleep. A couple of hours passed by until Janus heard a loud bang.

"Boss! Boss! You gotta see this!" James broke through the door of Janus's office, this jolted Janus so bad that he fell back in his chair. "You're not going to believe this!" He continued to yell as he entered the room.

"Ow," Janus hit his head against the wall from the fall. "What are you yelling for?!" He stood up, looking very grumpy and very angry at James for his rude awaking.

"Sorry Boss, but take a look at this." James handed him some photos, Janus couldn't make out what they were due to his lack of sleep and his now aching head.

"This had better be goo..." He finally was able to see what James was so excited about, it was pictures of the blue haired girl without her cloak on helping one of the girls sweep the deck. His eyes grew wide as he noticed that the girl did in fact have a tail and the object was not a backpack but a pair of wings.

"She has a tail and wings! Johnny must have caught himself an angel!" James was jumping up and down out of the pure excitement of it, "You think the Bureau will want to observer her as well?"

But Janus didn't hear what James said and continued to look at the pictures, there was something about those features that reminded him of something. He set the pictures down and began ripping through the files on his desk. "Hey Boss, you alright? Did you hear what I said?"

Janus continued looking through his files until he found the newspaper clipping of Jam Kuradoberi interview after defeating Dizzy. He scanned the article until he found the sentence he was looking for:

- Jam Kuradoberi described the gear having two off colored wings, one green and the other white and a long black tail. –

Janus looked back at the picture and sure enough the girl had green and white wings. He looked up at the confused James. "Go back to the control room and get the RK unit to seize and capture her at once!"

"I don't understand Boss, why the sudden interest in..."

"DO AS I SAY!" Janus slammed his fist on his desk making James jump. He quickly turned and ran back the way he came. Janus sat down again looking at the photo, "So I finally found you, Commander Gear Dizzy."

"Thanks for the help Dizzy!" April said as she mopped the last of the deck clean.

"Your welcome April, dinner won't be ready for a couple of hours so I didn't have much to do until then."

"Well I'm glad you were able to help me," April wiped some sweat off her forehead. "Where's May?"

Dizzy looked around the deck trying to find her friend but found no trace of her, "I think she's with Johnny, did you need to see her?"

"No, I was just wondering, I figured she was hanging around Johnny, she rarely leaves his side," April started to walk back inside the ship and return her mop and before stepping inside she turn her head back at Dizzy, "You coming inside?"

Dizzy shook her head, "No, I want to stay out here, the breeze feels nice." She was leaning against the railing of the deck and was looking onto the world below.

"Alright, see you later then." April waved at Dizzy and entered the ship. She just started to walk down the hall when May ran into her at one of the connecting corridors.

"Hey watch were you're going you – oh, hey April, Johnny said it your turn to do laundry."

April sighed heavily to May comment, "But I just finished mopping the deck! Don't I get a break?!"

"Well I know last week you skipped your chores because you said you were 'sick' when you were really trying on your new clothes you got from China."

"Well that was more important." April said trying to make an excuse.

May just returned a glazed look back at her friend, "Sure it was."

April was getting agitated by May's comments, "Well at least I don't make- out with the captain to get out of chores."

"Yeah, I wish." May said, she then imaging what April said and smiled at the thought. April shoved her, knowing what she was thinking about. "Anyway, where's Dizzy, I've been looking for her?"

April pointed the way she came, "She's on the deck, admiring the view."

May nodded and started walking the way she pointed, "Thanks April, you'd better get busy on the laundry or you'll be in trouble!"

April just mumbled under her breath as she continued down the hall, May couldn't make out what she said and continued to the deck. April returned the mop back to the cleaning closet and made her way to the laundry bay. It was filled with washers and pipes that delivered laundry from the rooms upstairs to down here. Below them were hampers marked with everyone's name on it. "Better get busy." She told herself.

April got a couple of the different girls' laundry into the one of the washers with not problem until she got to May's hamper. She tried lifting it but wouldn't budge, she got on one side and tried shoving it but to no avail it refused to move. "What's in here? Did May put her anchor in her or something?"

She began to fish through May's laundry and heard something buzzing. She stopped to try and listen to the sound when something jumped out of the basket. April screamed as she fell backwards from the sudden movement and looked back up to see what scared her. She could see someone covered from head to toe with sheets and clothes but couldn't make out their face because a sheet covered their face. The person in question then looked in the direction of April and she could see two glowing eyes behind the sheet. The person's right arm jerked and pointed a long sword toward April, she screamed once again but fails to get off the ground frozen with fear.

"WHERE-IS-THE-DECK?!" The person under the sheet demanded. April pointed up the stairs and said, "U-uupp th-there and t-t-t-oo the left." She was barely able to make a sentence.

The masked figure withdrew its sword and with insane speed left the room and up the stairs. April, still trying to make sense of it all, could hardly see the person move. She put her hand to her neck and realized that she had been nicked by the sword and it drew a little blood. At the sight of blood she fainted, still on the laundry floor with clothes and sheets scattered everywhere in the room.

"What's the status of the RK?" Janus asked James when he entered back into the control room.

"We just sent the orders and is making its way towards the target." James said turning around seeing Janus eagerly waiting for an update. He pulled up a chair immediately next the James and Stan to watch the situation.

"Why don't we have visuals?" Janus said looking at the screen seeing that it was white.

Stan turned to him, "There's something wrapped around it, but it should function fine even with its vision impaired. Janus's heartbeat was out of control, he could hardly believe after all these months that he finally had a lead on the location of the Commander Gear.

"What's this?" Stan said out loud as he looked on another monitor.

James looked, "That's the Mayship on radar and then noticed another blip on it, "but I don't know what that is. Whatever it is it's fast and heading toward the Mayship."

Janus crossed his arms, "Let's hope it doesn't interfere with our business."

Dizzy looked down as the Mayship soared through the clouds. She could see miles of countryside and acres of forests. She loved the forest, growing up with the birds and the animals in the grove felt like paradise. The only thing she felt while living there was loneliness, the loneliness of being a Gear and having to live a life of seclusion. That's why she's happy that nice people like Johnny and May found her and took her to see the world. She missed the forest every now and then but she knew that these last few months have been the happiest in her life.

She noticed one of the towns they were flying by and she recognized it was the one where she grew up with her foster parents—before she grew her wings and tail. They were forced to hide her in the forest to save her from the angry villagers when word got out that she was a Gear. She then remember Testament was staying there, maybe she could get Johnny to land so she could go visit him.

Dizzy started to turn away from the railing and noticed that there was a woman in red with a guitar across the deck from where she was. "Where did she come from?" Dizzy asked herself. She didn't recognize her and she knew that the woman didn't belong. Dizzy made her way toward her.

"Wait, who's that? She's not a pirate!" Janus stood up pointing at one of the video monitors.

"I don't know." Stan ran a search and found no info on the red musician. "No File. Nothing, we have nothing on her."

"She's moving towards her, where's that damn RK unit!" Janus yelled.

"It's almost there." James replied.

The red musician looked around the ship, she smiled to herself, "What a cute boat. It's a shame I have to wreck it."

Dizzy walked up to the mysterious woman, she was smiling about something and then turned her head towards her. "Excuse me...This is the Jellyfish Pirate's Ship. Please don't come aboard without permission."

The red woman smirked at Dizzy comment, "You're in the way!" She then shoved her away from her. Dizzy tripped backwards and hit the railing, the woman pushed her with such force that she started to topple over the railing.


May approached the top of the deck and could see Dizzy talking to some weird woman in red. As she started to walk towards them the woman pushed Dizzy over the edge, she couldn't believe what she was seeing, "Dizzy!" As she yelled out to her friend something fast knocked her over.

"NOOO!" Janus screamed as he saw the small confrontation with the hybrid Gear and the red musician. "Where's the blasted RK!!?"

Both Stan and James were startled by his outbreak, "I-I don't know," James said, "It should be there by now."

They watched on the screen and saw the pirate girl May approach the deck and was knocked over by something. That something was the RK unit moving with blinding speed and covered with a cloth over his body that it got from the laundry room. It made its way over to where Dizzy fell over and jumped off the ship. At that time the cloth fell off and they could see from its view that it dug it's sword with it right arm into the ship's hull and its left grabbed Dizzy leg.

Just then an explosion ripped across the deck of the Mayship and it appeared that the red musician was the cause of it. The explosion forced the ship to bank left and caused Robo Ky's sword to come out of place and send it along with Dizzy tumbling to the ground.

All three of them watched speechless as the screen of Robo Ky's vision showed them both heading for the ground, just before it hitting the screened turned black—and then showed static. 'Signal Lost' flashed on the screen.

Janus was so close, his long wait was going to be finally over and then this cruel twist of fate happened. Still not believe what he just saw he looked to James and Stan, "Find where they've crashed, I'm going there with a team as soon as you pinpoint their location." Janus shook his head, and the walked out the door. "Perfect. Just perfect, what else could go wrong today?"