"What a mess this has become," Janus thought to himself, "why are the chairmen interfering now?" Janus walked down the corridor along with Gregory coming to a door on the other side. Just beyond the door led outside to the roof where a helipad laid. The sun was just coming up and Janus could see a helicopter approaching. It was a large cargo helicopter and when it landed out came ten Robo-Kys followed by a man with white hair in a business suit carrying a large briefcase. The man was Alcester, one of the chairmen of the Bureau.

"Good morning Janus," He greeted him, "you've been quite busy haven't you?"

"Just doing my job Alcester, why are you and the chairmen pulling me out?" Janus asked.

"You'll find that out when we get back to HQ." He turned towards Gregory, handing him the case. "Here, the items you requested." Gregory took the case in hand, "You know what must me done." Gregory nodded. "Now if you'll just get on board Janus, Gregory and the machines will finish up here." Alcester turned and headed back onto the helicopter.

Janus turned his head towards Gregory, "Don't kill the Gear, she's too valuable to just throw away now."

"That's asking a lot."

"I know, just let me try and talk to the chairmen first. You know that we can't pass this opportunity up." Janus turned and entered the helicopter. It soon took off with Janus and Alcester in tow.

Gregory looked at the Robo-Kys waiting on the roof. "I want you to fan out and patrol the area, no one is allowed to come in or out." The machines nodded. Gregory went back inside the building. He walked until he came the room where Dizzy was, the two other Robo-Kys were just outsides the room. He walked by them and entered to room, Dizzy was still strapped to the chair in the middle. Gregory closed the door behind him, Dizzy looked up to see him, she didn't recognize him. He had short brown hair that was slightly graying, he had brown eyes and was wearing small rectangular glasses. He was wearing a white button up shirt with a brown jacket and pants. He bent over next to the chair and set his briefcase down, opening it. Inside were many little computer displays, Gregory took out two small circular pads and put them on each side of Dizzy's forehead.

"Wha…what are you doing?" Dizzy asked.

Gregory connected the pads with wires that led back into the case. "This machine displaces your vitals, from your heart rate to your DNA analysis." He took two clamps that were also connect to the case and fastened them to her fingers on both of her hands. Once connected the machine started running and the displays flashed information.

Gregory pulled the stool in front of Dizzy and sat down. "I'm in a very curious position right now." Dizzy's eyes became fixated on him as he reached out and grabbed one of the silver instruments off the table next to her. "Some want you dead, while others want you alive. Are you worth the trouble I wonder?" He waved the instrument back and forth as he talked, it was a long rod with a ball on the end. "Well I guess I'm going to find out right now." He turned the small device on and the ball on the end began to spark wildly. Dizzy's eyes widen, "Shall we begin?"

Testament arrived at the little town where the pirate girl said Dizzy was being held. The town was like a ghost town, nothing was stirring about as Testament roamed the streets seeking where Dizzy was. The sun was about to come up, he stuck close to buildings and alleys to avoid being seen by anyone else. A low humming sound was heard off in the distance, Testament saw a helicopter, it was approaching the town. He saw it preparing to land on a building far off in the distance. He looked to the raven sitting on his shoulder and lifted it up to the sky, the raven took off and Testament waited for its return. A few minutes later it did, "Was it them?" He asked the bird. It nodded. "Did they take Dizzy away?" The raven shook its head. "Good, that means she's still being held inside. Now to take back what they have stolen from me."

Testament creped closer to the building trying not to be seen, he knew those machines were probably around and didn't want to risk alerting any of them. Not that he couldn't handle them himself, he was fearful of putting Dizzy in any risk. The building looked to be a normal looking mansion about two stories high and had two wings on both sides. It appeared to be completely abandoned. Testament flattened himself against the stone fence surrounding the house. He raised his head and looked into the front courtyard. There he saw a few of those machines, there was two by the front door and two on each side of the wings doing patrols. More were most likely inside or around back. Testament observed their movements, looking for holes in their patrols, and find out exactly which part of the house they were holding Dizzy. All he could do now is wait, wait for a time to strike.

Dizzy let out a painful scream as the electric orb touched her body. The pain was nothing like she has ever felt. Her body convulsed against the chair, but it was no good, she was powerless to break free of her bonds. Gregory took the orb away, the pain stopped, but she still could feel it. Dizzy breathed heavily and began to cry. "S..sto…stoppp.." She could barely speak.

"Oh come now, we're just getting started. Surely you have more fight then that?" Gregory responded coldly.

Dizzy looked up, "N…nnoo.." She muttered just before Gregory hit her again with the electric orb. She let out another scream.

Testament sighed a little, the machines were patrolling the area almost perfectly. The few blind spots in their patrols were quickly filled by another machine. He had a few infiltration plans but most of them weren't guaranteed that he wouldn't be seen. The morning was coming about and the area was covered in a red lighting and there was a quiet silence. You probably couldn't tell that the house was in use. But the silence was broken by a slight scream coming from the inside of the mansion, a woman's scream…Dizzy's scream. Testament need to move now, whatever they were doing in there he had to stop, before it was too late. "Make a distraction on the east side, go now!" He said to the raven as he sent it off.

Gregory let up on his torture again. Dizzy has never felt anything like this, her whole body felt like it was on fire. She could barely breathe and she could only think, "Why? Why was this man hurting her?" But she couldn't speak, all she could do is try and breathe. "Is this the first time you've felt pain like this?" Gregory asked, "What are you think of right now? Hoping that I'll stop? Why I am I doing this? Where are your friends?"

Dizzy wept a little at his comments. "Pl..please stop…"

"Well no one knows where you are right now, so if you want me to stop you'll have to do it yourself." He laughed a little and put his hand on top of the headband that was on her head. "But you'll have a hard time doing that with this on your head." He raised the device in his hand again and let it spark in front of her face, she flinched as he waved it, teasing her with it.

He then struck her with it, Dizzy screamed again. She's never been this scared and alone in her life. She wished this would just end, she wanted this to stop. Where are her friends? "Help me…help me….HELP ME!" she thought to herself, Dizzy soon passed out, dropping her head down.

Gregory turned off the device, "Hmph…well you're no fun." He looked at the screen and her vitals showed to be fine more or less. He put the electric orb back on the tray and took a cigarette out of his jacket and light it. He reviewed the data he collected on the computer case. Just then the one of the gauges started responding wildly, he looked up and saw Dizzy's head twitching wildly. "What the hell?" Dizzy's head cocked upwards and he saw her eyes starting to glow a little, she let out a scream, "KISSSSHHHAAAAHH!" Gregory fell back off the stool dropping his cigarette. The headband on Dizzy was beginning to crack across the front. "Oh shit…" Gregory pounded on the door, "Get in here!" The two Robo-Kys entered the room, Gregory stood up from ground. "Restrain her now!" The two machines got on each side of the chair and grabbed Dizzy who was pulling wildly at her bonds. They held her down and began to shock her. She screamed at their interference but the scream was different, way different. "Get her under control now!"

Whatever the distraction was it was working, two of the machines by the door began to walk over. Testament watched the pair on the left, they drew their attention to the right but then patrolled back to the left. Now was his chance, Testament ran for the door. When he reached it, he turned around to make sure none of the robots saw him enter. Then he opened the door and quickly closed it once he was inside. There was a staircase in front of him and two doorways on the left and right side of the hall. He heard Dizzy scream once again, he looked up and it sounded like it was coming from the second floor. He ran up the stairs to the second floor. There was only one door on each side, there was no way for him to know what was on either side or which side Dizzy was on. He walked towards the east side and put his ear to the door, listened for any movement on the other side. He put his hand on the doorknob and started to open it slowly when he heard another scream.


He turned his head, it came from the west side. Testament had no time to waste and ran to the other side and knocked down the door. Just down the hallway he saw two of those machines go inside of a room. He heard someone shouting from inside. He got to the door and saw that Dizzy was tied to a chair and was being restrained by the two robots. He jumped inside of the room swung his scythe cutting one of the robots. It fell back sparking heavily, the other one looked up seeing Testament slashing its counterpart. Testament turned and sliced at the other one, it backed up to avoid the attack but the room was too small and the scythe cleaved its head off. Gregory stood up and was extremely surprised at Testament entrance. He started head for the door but Testament looked up and saw the other man in the room. Testament quickly blocked the man off from making his escape. Gregory was caught off guard by Testament's quick movement and almost ran into him. Testament pick up the man by the collar, "What were you doing to her!?"

Gregory kept his composer as Testament held him up above the ground, "I was interrogating the Gear."

Testament slammed him against the wall, "BULLSHIT! What reason do you have to interrogate her!? She knows nothing of the war or any intention of being involved in one!"

"Well it was my job to determine that and my superiors think otherwise."

Testament once again slammed him into the wall, "Bastard! All her life, this girl has received nothing but abuse from the human race.... But she still believed in them with all her heart. Look at what it got her!"

"Test..a..ment…is that you?" Testament turned his head and saw Dizzy looking weakly at him.

"Close your eyes Dizzy. The world will return to tranquility soon.... And then we can finally return to the forest, the forest that you loved so much. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of the trees....we'll be surrounded by it once more." Testament turned back at Gregory who had his hand in his jacket, he was reaching for something. Testament pull his hand away and saw that he had a small device that was blinking red. "What did you do?!"

"It doesn't matter now, what does matter is that all the RKs have been alerted to your presence. They've been programmed to kill her if something went wrong." Gregory chuckled to himself, "You can either save the Gear or take your revenge on me. Better choose quickly."

Testament stared at him with extreme intensity, "I choose…both." He held Gregory higher and spikes appeared out of his hands, piercing his neck. Gregory's blood splashed over Testament's face and across the wall. He tossed his dead body to the ground. Testament heard loud metal steps approaching fast, he had to hurry. Testament quickly undid Dizzy's bonds on the chair and the devices connected to her. "Come on Dizzy we need to move." She didn't respond, she was unconscious. Testament picked her up and walked out of the door and saw the robots coming in from where he came from. They were completely blocking the hallway and more were coming. He looked down the other way and saw a door in the far distance. That was his only chance, he headed for the door with Dizzy in his hands. Beyond the door was an outside area with a helipad. Testament quickly closed and jammed the door behind him and ran out on the helipad. There were no ladders or outside stairways, "Trapped." He stood and looked for anyway out, but there was nowhere to go. The machines had reached the door and were trying to break it down. The door didn't hold up much longer and came down and the robots began to emerge from the doorway.

Testament heard a squawk, he looked up and saw his raven flying in the distance, that wasn't all, he saw the Mayship too. Johnny was leaning out of one of the side door of the big airship and held a rope out, "Grab on!" The ship pasted by the roof and Testament leaped for the passing rope. He grabbed hold while keeping his grip on Dizzy tightly. Testament looked back on the mansion, the machines watched as they left in the horizon.

Later that evening…

"How is Dizzy?"

"She appears to be fine, she's been asleep since this morning and Testament has been watching her." Johnny said to Ky. Ky sat at the cafeteria counter with Johnny on the other side in the kitchen. Johnny walked to one of the cabinets and pulled out a bottle of scotch. "Drink?" Ky shook his head. Johnny shrugged and pored the drink into a glass and went back to the counter.

"I know you want to give Dizzy time to heal but I need to speak with her. And I can't ignore the fact that Testament attacked one of your crewmembers and was covered in blood this morning!"

Johnny took a sip of his drink, "I know what Testament did was…extreme, but what matters is that Dizzy is safe now. I have questions for him too but I think now is not the time."

"I'm afraid I must insist."

"If you want to talk to Dizzy, hey, go for it. But I'm not the one you'll have to convince." Johnny took another drink, "And trust me, not even I want to go down that road."

"Well I'll just see about that." Ky said as he stood up and walk out of the cafeteria. Johnny just shook his head and finished his drink.

Testament was standing out by Dizzy room. He looked up as Ky approached him. "I need to talk to Dizzy."

Testament didn't move, "I'm afraid I can't allow that Knight."

"Listen, I know you don't like me but I mean no harm."

"Well, if you mean no harm, then give me your sword." Ky looked at him awkwardly, but he could tell Testament was dead serious. He didn't want to at first, but he knew it was probably the only way Testament would let him into the room. He handed over his Thunder Seal to him. Testament took the sword and looked at it, then he looked towards Ky, "How ironic would it be if a Gear were to kill you with the very weapon you've used to kill Gears?" Ky continued to look at Testament, "Make it quick, she's had enough stress for one day and I still don't trust you." Ky nodded and opened the door into the room.

Dizzy awoke from her bed breathing heavily, all she could remember was that man torturing her. She remembered the pain and was still sore from it. Where was she? She looked around the room and it was her room on the Mayship. Did someone save her? Was it over? She sat up a little and tried to gather her thoughts, but all she could remember was that man hurting her. A couple of tears emerged from her eyes as she recalled the event. Why was he so cruel to her? Her thoughts were broken when she heard someone opening the door. The room was dark and she could barely make out who was coming in. The person walking in was wearing a white and blue uniform. "No." She thought, "It's those machines again! They've come back for me!"