Triple H was pissed at all the bad luck him and all the members of Evolution was having as of late. Just at Bad Blood Randy Orton, the youngest member, had lost the last piece of gold that Evolution was holding. He heard that everyone was talking about the bad luck they were having and the possibility that they would break up. Hunter paced across the room as Ric Flair, Dave Batista and Randy Orton walked into the room. They saw the anger in Hunter's eyes as he threw a water bottle across the room and then looked back at them. "We are supposed to be the greatest faction in the WWE and YET people are talking about us like we are a joke!" He felt the anger rising to the peak, "We have Randy Orton the "Legend Killer"! Ric Flair, the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion! Batista the most dominating man in the WWE! And I, HHH The Game! Now, we are nothing but a joke to those idiots! Since Randy lost the title at Bad Blood, we having nothing to show that we are the best of the best on Raw and in the WWE! People are thinking that we are going to break up! Hell no, we are going to do whatever it takes to get back to the top!" The other three members nodded in agreement

"My my," entered a female's voice from the door of the dressing room, "how the mighty have fallen."

Four sets of eyes focused on a woman in her twenty's, short brown hair, blue eyes and a perfect frame. She was leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed and with a smile on her face. Hunter was the first to speak, "What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean," said the girl as she walked into the room, "four of the greatest superstars in the WWE have went from the top... all the way to the bottom. It's sad really."

"Now wait just one minute," said Ric Flair, "who are you to judge us?"

"Yeah," said Batista, "we will make it back to the top."

"Of course you will, with my help."

"And who in the blue hell are you?" said Hunter.

"The name is Hart, Roxie Hart," Roxie said with confidence, "and I am one of the best managers in this business."

"And what pretale can you do for us?" asked Randy Orton.

Roxie walked up to him and smiled, "I can get you the Intercontinental Championship," she walked up to Batista and Flair, "The tag team championship," then she finally was in front of Hunter, "And the World Heavyweight Championship."

"Oh?" said Hunter, "and how can you do that?"

Roxie smiled with confidence, "I am what people call a "good luck charm". If I am near them during an event or whatever, their luck is good."

"Yeah? Name one person you helped," said Randy with a cocky, but when she handed him a sheet of her credentials, Randy's mouth went wide.

"Look, the point is, you gentleman are the best in the business, but come on, all evolution needs a woman's touch in it. Now, I can help you win the gold all I ask is to be a member of Evolution. Nothing else."

"We don't need a woman in Evolution!" said Ric Flair, "we can do it all on our own."

"All right," Roxie extended her arms wide open, "I can understand. Good luck to you."

Roxie went to leave the room but Hunter was the one who stopped her, "Can you really do it? Can you help us win the gold back and get our reputation back?"

Roxie turned around and said, "of course."

"All right Ms. Hart," said Hunter as he extended his hand to her, "Welcome to Evolution."

Roxie smiled as she took his hand, "You won't regret it, I promise you." She then shook each of Evolution's hands, and with that she knew she had a big challenge, but she was ready for it, and she knew she would not regret taking the challenge.